Black Celebrities

Don’t You Bring Mary J. Blige No Bad News: Here’s Your First Reel Look


by G. Brown Two things Mary J Blige aka the Wicked Witch doesn’t like—bad news and water….Lamman Rucker’s new supernatural thriller is raising all kinds of hell…and Kevin Hart and Dwayne Johnson’s tagline for their upcoming “Central Intelligence” says it all-“saving the world takes a little Hart and a big Johnson”… Here your First Reel Look mary-j-blige-as-the-wiz-lives-wicked-witch-of-the-westMary J. Blige Owning ...

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Tyra Banks Is Leaving Her Show To Focus On Her Cosmetic Line


Reported by Liku Zelleke It hasn’t even been three months since Tyra Banks launched FABLife, her daytime talk show, and she’s just announced that she will be quitting as its host. In a statement, the America’s Next Top Model star said she had to make the decision because she wanted to spend more time on her cosmetic line. Banks admitted ...

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Africa Soaring to New Heights With All Female Flight Crews: Can America Catch Up?


By G. Brown Perhaps one of the biggest misconceptions about Africa is that all women are repressed and treated like second class citizens. Rwanda has the highest number of female parliamentarians. While America is still deciding if Hillary Clinton will be the first female Officer in Chief, Malawi President Joyce Banda is one of three African women to take on ...

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Jeter Calls 50 Cent “Too Urban”? Colorism at Its Worst


By  G. Brown Former New York Yankees star Derek Jeter may have retired from baseball, but he is  swinging on allegations that he backed out of an underwear deal because the choice of spokesperson was perhaps a little too Black.  The spokesperson the company was considering—Rapper 50 Cent. Jeter was part of a deal with Sweden-based RevolutionWear to sell swanky ...

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Rapper Wale Asks Women to Stop Butchering their Bodies to Catch a Man


By: Evette Champion When we see how women are represented in the media, whether it is a movie, music videos, or the movies, we see women who have underwent some kind of cosmetic surgery. They go under the knife to make their rear ends or boobs bigger, their waistline smaller, or have plumped up lips. Rapper Wale has been the ...

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Life Lessons from Olivia Pope: Women Who are Choosing Money Over Marriage


By G. Brown From the very first Barbie doll she’given as s a birthday gift or Christmas present, girls are prepped to get married, have children and be a good mommy and wife. In the new age, some of those little girls who have matured into smart, independent women are putting down the dolls and picking up the dollar. Women ...

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