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Asa Lovechild:Could Black Women Be Fueling Their Own Objectification In Entertainment?



I have watched blog after blog, including my own, report on Rick Ross and his outlandish lyrics and in every case, we have all attacked the former security guard/rapper for being so disrespectful to women. The rapper may have sparked a much needed revolution within the entertainment industry. Where are the Sister Souljahs and the Queen Latifahs when you need them?

But before women get high and mighty about telling men off, take a look in the mirror, if only for a moment. We must ask ourselves are we contributing to the behavior that we despise so much? As entertainers, we tend to say that it is all in good fun, everyone has a right to explore their creativity and their s**y and just be free. But, what about the audience that is naturally gravitating toward you that is comprised of those 21 years and under?

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3 Responses to Asa Lovechild:Could Black Women Be Fueling Their Own Objectification In Entertainment?

  1. Elle Reply

    April 5, 2013 at 9:58 pm

    Could Black Women Be Fueling Their Own Objectification In Entertainment? DUH! And they are willing and paid participants. I remember Beyonce said recently that she is more powerful than her mind can digest..or something stupid like that. We know her mind is small unless the subject is shucking and jiving so no challenge there. Then she says it’s ridiculous that men have all the power and they define what’s feminine. This while she’s posing in her underwear, heels, and a blonde wig. The only thing missing was the stripper pole. Are you kidding me? She contradicted herself as usual. The power she can’t digest must come from the fans that are captivated by her looks so they buy her bs. Because she has no say in the boardroom regardless of how she tried to show she is in control of everything on her “documentary.” Sure they will let her be in charge of dance moves and lighting. They will even give her producer cred on a documentary that was nothing more than a collection of home videos, ramblings on a webcam, and concert footage. But that’s about it. Plutocrats don’t care about that stuff unless it contributes to the dumbing down of society. Why do we even listen to what celebs have to say? The more mainstream success they have, the more they are controlled by the global puppeteers.

  2. ST Reply

    April 5, 2013 at 2:32 pm

    Of course they’re fueling it. It’s the American way. All American women who do this are fueling their ofjectification. Men do this too. Let’s not forget about that. Once they stop, they’ll lose their appeal and become unemployed. I don’t support it, but let’s be real about the culture in America.

  3. Chele Toby Collins Reply

    April 5, 2013 at 8:13 am

    Could Black Women Be Fueling Their Own Objectification In Entertainment? Yes, as well as the Black Rapper. The music industry pimps anyone who is willing. The latest up heavel,India’s new cd cover. They lightened her complexion, so we go from one extreme to another. The probelm rises, when the fantasy is believed to be reality, and all Women are to behave in a certain manner, for the pleasure principle.

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