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Dr. Boyce: Commercialized Hip-Hop Kills Our Kids Before They Ever Have a Chance

by Dr. Boyce Watkins

I was just watching a video used as part of the performance in the “Up in Smoke Tour” with Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, Eminem and Ice Cube. At the end of the video, Snoop has s**t another black man who is taking his last breath, with b***d coming out of his mouth. Snoop looks into the camera at the predominantly white audience and says, “What do yall think? Should I smoke this n*gger?” The crowd screams in approval as Dre and Snoop proceed to murder another black man in front of the crowd.

After seeing this sick display celebrating black-on-black g******e (Imagine if it had been a white man standing over a black man asking, “Should I k**l this n*gger?”), I figured out how we might define Commercialized hip-hop.  Commercialized hip-hop is a place where black men are financed by white-owned corporations to present themselves to predominantly white audiences as weed-smoking, sexually-promiscuous jackasses who are willing to shoot one another for almost any reason.

In case you didn’t know, gun violence is the leading cause of d***h among black men.  My sister does autopsies in Chicago and said that 90% of her victims are black males under the age of 30.  For some reason, the d***h of Trayvon Martin resonated deeply within the souls of those who followed this tragedy, but there are a few new Trayvons being s**t in cold b***d every single day of the week.

Congratulations black people, these have become the role models for husbands and fathers of the next generation.




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13 Responses to Dr. Boyce: Commercialized Hip-Hop Kills Our Kids Before They Ever Have a Chance

  1. Ms. Monica Reply

    June 7, 2012 at 1:33 pm

    The parents k**l them from lack of education, the rappers are here to entertain, not raise your children. Quit blaming the world’s problem on rap. Ok now i am realizing what a petty site this is. Looking for “BS” against people. I have had enough of Dr. boyce that tells me why i never heard of the man.

  2. e.Green Reply

    May 21, 2012 at 5:26 pm

    As I said before, I’mma say it again, rail against what you consider a bad influence all you want to sir, but unless you come with an alternative, you’re no better than the rest of the Tom-foolery.

    How much longer before you real eyes that? Who’s going to listen to someone with no alternative? No matter how important the message?

  3. James Granger Reply

    May 21, 2012 at 3:12 pm

    Let’s not fool outselves here. They may be paid by the white man, given concerts to the white man, but no white man tells these ‘performes’ how to act. They are simply given the money and the most henious act wins. No one tells Snoop or Dre or LilWayne or any of these fools how to act or what to sing about.

  4. Frances Reply

    May 20, 2012 at 4:27 pm

    On the Warren Balentine Show about 1 month ago he read an article, written by a former record excutive. The former record ex. stated that in 1991 he and 30 other record ex.’s had a meeting and they decided rap should go from positive to negative, because they had invested in prisons and wanted to insure they would make money and keep the prisons filled. So, please read the million dollar slave by Tom Burrel he explains for those of us that do not realize that the media is based on mind control! If other groups purchase present day ignorant rap, and they have school and economic oppertunities then the rap does not devastae them, like it does to poor disinfranchised people.

  5. marcus davis Reply

    May 20, 2012 at 2:57 pm

    I hate Hip Hop i hate dumb a*s rappers how can the music like bep bop ,Soul,Funk,which was pure genius art forms degenerate to this mindless hip hop shyte?This hip hop c**p needs to die and soon ,then we can get back to creating real music of merit and quality.

  6. Baltimore J Reply

    May 19, 2012 at 9:01 pm

    we didn’t create this maddness it was like this the day we were born but I feel we owe it to be responsible to take ownership and stop blaming others and fighting amongs ourselves and come together and work for a solution and not be part of the problem so many great African American people died so we could have our freedoms so we must teach the children freedsoms never been free and I feel to whom much is given much is expected.

  7. wellreadbrotha Reply

    May 19, 2012 at 5:33 pm

    Great Article!

    Our children do not need this type of negative influence from music videos.

  8. wellreadbrotha Reply

    May 19, 2012 at 5:04 pm

    What’s up my brothas and sistahs? This is a great article.

