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Woman sues Beyonce, says she’s Blue Ivy’s real mother


If you’re a celebrity and you have a newborn, watch out.  This woman wants to be a celebrity “baby-mama” so bad.  Recently, Tina Seals has filed a maternity suit against Beyonce, claiming that she is the REAL mother of Blue Ivy.  Is this woman serious? Unfortunately, it appears so.  She’s claiming in the court documents that she was “previously associated” ... Read More »

As a Kid, Larenz Tate Used to Deny He Was on TV


Black Hollywood Live sits down with actor Larenz Tate to talk the come up as well as the consistency in his success onscreen.   Tate and his brothers were put into acting at very young ages, and according to Black Hollywood, Tate was rather resistant starting out.  He was not about that acting life. “I enjoyed the school playground; the afterschool ... Read More »

Interesting: 5 Celebs Who Did Prison Time Before Their MAJOR Shine


Stars are known for many things, such as winning Grammy awards or producing popular albums—basically accomplishing great achievements—but what about criminal records? You heard me right. Some of our favorite famous faces served hard time before they made it big in Hollywood, and some of these names are names that you would not believe. Check out a few of your ... Read More »

Yvette Carnell: Russell Simmons says most Cops ain’t all that bad


by Yvette Carnell After an injustice has been committed, Rev. Al Sharpton is usually flown in to shake his fists in the air for swift justice, then pivot to the Bible for peace. The good “Rev” is full of Jedi mind tricks. Young people, however, could care less about the street preacher, so when the hip-hop generation gets out of ... Read More »