The Building Outstanding Men and Boys Family Empowerment Series

“Our boys must not have their dreams murdered in broad daylight” – Dr. Boyce Watkins

Are black men in a state of emergency?  Some of them are.  But black men are also misrepresented and impacted by distorted media images that tell the world that they are worthless thugs and ignorant hoodlums.  Media doesn’t tend to focus on black men who are doing the right things, getting educated and taking care of their families; it tends to focus on those who are doing the opposite.

We’re here to talk about THE TRUTH.  Black men are not nearly as vile, irresponsible and destructive as their adversaries would like you to believe.  But not all black men have reached their potential and fulfilled their destiny in a world that is designed to limit their greatness.  Our goal is to elevate those who are doing great things and to provide guidance to men, boys and families that might need some help.

Building a better black man is critical to the future of our community.  By raising more black men to be responsible and productive citizens, black women will have an easier time finding good husbands.  By keeping black men out of the prison industrial complex, more of these men can be home protecting and providing for their children.  By helping young black men appreciate the value of a good education, we can have more men who are economically secure and  self-sufficient.  Raising these men to be leaders and instilling them with constructive value systems is a necessary step in elevating and enhancing the quality of life in all of black America.

The goal of this tour is to break through the media hype and propaganda that has led millions of black men to believe that they aren’t meant to be much more than rappers, athletes and dope dealers. Starting with a foundation of truth, we discuss/describe the potential for greatness that is innate in every black man, and help our community to understand what it takes to help our men fulfill their individual and collective destinies.

If you are affiliated with an organization and would like to have the Building Outstanding Men and Boys Family Empowerment Series brought to your city, please email us at [email protected]  

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We don’t use corporate money and want to make this tour as independent as possible from outside diluting influences.  We could really use your help and you can show support for our boys, parents and mentors by purchasing one of our shirts.  You can purchase a t-shirt by following this link.  

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