Black Celebrities

Wale Wants Black Community to Be the Change They Seek


By: Evette Champion By now, everyone is familiar with the Black Lives Matter movement and what it is trying to achieve—awareness of police brutality on minorities, namely African American lives. Despite the opposition claiming that all lives matter, millions have come together in support of it. With that said, according to the rapper, Wale, he believes change starts from within. ...

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Mattel Announces Their Creation of the New Zendaya Barbie Doll


By: Naturally Triece From the concert stage to the red carpet, Disney star Zendaya continues capturing the world’s attention thanks to her talent, sense of fashion and courage to stand up for herself at all cost. It was the “Replay” singer’s desire to fulfill her goals of inspiring and empowering young girls that recently caught the eye of Mattel, the ...

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Is Lighter Really Better?

NEW YORK, NY - SEPTEMBER 07:  Rihanna arrives to Travis Scott concert at the Gramercy Theatre on September 7, 2015 in New York City.  (Photo by James Devaney/GC Images)

By Robert Sitt When a lawsuit mentions words like “former employee” or “where he used to work” people automatically think retaliation may be at the heart of the issue. Perhaps we think that way because we, ourselves, have wanted to be that employee at various times in our lives. We had a bad experience at work, had a bad boss, ...

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Ex-Cop Says Tupac Faked His Death: Should We Pay This One Any More Attention Than the Others?


By Dana C. Ayres Afeni Shakur Afeni Shakur Whether or not Tupac faked his death is not the issue. According to the, a retired and presently-dying, Arizona police officer, David Meyers, along with numerous others do-gooders, helped Tupac fake his own death. Other stories question the claim as to why Tupac would throw away everything; a successful career, wealth ...

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Sound Off: Is Kanye West Squashing Racism or Adding Fuel to the Fire?


By: Evette Champion Ahhh, fashion. It can be an interesting beast—some people live by it, some design it, and some just slap stuff together and call it “fashion.” Kanye West likes to play designer, but his legitimacy has been called into question by celebrities and critics alike. The Spring 2016 collection was… drab to say the least. The loose-fitting tops ...

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VIDEO: Patti Labelle Tells Fan “Get Off Of My God—n Stage, B—-,” Stripping Fan Ejected From Concert

patti labelle in concert

April V. Taylor Patti Labelle has gained a reputation for being a straight shooter when it comes to saying what she thinks, and this time it was an unruly fan who became the target for Labelle’s frustration during a recent concert at the Hard Rock Casino in Vancouver. While performing her hit “Lady Marmalade,” LaBelle invited several audience members to ...

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Is the Hologram Concert “Craze” Just a Way to Rake in Big Money on Departed Stars?


By Dana C. Ayres There’s something oddly curious and yet, exciting about seeing the dead “reincarnated.” Lately, there has been a hologram “craze,” so to speak, of deceased stars like Tupac and soon of Billie Holiday and Whitney Houston that are being used to promote photothe services of the hologram company, in question and to help keep the entertainers’ legacies ...

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