    In my opinion Dr. Boyce is sharing with the Black Community on how to analyze and think more critically about situations and how we can become more successful as a community, with our young generations having a better chance to make it in a more global and competitive world.

    In stating that Commercial Hip Hop Kills Our Kids before they even have a chance in life is spot on and gets right down to issues we face as a Black Community.

    We have to demand and treat ourselves with respect and dignity before anyone else will.

    It is plain to see that a lot of White kids buy a lot of Rappers and Hip Hop music and videos, these are the same kids that when they finish high school and college and become educated and leaders of government and corporate entities, their foundational thought process and mindset will stem from the Rappers and Hip Hop music they saw when they were teenagers and young adults growning up.

    What they are seeing and hearing are music and videos of disrespect and violence Black people have against one another, which is sadly protrayed out in music and videos by the likes of a Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg. It is a social crime against our beloved Black Community and we have been and still to this day letting them get away with it for years with little resistence from our leaders and
    community protectors.

    I read about the Detroit 300 fighting against the violence in their communities in Detroit, Michigan, we also need the same type of 300 organizations to go against perpetrators of this type of music and video violence hurled against our communities with no regards as to how it will affect our children and grandchildren and the way other cultures see us and what they think when they see us in different environments other than the night clubs or Hip Hop concerts. What do they think when they see us in corporate suites or in government leadership positions. I did not mention sucessflu business owners or successfull entrepreneurs because when you are successful in these types of endeavors you get total respect from all cultures.

    In my opinion they think to themselves that they do not have to treat us with dignity and respect because we as a people do not treat our fellow Black brothas and sistahs with dignity and respect.

    Respect and dignity for each other and respect and dignity for our Black communities are paramount for social and economic success of our people, especially with our future generations.

    Like it or not, it is important the way others think about us as a culture and a people because a lot of them have their fingers and minds on the purse strings of education and job opportunities and other economic means to help us move forward as a people.

    Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg type genres of music and videos make it harder for our children to make it in this competitive world where emotional I.Q. is utilized to make decisions about when to give someone an opportunity as much as an academic I.Q.

    What I am saying is that other cultures establish a negative emotional connection with the Black culture by what they see and hear in music and videos put out by suspecting and unsuspecting Rappers and Hip Hoppers.

    You can raise your child up to be the smartest child on the block, but when it comes to others respecting and having to make the decision about giving them an opportunity then what is being put out in Hip Hop and Rappers music and videos in the Black communities matters a lot.

    I am just saying………

    Hopefully, we as a Black community can get down to the busness of being more positive on how we respect and treat each other and be more positive on the type of music and videos we publish, so that future Black generations can get an opportunity and have a chance to make a positive contribution to make this world a better place to live, work and play.

  9. TruthBeTola Reply

    May 19, 2012 at 11:11 am

    Lennon Moss, yes, they are out of the street. Most are in prison,d**d, and dying. This generation of hip hop is poison. I can’t wait until it’s d**d!

  10. Rehema Reply

    May 19, 2012 at 8:47 am

    wow…marcel…what you state is exactly why hip hop take over by corporate america is so serious. we have to check ourselves. it aint for us to leave one another alone. we are not alone. and we should not act like we are. and whether white folks spend a lot of money on hip hop or not, it affects us (black folk). it is not just speaking our experience and you and i know that many artist sing about sh..t they dont do. why? cuz it sales? well i know we buy more than garbage. we been around for some 200,000 year and we havent dont it like this so …??amm just saying. we have to check ourselves. however old you are today you will be older tomorrow and wiser if you dont drink too much (floride treated water that is and a few other additives for us)you mind will expand.

    but this is serious. do you know what it means to be desensitized. do you know what it means to have ones that have never had your/my best interest in mind be the one that control what music is produced/ played on the air/when it is played/and even what the video must look like.

    i rasied my sons on the 2nd hottest drug corner in my town. so i know what it is to raise my own… but i also know what it is to tell them no to the radio and to have bookshelves instead of tv. in my living room which i know is controlled by others (who often pay billions for 30 second comercials becuz they do have an effect)and can easily shape or reshape our culture as has happened today.

