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Bill O’Reilly: Blacks Don’t Believe in ‘American Exceptionalism’ or ‘Self-Reliance’

You had to know it was coming. You had to know that if President Obama was reelected, blacks would be scapegoated by the right wing as moochers who only wanted a little friend chicken and grape Kool-Aid from the new Prez.

Mitt Romney began this meme with his comment to donors that Obama won because he offered “gifts” to minorities, immigrants, students, and women. Now, enter Fox News Bill O’Reilly, who never passes up an opportunity to degrade black and brown people.

Last night, O’Reilly responded to criticism by  The Daily Show’s  Jon Stewart, who’d said that that bemoaning “traditional voters” is itself a form a  racism.  O’Reilly said that the huge turnout of voters of color signaled an end to “traditional American voters.” The new voters, he argued, don’t understand “traditional American values”:

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7 Responses to Bill O’Reilly: Blacks Don’t Believe in ‘American Exceptionalism’ or ‘Self-Reliance’

  1. ST

    November 21, 2012 at 4:11 pm

    This is what bothers me about Black Republicans. The Bill O’Reilly’s of this country are so blatanly racist, so blatanly stupid( I truly think he believes it) and yet Black Republicans don’t call him out on it. I could care less about what O’Reilly says. After so many of such statements, you come to expect it from him. It would be news if blacks in his beloved party ever dared to set him straight. That’s why there’s so little respect for black Republicans. They don’t attack these kinds of statements enough. In fact, I’ve heard some black Republicans say such blatant and “dog whistle” statments aren’t racial. Or they will search to find something a Democrat might have said. If Black Republicans want any credibility, in the Black community or want more blacks to join their party, why don’t they show more spine and jump all over statements like this. Black Democrats have no problem attacking O’Reilly. Could it be that most black Republicans agree with him?

    • Shirley Husar

      November 25, 2012 at 8:18 pm

      The Republicans are old white men, red necks and racists. They’re in thrall to tea-baggers, who do not understand or give a darn about minorities.
      If only other Republicans knew how often I had this hateful brew (hatred of white male conservatives is still socially acceptable on the left) shoved down my throat. But what’s been directed at me personally is worse: I have been called a sell-out, hater of a brother (meaning Obama), and numerous choice words I can’t share here (hatred of conservative black women from the left is trickier, but even more heart-felt).
      Urban Republicans fight for justice, truth and the American way, we do it in the face of visceral hate, and we do it without much support from the rest of the GOP. Why do white Republicans not get it? Why do they not listen to the Black Republicans who are writing, blogging, tweeting and calling them out? We’re here! Why don’t you hear us?
      Black urban Republican leadership across the country is pushing the GOP to spend money and support a plan of action to make inroads in areas that vote overwhelmingly for Democrats. The people of the inner cities aren’t an enemy to fight or ignore. We’re the future, a future that desperately needs what the GOP has to offer, a future that the GOP desperately needs if it’s going to stay relevant.

      PLEASE READ! http://wtim.es/TcaK8y Republicans: An old, white, dying breed of voter? | Washington Times Communities
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