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Bold: JET Magazine Features First Gay Couple On Cover

By Charles Easley

JET magazine makes a very bold and progressive move by featuring its first same gender couple in their December 10th issue as part of their JET LOVE wedding series. The featured couple is Dr. Ravi Perry and Paris Prince.

The couple was married at their home in Worcester, Massachusetts. Mr. Prince is a licensed real estate broker and anti-discrimination compliance expert and Dr. Perry is an Assistant Professor of Political Science at Mississippi State University.

Perry and Prince shared that,

“”We are excited and honored to have our wedding featured in the historic yet ever-current JET Magazine. Long the hallmark in publishing news, culture, and events pertaining to the Black American experience, Jet’s publishing of our union is historic.”

If you grew up in the African-American community then you know one of the media staples was JET magazine. Jet magazines can be historically found at any barbershop or salon. Many of us grew up with the featured beauty of the week, stories of African-American news and events and especially the marriage engagements.

While so many within the African-American community struggle with the concept of same gender couples and gay marriage it is again very progressive of JET magazine to take such a bold step in doing their part in supporting equality among other marginalized groups like the gay community.

I am sure there will be some dissenters against JET’s decision but hopefully, the more common place this becomes within the African-American community, the less controversial it will feel.

Charles Easley is an educator and columnist. You can follow Charles on twitter @professorlocs and view more of his work on his blog www.professorlocs.com


  1. Who says we can not judge? According to what God has said is right and wrong, we can. If you are a liar or committing adultery or any of those things we know are wrong, we can speak out against that. But to speak out against homosexuality is wrong? That lifestyle is wrong, it's a sin. I believe God loves people but hates their sin and living gay or lesbian is a sin.

  2. Say what you like. Don't ask me about approving the way tipi choose to have sex. Don't force you're mess on me! I would not support this like I wouldn't murder, adultry, or any other thing that the bible say Is a sin "against" GOD! WOULD YOU support a murderer or theif? The first thing you holler is God's love. Yes he loves, but he is pure and holy and it is SIN that he Hates of any kind! Any true believer would not disagree!

  3. Countdown to that divorce… tick, tock…

  4. Good idea Jet, because there are many brothers in the gay community, so Kuddos to you:0).

  5. These caucasoids will have a field day looking at this picture in their carryouts and grocery stores. The image of the Black man is decreasing DAILY, and Jet magazine has added it’s negative image for the world to see!

    There are more caucasoid males, who are marrying each other, but you NEVER or SELDOM see their pictures on the ‘front line’.

    WAKE UP Jet Magazine!!!

  6. June Nineteenseventythree

    "Those who are without sin cast the first stone." Society feels uncomfortable about many things, but when people start making things relative to the bible, that is where I get puzzled because if the bibile condems homosexuality, it also condems adultry, lies, murder, fronication, being judgemental and with that being the case with sooo many of us, who are we to have an opinion about someone's sexual preference when it doesn't technically impose on us directly. If you're gonna go biblical, the bottomline is God is love…and judge ye not….and this response is coming from a hetrosexual married for 21 years FEMALE. Be blessed people.

  7. Nice to see that in an America where the traditional black family has already been decimated by forces from both within and from outside the black community that overly-liberal individuals and groups are there to further erode what remains the traditional black family!

  8. I wonder will it come to the point where guys are kissing on commercials and ladies. I'm worried about the future generations. I know we are suppose to be loving, accepting, and not judge but I was disappointed for this to be on JET even though they not kissing. This is too much for me to understand cause they do deserve happiness, but just maybe not like this. JS

    • Trina Runnels Holloman

      Wow. MAybe their happiness with each other should be his under a bushel to make sure it doesn't infringe on other people's idea of acceptable happiness

    • Katonia Imsoluvnmenow Updite

      On point!!!

    • Ken Yahhoyakiyn Ysrayl Willis

      You women are wicked as hell to co-sign on this wickedness. Leviticus 20:13 “If a man also lie with mankind, as he lieth with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination: they shall surely be put to death; their blood shall be upon them.”
      The Most High is letting you know that if you commit this sin that you are bringing death to yourself; it is your fault.

    • Read my comments Ken I Do NOT I SAID…..NOT AGREE!!!!

  9. that's not progressive, that's promotion of the lifestyle

  10. Trina Runnels Holloman

    BIG UPS to JET Magazine for being progressive & truthful about a sector of the African American community that is shunned & unfairly labeled as a disgrace. These two gentlemen seem to be 2 educated, affluent Black people in love & committed to each other. Before all the Bible Thumpers begin their judgmental attacks & scripture recitations, PLEASE TAKE A LOOK IN THE MIRROR & once you have shown YOURSELF to be without sin, THEN go forth & spread the gospel of LOVE that our Lord & Savior wants us to embrace & live by. Congratulations Dr Ravi & Mr Prince! I wish you a life of continued love & prosperity!!! ❤ BlackLoveRocks!!!!!

  11. Don't ask and I want tell…what the Bible days about this. If you ask then I will tell.(what the Bible says about this)

    • very dumb comment and it wasn't needed if u didn't agree or like it then u shouldn't have said anything. god loves his children no matter what sins they may have commited

    • David? Regardless of what you or anyone else says, it's not gonna change what the BIBLE SAYS about this ok? Your views are yours and the truth is the truth! Like I said don't ask me and I want tell.

    • Rochelle LaQuon go ahead, and I would be glad to tell you about what the bible says about judging other people.

    • Katonia Imsoluvnmenow Updite

      Rochelle LaQuon cry loud and spare not!!it is what it is my sistah

    • David Prince Le'Grand, David, if we don't share our opinions, a lot of things will go unnoticed and believed to be acceptable!that could very well be our problem with society now,we're just going along with the program. i was once one of the people that never voted until 2008,my attitude was they gonna put whoever they wanted to in office anyway!I have learn to use my voice as well.this situation is just wrong.this is sending a message to our black children that this is acceptable, and it is not! i don't have a problem with them marrying,that's there choice to make,but why publicize it? today youth has enough to contend with already,why add more? we as adults have to be the ones to protect our babies against those that's only thinking about making money, they may not even have children to worry about!this is not a response of debate in anyway. I've learned that it's ok to agree to disagree!…blessings

    • Ken Yahhoyakiyn Ysrayl Willis


      This is some sick madness.

    • Rochelle they dont want truth they want that abomination! Most High Hates that wickedness, why did he destroy Soddom and Gomorrah! They love the world so let'em be!

    • The Bible also speaks against a man lying with a man. So if we are judging by what the Creator said do and don't, then we aren't doing wrong by judging.