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Israeli Army’s Social Media Director Poses as Obama in Blackface

The head of the IDF’s social media unit, lieutenant Sacha Dratwa, enjoys more than Twitter and Facebook. Apparently, he’s also into some good ‘ol fashioned Jim Crow styled blackface as well.

Yesterday, a photo began circulating of the social media guru with sand smeared on his face with the caption, “Obama style.” The photo was actually uploaded on September 29th, but the photo only began circulating after Gawker ran a story on Dratwa, increasing his international profile.

The Gawker story describes Dratwa:

Sacha Dratwa enjoys some very normal things: macchiatos, swimming, vodka,hanging out with friends. You can see it right on his Facebook profile. But unlike most Facebook folks, this guy runs Israel’s Internet propaganda war machine.

After social media guru’s  profile was published,  Al-Akhbar English was the first outlet to publish the “blackface” photo of Dratwa.

Dratwa’s behavior may come as a shock to some, but it shouldn’t. There have been indications in the past that a number of Israelis harbor racist views toward black and brown people.

In June of this year, Israel began a massive deportation of African migrants who said they were treated “like animals” during the process.

“They fired all the people, so they decided to leave,” Michael Bazia, 45, a Sudanese community leader in Arad, said. “They treat us like animals so we have no choice but to go back.”

Before the African migrants were rounded up, Israeli protesters had begun attacking them in the streets with rocks and sticks. One Israeli official even went so far as to call the immigrants a “cancer” to their society.


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  3. koszulki ze swoim nadrukiem

    March 27, 2014 at 12:50 pm

    Howdy! Do you know if they make any plugins to protect against hackers?
    I’m kinda paranoid about losing everything I’ve worked hard on.
    Any recommendations?

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  6. onmyway2012

    November 30, 2012 at 6:25 pm

    Lol @ the comments from Mohammedans, especially Arab as if Arabs are such fighters of racial equality towards black people. Try to outrun your slave history and racism against blacks all you like, Mohammedans. Your concern overt this issues is phony. Jews are not ignorant to unaware of this racial aspect of history in America. This pix with the caption is racist and disgusting denials are pathetic. If one is racist own up to it instead of hiding cowardly. A poster mentioned this Israeli activist is from Russia, and apparently most Russians are xenophobic, and while that may be the case, they’re not excluded from criticism regarding offensive racism.

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  10. DAD

    November 26, 2012 at 5:10 pm

    What black people should also in fact be concerned about is long term unemployment and the negative economic status of African Americans being far worse than what is being reported by white-owned mainstream media organizations and the fact that African Americans with and without higher education are deliberately not being hired for available jobs having nothing to do with their skills or education, are deliberately being discriminated against by the vast majority of America’s employers who are white and overwhelmingly white Jews who are primarily hiring other white Jews, white gentiles, and non-black minorities (Latinos and Asians) first and, in many cases more often than not, exclusively.

    The economic and social conditions in America for African Americans, for blacks in Africa, and poor people worldwide are going to get far, far worse than most can even begin to imagine and all are sitting ducks. Equally important is the fact of all white Jewish Americans’ highly useful black pawns including 1/2 white Barack Obama, 1/2 white Benjamin Jealous, high white-blooded Marc Morial, 1/2 white young turk master politician Newark, NJ Mayor wannabe Govenor Cory Booker, the 1/2 white Lt. Govenor of MD, the former 1/2 white D.C. Mayor Fenty thank-God-blacks-got-rid-of-him-but-way-too-late, and also other 1/2 white/black and non-biracial black politicians in America nor the Congressional Black Caucus. None of them are going to do anything at all tangible to stop or reverse the fast upcoming onslaught of deliberately escalated out of upper-income, middle-income and working-class into huge new black poverty populations joining pre-existing black poverty in America rife with anger that will become deep depression, despair, fury, poor health, sickness, riots, and ultimately blood in the streets, death, and mass incarcerations. The America government and big corporations have for a while been quitely and rapidly building more prisons in great anticipation of them being filled with hordes of angry and riotous new and pre-existing long term unemployed, revolutionary, radical and poor people. The USA government, which is filled with huge numbers of white Jews in high positions of power and authority is also quitely preparing long ago previously closed military bases and other human hold locations such as numerous “FEMA” internment camps.

