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Ashley Naples: Tyrese and those nasty gay rumors – are you overcompensating for something?


Reported by Ree, “The (Ree)lationship Guide” If you follow talented singer/actor Tyrese Gibson’s Facebook page, you’re all too familiar with his self-righteous, preachy videos about attaining success and ignoring “haters.” While the messages in some of the videos tend to be very inspiring, one can’t help but notice the singer’s not so subtle attempts to show off his assets. For ... Read More »

TD Jakes gets into a fight on Instagram about his riches


Everyone knows that TD Jakes isn’t just a powerful megapastor, he’s also filthy rich.  This has led to a battle over how to perceive his successes as a pastor, businessman, author and filmmaker.  Some see these riches as a sign of his success and his many blessings.  Others criticize him to be among the legion of professional Jesus peddlers who ... Read More »

Former radio host Warren Ballentine found guilty of mortgage fraud


A grand jury delivered some devastating news to former Radio One host Warren Ballentine this week.  The Chicago attorney was convicted Friday on all six counts of mortgage fraud after being accused of taking $10 million dollars out of the hands of lenders.   He was also accused of making false statements to banks. According to St. Louis Today,  Ballentine ... Read More »

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