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African Americans for Mitt Romney? If You Think Not, You’re Wrong.

African Americans for Mitt Romney? If You Think Not, You’re Wrong.

If you think there are no African Americans for Mitt Romney, you are wrong. John Jay College Criminal Justice student Jason Cruger started a Facebook page at the beginning of this year, encouraging fellow African Americans to join the party of Mitt, according to the Hill. On January 21, Crugar started a Facebook page called [...]

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4 Responses to African Americans for Mitt Romney? If You Think Not, You’re Wrong.

  1. LIZ

    April 30, 2012 at 5:47 pm

    There are those that have been honed since birth to worship in a certain manner (manor).

    When one is reared/raisied to believe ‘white’ people & their ideas are perfection they react inkind

    To ‘boast’ of being the ‘only’ black to be in a certain group is heaven to (Some)

    The number is VERY SMALL— most “Blacks” choose NOT to assimilate the majority has/have PRIDE never SHAME as these people do— Lack of self love replaced by loathing your own is wonderfully NOT the ‘Norm’

  2. Truthnifying Rudy Ray

    April 28, 2012 at 10:47 pm

    The choice? Vote for a scumbag Mormon that believe’s according to their made up comic book religion that Black people are cursed which is why we have Black Skin. They didn’t even allow Black people to become minister’s or leaders in their church until after the Guyana Jim Jones massacre. For those who don’t remember he was a Mormon that allowed Black People to join his cult branch. That’s why he was kicked out. Or, vote for Obama. Un-employment, worse in the Black Community than it was when he was elected. Poverty worse, race relations worse and how could I forget that a Black Man signed a Law over-riding the Constitution of the United States allowing the government to arrest, detain and convict you without a trial or Due Process. Even though he signed a statement not part of the Law mind you. That, he’s sorry he signed it and he won’t do it to us poor ignant Black Folks because he’s nice. So let me get this straight. Any future President can throw my butt in jail for whatever thanks to Obama and I have nothing to show for his Presidency except more blatant disrepect and racism from white people who can’t handle the fact that a Black Man is in charge of the Nuclear Weapons? I guess I should just smile and vote for the best singer and the guy who looks like me, even though he hasn’t done shit for us? Oh, here comes the Obama apologist, ‘he’s President for everybody not just Black people’, whine, whine shtick. Who the hell votes for some fool who isn’t going to do shit for them? For those of you who don’t get it. The fate of Black People in this country dictates the fate of America. Despite being a so-called minority we spend more money than any other socio-economic group. If we are broke and jobless, America as whole loses. I can’t vote for Romney because I’m not an idiot. I can’t for Barack because I’m not a whore or a mistress. If you love me, do something for my affection. Or have they trained you so well, you’re afraid to ask or hold back the sex, lol? If we lose this election it won’t be because of Black People it will be because Barack Obama didn’t do shit for Black People. Now you supporters can lie to me and tell me how much better your lives are thanks to him being President, until the next clown decides to legally arrest you for no reason.

  3. Rev. George Brooks

    April 28, 2012 at 2:14 pm

    Boyce, where is my comment on blacks for Romney? Or was it because I not only talked about Mormomism, but more because I talked about the anti-Jesus Jews that are really in charge of Barack Obama, and running the White House? For I am well aware that all “Negroes,” as well as all of most whites, are scared to death of Jews. And especially blacks, like yourself, who are in the media, which Jews dominated, and won’t allow you nor any of the other “Negroes” to have their right to freedom of speech. Even Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton buckle and bow when it comes to Jews, telling them what to say and do. Just as they are doing to President Obama, who is under Jew control. Which is sickening.— Rev. George Brooks

  4. Rev. George Brooks

    April 28, 2012 at 1:51 pm

    Well, there is no way I can ever support Romney, who is still a practicing follower of a false prophet, Joseph Smith. But, while I’m sticking with Barack Obama, I will be protesting at the Convention, because I certainly do not like or care for all of the anti-Jesus Jews that are really bossing Obama, and running the whole show, including the United States. Ohama is not really in charge. So I and others are busy calling for this poor, weak-mined president to at least bring in more strong-voiced, take charge type, blacks into his administration, and to rid himself of some of the far too many Jews that are telling him what to say and do. It’s sickening. — Rev. George Brooks