    Why will black politicians nationwide not do anything? Because they really have no real power and can’t and if they actually seriously tried to do anything that would effectively and rapidly stimulate business development and jobs for African Americans and black immigrants, they and members of their families will very quickly be investigated, hounded, scandalized, bounced, unemployed, blacklisted, bombed, and nullified in every which way either banged six-feet into the ground or also fast into the upcoming deliberate sunami of escalated new and massively increased black poverty. Ditto for the white structures’ labeled and so-called “Black Elite” who are overwhelmingly in partnership with white Jewish Americans and willingly do their bidding to the detriment of the Black Race in America and elsewhere. So, black politicians perform just enough believable lip service and window-dressing to appear as though they are working hard, can, and will achieve valuable tangible, if not priority results, for the people. And, the “Black Elite” overwhelmingly don’t even think to dare try in any either any believeable fake nor any effective or measurable way at all.

    Black politicians and the so-called “Black Elite” are not in charge. They know it, those who are in charge know it, and the only ones who do not realize it are way too many millions of black people in America, Carribean, and Africa. Most black people also have no real idea of who is really running America and the world, all and who they own nationwide and worldwide, what it is they are deliberately working to make happen, why, how, and when regarding within a specific timeframe.

    Black people have no clue of what the long game plan really is nor understand that black politicians are overwhelmingly going along to get along hoping to be allowed to do what little they can and that they and their families will be spared and many are puppets of rich white Jews. Also, non-politician “Black Elite” are overwhelmingly and undeniably henchmen and henchwomen puppets of rich white Jews.

    Who runs the world and controls world commerce, affairs, and the leaders of all world nations? Principally supernatural powers of evil together with the human Bilderberg Group, The Vatican, U.S. Council of Foreign Relations, and Trilateral Commission followed by back-up from their boys/girls of USDOJ CIA/FBI, USDoD, NATO, World Bank, International Monetary Fund, Federal Reserve Bank, Wall Street, largest American and international corporations worldwide, and the richest people in the world.

    The vast majority of black people in America and Africa are not paying any attention to the strategic tactics completely detrimental to their prosperity and basic survival long underway and much that is quite visible right in front of them. There are two places in America of several in America and Europe that black people who can should visit and see to achieve if not full quick understanding of the long game plan in a nutshell certainly way more than a mere inkling of what it really is all about. The plan for both continued and escalated elimination and subjugation of black people in America, Carribean, and Africa is now and always been widescale.

    Black people in America, Carribean, and Africa are easily oppressed because they believe whatever the overwhelmingly white-controlled USA government, politicians, big business, education system, judicial system, banks, media organizations, television programs, movies, music, and advertisement industries want them to believe. Take a quick trip to visit, see, and thoroughly read “The Georgia Guidestones” in Elberton, Georgia. Next, go and visit the Denver Airport and spend time thoroughly viewing the massive wall art murals throughout and also see the symbols on the marble floors. Then, research and fully read about The Committee of 300, High Knights and Knights of Malta, Knights of Columbus, and Protocols of The Learned Elders of Zion.

    Also, understand that HIV/AIDs was in fact deliberately created by white Jewish American and European scientists and deliberately introduced by them into Africa and America specifically to genocidedly wipe out and reduce the Black Race population (Read Dr. Francis Cress Welsing’ book The Isis Papers), which I knew long before reading Dr. Welsing’ book. Also, understand that rich white American government and private sector leaders together with those in European countries and their huge corporations are again carving up and re-colonizing Africa following covert daily wiping out of millions of African people via HIV/AIDs coupled with U.S./NATO/Europe led deliberate destruction and destabilization of the African Union (uniting of all African state countries) movement by the leaders of 54 African countries to create a united Africa deliberately disturbed and shaken up via U.S./NATO/Europe paid instigation of false civil uprising in and bombing of oil rich Libya specifically to take out and murder Qadaffi who strongly fully supported, participated in, and financially supported the African Union and via paid instigation of tribal civil war genocide in Rawada and Sudan, paid economic and civil destabilization, paid subversions, and paid false civil uprisings in Somolia, Congo, Mali, Libya, Tunisia, Egypt, Bahrain, Syria and so on, paid support and installations of certain politicians as leaders of key African countries and not for the benefit of the people of those countries, and the installation of AFRICOM (U.S. and European military bases) in Africa.

