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Chicago: Parents Of Teen Strip Searched at School Sue Assistant Principal, Police

The parents of a 15 year old who was strip searched at his high school last month have filed a lawsuit against Chicago public schools.

During an interview with local affiliate CBS 2, the teen’s parents describe what happened.

“He came home crying. So I asked him why he was crying,” said the boy’s father, Anthony Woodman. “And he was like hysterical. He tells me he’s been strip-searched.”

The incident took place at Taft High School in Chicago.

The mother said she contacted the news  “so this doesn’t happen to anyone else. No one should go through what our son went through.”

According to the teen, two security guards, a Chicago police officer, and an assistant principal took him from the room where he was serving “in school suspension”, to a washroom, where they searched him.

“They told me they had an anonymous tip. They were looking for drugs” said the teen.

He said he was first patted down by one of the guards, then he was strip searched.

“Then he told me to remove my belt. As I undid my belt he pulled my pants and underwear down to my knees.”

After that, “He started grabbing and searching my privates,” the boy said.

They did not find any drugs.

The teen has been identified by the school as a student with emotional disorders and a learning disability. He has had numerous suspensions and a detailed history of behavioral problems.

Still, his father says what happened to his son was wrong and the school needs to be held accountable.

“What we are claiming is that his civil rights were violated when he was strip searched without cause and unreasonably,” said Julie Herrera, the family’s attorney.



11 Responses to Chicago: Parents Of Teen Strip Searched at School Sue Assistant Principal, Police

  1. Elizabeth Reply

    December 8, 2012 at 3:57 pm

    Sue the police officers too. This is real bad behavior, sounds like s*x abuse against this child. Why are you handling his private parts? There are some real sick people teaching in schools and working in police departments.

  2. Lady J Reply

    December 8, 2012 at 9:51 am

    This is so humiliating for this young man. How would these officials feel if they had the exact same thing done to them? If you treat people like animals how do you expect them to live differently?

  3. Derrick Reply

    December 7, 2012 at 12:03 pm

    These foreigners, who are dumbing down our children are molesting them! We are dealing with pedophiles, who want to degrade, demean, and destroy the image of the Black man. They are starting with our youth.

    You DO NOT strip search a child, especially in a godda*mn WASHROOM!!! The ONLY place to do this is when you are entering jail or prison!!! What the fvck is this? Do y’all negroids see what these godda*mn bast*urds are doing to OUR male children? Making punks and sissies out of them.

    A cracker teacher had two Black young men, who were in grade school, sit in front of the class HOLDING HANDS!!! She did this because she ‘claims’ they were in a fight, and this was her punishment. All she had to do was make them APOLOGIZE, SHAKE HANDS, and call it a day!

    The effeminization of the Black man continues!!! You first destroy the youth, and this is the plan, these demonic devils are carrying out with our children!!!


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