    we cant leave rap alone rap is ours. our youths are the voices of ours. we are one we are not seperate people. we are interconnected and our existance in interdependent on yours as yours on ours. so when a brother kills another brother on stage and yells to a white audience should i….(that is so deep) …plz think a little on the matter with out us being against one another. recognising that we are on the same team. just use our critical thinking a bit.expand our minds and stop drinking floride water and using floride toothpaste.(seriously it causes the brain to be dull)

    • marcel armstead Reply

      May 19, 2012 at 9:03 pm

      marcel its not serious rehema u wont to blame everything on rappers for u not being responsible parents. thats all this about blame everyone for everything but me. u always hate on anyone succesful that black but obama. thats why black on buisnesses dont do well but asian mexican white and others in our community do well. they work together they dont hate everyone that get ahead u need to stop being a crab in a bucket. u hate too see someone get ahead of u. it is a miracle these rappers made it out they situation they came from now they succesful they have to to do they job then carry everyone else with them? especially people who arent buying they cd. or putting money in they pocket anyway? blacks arent buying they cd. and there is no proof it affects a black kid any more than a white. if so that means something wrong with black people? cause we all are made the same boo. and its not a rappers fault u dont have a dad, u shouldnt have s*x with sorry men and mulitple sorry men sweetheart u dont need little wayne to that u should no that urself girl.

      u and boyce no diffrent from hermain cain. ur basic point is blacks cant do anything for themselves they have to be guided by someone to do everything. that is bs blacks can function they no right from wrong they are as smart as anyone else. like every other race some do wrong some do right. its more peer pressure influence on kids than rappers influence kids. i have plenty of freinds who listen to worst rap and dont commit criomes or do anything crazy. this is a scapegoat rather dealling with the real problem. all other racers deal with real problems thatys why they ahead of blacks. u and boyce need to get to real issues affecting blacks inequality housing mass incareceration. women having s*x with sorry dudes. why the pres dont address our issue like he do everyone else? please yall

  11. marcel armstead Reply

    May 19, 2012 at 1:30 am


    raise ur own kids hip hop not resposible for black failure blacks are. i totally disagree with this article. in eighties black on black crime was high drug use was bad schools all under conscious rap. b***h and hoe always will be said they talking bout everyone not just black people. wayne and them arent responsible for ur kids u are if u like it or not please leave it alone boyce.

  12. marcel armstead Reply

    May 19, 2012 at 1:24 am


    this dude saying black people are so dumb anyone could pull our strings and we cant think for our selves and our zombies to hip hop please. this is a scapegoat to take any responsibilty in the black community. parents are responsible for takeing care of there kids there no way around it as long as blacks blame everything on everybody they will always be in same spot. ur mom had s*x with a sorry dude likely why she a single mom, thats not little wayne fault. black on black crime was very high in 80′s during conscious rap era.drug use was high then, commercial hip hop has had no impact on these things. when a rapper say b***h he talking bout a woman every color not no black woman only, why everytime a black man talk u think he talking to u. i see more black men with white women than black where im from. white woman dont get mad when eminem or paul wall or yellow wolf say b***h why u tripping for.

    most of the people who buy hip hop are white? u are not the consumer of hip hop at the store. why hasnt commercialized hip hop had same impact on white kids? please it has no to very little impact on kids. most of my friends rarely talk about rappers or bring them up. it would be high crime in hood if hip hop is here or not. u makeing excuses for bad behavior as usual u do, blacks are not responsible for anything its all the white man or rappers fault. u make no sense dr u know better to tell people this, also why are u looking at rappers to be leaders? thats how far the black community has fell these guys just got off the streets alot of them dont have a ged are leading us. why would i want them to lead me, and where are they leading me too anyway? u k**l obama all the time but hey u even use him to make a argument against hip hop i see. both obama and rappers money come from whites and votes. they not messing with they money for black communiy who giving them nothing really or very little come on boyce leave rappers alont tell blacks to take care of they kids man.

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