    The same goes on in Black America in numerous ways ranging from via white America’s daily delivery of white supremacy subliminal and overt psychological warfare indoctrination of white domination and superiority beginning with public school education of black children daily taught about white American and European history of leaders, conquorers, european domination of black people as slaves and up from slavery to white America’s financial and political control of the public school education system regarding curriculums, what subjects / levels of courses taught, and education materials available, control of available employment and hiring, control of military and genocidal science chemical, viral, and bacterial biological warfare programs, control of judicial system, law enforcement, banks, media organizations, entertainment industry, advertising, food/health/medicine industries, control of illegal drugs and alcohol, and control of the prison industrial complex in tight partnership Europe/Vatican/Bilderberg Group.

    How can any black person on earth ignore and fail to realize that the mandated regular annual and daily deliberate and quite thoroughly partial history teaching of black peoples’ history exclusively as enslavement, subjugation, domination, elimination, and discrimation by whites institutionalized in public schools and white colleges and universities throughout America does not psychologically and negatively impact and affect the minds black children and adults of the Black Race long term, if not life-long?

    The omission of true historical knowledge about Africa and African Americans’ African ancestors’ true ancient history in Africa, Europe, America, and worldwide deliberately never taught to black students via America’s public and higher education systems is absolutely by deliberate design, psychological mind control, undeniably damaging, and needs urgent attention recognition and also immediate change by black parents and black public school educators nationwide. Whites have ensured no mandated general or thorough teaching provided within basic public school and college curriculums about the continent of Africa and her accurate ancient history to which European knowledge and development across the board is directly tied and ensured Africa is historically irrevelant and does not exist just as if her black people are also irrevelant and have not massively contributed to the great knowledge and wealth of European, American, and world civilization. Black children historically in America have and continue to be been taught in school all about the evolution and exploits of white America and Europe and nothing about Africa regarding any historical truth or thorough knowledge as if the huge continent of Africa does not exist.

    The lack of true and thorough historical knowledge of self and deliberate cover up and deceit about such of tremendous great importance is truly where the real problems of black children, adults, families, and lack of black unification really begins and from which all other negative, destructive psychological emotions, behaviors, actions flow. If the vast majority of black urban public school students in America when asked are able accurately name three or more states in America, name three or more countries in Europe, even name three or more countries in South America, name foods and meals indiginous to these continents, and they and their parents are both hard pressed and unable to name one let alone three countries in Africa and are also unable to name one foods or meals indiginous to the continent and certain countries of Africa, what does this tell you?

    It tells you that black students are deliberately not being taught the incredible wealth of true accurate knowledge about ancient, past, or present Africa nor about their African ancestors. But they are taught history of white European English-Americans, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, and the Greeks, Romans, and so on to ensure they exclusively view the history of blacks and their ancestors principally only as former African slaves, up from slavery, and Africa as a backward jungle filled with ignorant black savages dominated and overtaken by whites superior to them.

    Any race of people not knowing their own true history or roots is a race of people easily degraded, indoctrinated, deceived, confused, self-hating, infiltrated, divided, diluted, forever largely overwhelmed, overtaken, and suspended in an idle twilight zone of ignorance to be easily daily conquored and destroyed en mass. They will fall for just about anything from and also entirely believe their oppressors, have weak and easily penenatrable moral convictions, be largely extremely fearful, will not stand up risking their lives to effectively fight against their oppressors, will remain under oppression, and will either self-destruct or join oppressors of black people in harming them en mass, targeted, or both.

    As for what Black American and Black Africa ought to do, but far too many millions likely will not to save and reverse en mass troubles and decline of every kind is to first return to and rapidly learn and live the Word of Almighty God in obedience and in daily pray to Him asking for His mercy, guidance, and protection. Second, to rapidly unite together in active moral, spiritual, social and economic solidarity to actively plan survival and prosperity by any means necessary and acceptable to Almighty God and also regularily and consistantly identify and ostracize all internal and external enemies of the Black Race. And third, to rapidly spread as much important knowledge and survival guidance and help if possible to as many other black people in America, Carribean, and in Africa as humanly possible. Last, black people need to and should also know as well that the only unbought, unbent, strongest, unafraid, and worthy spiritual and moral leader of black people in America always speaking truth to change that more black people listen to and overwhelmingly support en mass is Minister Louis Farrakhan.


