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Financial Juneteenth | Apple just bought Beats Music from Dr. Dre: Now they’re shutting it down

beats-by-dre (1)

Although the reports are mixed, there are reliable sources saying that Apple is basically done with Beats Music, the company they just acquired from Dr. Dre for $3 billion dollars.  The shocking news came according to five different sources, many of them prominent employees at both Apple and Beats. According to TechCrunch, engineers are being taken off the Beats project ... Read More »

30th Anniversary of The Cosby Show: 10 Little Known Facts

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September 20th marks the 30th anniversary since The Cosby Show premiered. The show is credited with saving a flailing NBC network, reviving the sitcom format and perhaps most importantly with recasting the popular image of the Black family.  Over the course of eight seasons the show won six Emmys, two Golden Globes, ranked number one in the Nielson rating five ... Read More »

Queens of Comedy Adele Givens and Laura Hayes Have a Bone to Pick With Sheryl Underwood


Sheryl Underwood shocked viewers of “The Talk” last week when she shared a secret. She told her co-hosts that the reason she wasn’t involved in the Queens of Comedy was because of a conversation she overheard where the other comedy queens–sans Mo’Nique–had fun at Underwood’s expense.  Both Adele Givens and Laura Hayes, who were on the conference call, aren’t happy ... Read More »

The Black Shopping Channel Announces 125 Million Dollar Deal


Having a hard time finding for Black Businesses to shop at?  No worries.  The Black Shopping Channel has announced the successful completion of a deal worth 125 million.  Black Shopping Channel will be using the proceeds to expand TV viewership nationwide!  The channel will be on Comcast, DirecTV, and Time Warner.  Right now, Black Shopping Channel can be seen on ... Read More »

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