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  12. Ishmar Muhammad

    November 26, 2012 at 5:16 am

    Satanic Jews Who own us & have betrayed all of Humanity & Killed all the Prophets including Jesus(Isa) Go read Revelations Beware of the the one who calls himself a Jew,for He is not He is of the Synaguage of Satan! Jesus of Nazareth called them Devils too,He asked them were they ever in Bondage in Egypt & the Jews replied that we have never been Bound to no one! Jesus then told them you are of your Father the Devil & the Lust of his heart ye will Do! Prophet Isa (Jesus) was a Blackman & His Mother was an Blackwoman from Ancient Egypt remember he rode back into Jerusalem on an Ass coming from Egypt! So Mr Muhammad was not the only one to Recognize Satan when he saw Him lol and to you BlackAnglos we are the Children of Israel ! Because they own us me & You! Always have of denotes ownership LMAO wake-up & get some sense in ya Head!

  13. Ishmar Muhammad

    November 26, 2012 at 5:15 am

    Satanic Jews Who own us & have betrayed all of Humanity & Killed all the Prophets including Jesus(Isa) Go read Revelations Beware of the the one who calls himself a Jew,for He is not He is of the Synaguage of Satan! Jesus of Nazareth called them Devils too,He asked them were they ever in Bondage in Egypt & the Jews replied that we have never been Bound to no one! Jesus then told them you are of your Father the Devil & the Lust of his heart ye will Do! Prophet Isa (Jesus) was a Blackman & His Mother was an Blackwoman from Ancient Egypt remember he rode back into Jerusalem on an Ass coming from Egypt! So Mr Muhammad was not the only one to Recognize Satan when he saw Him lol and to you BlackAnglos we are the Children of Israel ! Because they own us me & You! Always have of denotes ownership LMAO wake-up & get some sense in ya Head!

  14. Rose

    November 25, 2012 at 3:58 pm

    Agree with Eric26-if we stopped generalizing religions and stopped merging it with race-(the two are very separate things)
    then people wouldn’t fear publicizing and condemning all acts of racism by whoever without the fear of being labeled as one, simply for criticizing deplorable acts by someone of another background

  15. Davchi

    November 25, 2012 at 3:00 pm

    History says that Jews were throughtout all of Europe during Hitler and the Nazi sweep leading up to WW II. After being baked in ovens, tortured, raped and experimented on they were saved by the Allied Invasion. They were placed in Israel in 1948 by the UN saying that biblically that is where they belong. For any of them to be racist toward blacks when their holacaust was no more of a devastation than ours is absurd. They call Farrahkan anti-semetic, who has never tortured or killed anyone,then tell me what was Hitler and the German European white people?

  16. Eric26

    November 25, 2012 at 1:42 pm

    Guys, listen to yourselves. No race is “bad”. I’ve seen people insult Arab, Jewish and white people in the comments for absolutely no reason (there is never a reason to insult a race of people!).
    Hatred has no place in our society or in our hearts.

  17. Rose

    November 25, 2012 at 1:12 pm

    The article on this guy is a complete non-story of his visit to the dead sea, however these videos aren’t(BELOW) and should be the reason behind this article, not jumping to conclusions about what he may have meant by Obama style-not all Jews are racist, just like any other groups in society, we should condemn individuals and not generalise…





    Then there are the good ones who do counter protest and make videos like these, there were plenty of Jews protesting against the war in Gaza in Tel-aviv, shame the good work ppl do never gets publicity.

  18. bostonGOY

    November 25, 2012 at 12:42 pm





    jews also ran most of the slave trade 80% of slave owners were jews

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  21. U

    November 25, 2012 at 6:55 am

    Actually, this guy is an immigrant from Russia, not an Israeli born citizen, AFAIK.

    Israel had a huge immigration wave coming over in the 80s and 90s. Many of them are right-wing, extreem and very racist. Some of you might know Avigdor Liberman – one of the most hated politicians, and one of the most dangerous and corrupt politicians we’ve ever had.

    Russians seem to be racist not just toward black people, but anyone else not Russian. A very extreme case of inferiority complex, IMHO, as for most Israelis, being russian means you’re either a slut, or a gangster.

    This created a very explosive social condition, which changed the face of Israel (who used to be 50% easter european, and 50% north african and asians jews), and led to never seen before phenomenas like this one.

    As an Israeli, I’am ashamed, but the wording of this article are really far from reality, and uninformed.

  22. Dror Harari

    November 25, 2012 at 2:53 am

    I am sorry to put it out to you folks but you are so pathetic it is just sad.

    What exactly is racist in having one, after putting mud on his face and body for skin care to note his own picture does remind of president Obama and then tweeting about it?

    Only persons who really care about skin color to a point where they think it should matter can see this harmless tweet as racist.

    >> There have been indications in the past that a number of Israelis harbor racist views toward black and brown people.

    Sure, they are some racist views harbored by some people in Israel as in just any other state in the world (there are also some murderers, thieves, housewives, doctors but no elves).

    Israel is a melting pot of people coming from many cultures and races sharing (for the most part) the common of being part of the Jewish People.

    Naturally, there are tensions between newcomers and the rest. It has to do with language, culture differences, education level and other issues. It takes at least a generation for newcomers to be fully absorbed. Be it newcomers from Poland, Romania, Yemen, Syria, Iraq, Iran, Russia, Ethiopia or any other location. Everyone makes jokes about the other and while an outsider will call them racist jokes (in the ‘politically correct’ regime) we in Israel enjoy them, including the ones on our own ‘origin’ – this is humor used to ease pain, not to cause one).

    Israel is a model for a non-racist country, similar to the US. Compare it with Lebanon, Saudi Arabia and others to get the idea.

    Last thing – sadly, there is one minor community in Israel where there is definitely racism and that is the Ultra Orthodox Jews living in their ghetos and mixing with no one – not many want to mix with them but the Sefaradic Ultra Orthodox Jews want to mix with them and they do feel real racist attitudes.

  23. Imhotep

    November 24, 2012 at 10:00 pm

    Correction – of, muthas

  24. Imhotep

    November 24, 2012 at 9:57 pm

    @ silver. .I was at the Black expo in Indianapolis a few years ago and I had the pleasure of meeting some true Ethiopian Hebrews and they had migrated to Israel in the 90s According to their accounts, they are treated like shit! They make them live in areas of the country that are somewhat barren and restrict any travel between them between the two countries. According to them, the white Jews in Israel think all Africans are ill with HIV. This is not a lie because others I have met from Ethiopia have told me this. Why is this important? Because if the blood line of Halle Selassie and The Queen of Sheeba. If u r Hebrew u r suppose to be able reside in Israel because of birthrite , but African Jews are not looked at this way. ..Those Askenazi and Khazarian myths are pure racist and they are the true terrorist! ! Hotep

  25. Silver

    November 24, 2012 at 8:58 pm


    But… I just want to point out one thing:

    I visited Israel on a holiday in 2010 and (of course) I went to the Dead Sea. Along the shoreline there is all the soft mud that you put on your skin – salons use it for facials and body treatments. Naturally, I partook of the activity and slimed myself from head to toe in the stuff. (I promptly broke out in a rash the next day. Not good.) I probably looked ridiculous, and if I didn’t care about ruining my camera, I might have asked my boyfriend to take my picture looking ridiculous. It wouldn’t have been blackface, it would’ve been “Look at all the mud I’m in!”

    The reason I mention that is just to point out that this wasn’t a case of premeditated douchebaggery — i.e. he most likely put the mud on his face for the reasons I mentioned, and then the caption just came *naturally* to him. (Because he’s a racist). I just wanted to clarify that it’s not like he brought boot-black with him to the beach in order to do this.

    He’s till a racist douchebag, no mistake about it. But he an opportunistic, haphazard racist douchebag rather than a pre-planning one, in this instance.

    • Silver

      November 24, 2012 at 9:03 pm

      ETA: I swear I read the article 3 times and missed the mention of “sand” every time.

      But my earlier comment is still relevant because I’m pointing out that you’re meant to put that mud on your face as a skin treatment (it’s most definitely not “sand” – it’s very soft, slick mud).

      So the “Obama” part is probably something that occurred to him after he put it on (maybe even after he saw the picture.)

      Again: I’m not excusing it, just sharing a little personal experience of the place.

    • crafty

      November 25, 2012 at 4:06 pm

      What’s the difference? A racist is a racist. Who cares if he did it on a whim or pre planned?

  26. Imhotep

    November 24, 2012 at 3:55 pm

    And big South African Jews funded Hitler( Gold and Diamonds ) , that’s the overstory to the movie Inside Man! ! I’m shocked Hollywood let spike and Densely make that movie! Check ..The DeBeers, The Rothschilds, and the Boer War. .Hotep

  27. Derrick

    November 23, 2012 at 9:55 am

    These are the racist heathens, who are killing Black folks in these Black and brown countries!

    Keep looking up to these demons, and O’Drama, the mulatto, who sends them out to kill Black people.


  28. Derrick

    November 23, 2012 at 9:54 am

    These are the racist heathens, who are killing Black folks in these Black and brown countries!

    Keep looking up to these demons, and O’Drama, the mulatto, who sends them out to kill Black people.