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Will Young Jeezy Spend Life In Jail For “No Snitch G-Code?”


It’s been a rough month for the rapper Young Jeezy.  Less than three weeks ago, he turned himself into the police for allegedly beating up and threatening to kill his teenaged son.  Now, he’s been arrested for cursing at police officers and refusing to tell them his name.  First he’s owning up to his actions, but now he’s abiding by ... Read More »

Grammy Award-Winning producer says urban music is destroying black youth

In this video, Grammy Award winning producer/song-writer Carvin Haggins talks about the changes that have been seen in music on the radio.  Haggins says that as he listens to the music on public airwaves, he’s finding that the songs he hears are “disrespectful,” “degrading” and “tearing our children down.” He says that as a parent and concerned citizen, someone has ... Read More »

Boondocks Creator Aaron McGruder Is Bringing Black Jesus To The Airwaves

By David Bloodsaw Exciting news for Aaron McGruder fans; not only will The Boondocks return for another season, but Adult Swim gave the green light on another project from the controversial and funny producer reports the entertainment website Shadow and Act . The live-action scripted comedy, titled Black Jesus will debut later this year. Jesus will be residing in modern day Compton doing what Jesus does best: spreading love and kindness. He’ll even have a group of followers who are downtrodden but faithful. The half hour comedy will feature Gerald “Slink” Johnson as Jesus and supporting cast members will include Charlie Murphy, John Witherspoon, and Corey Holcomb. Adult Swim has been quiet about the new series due to its touchy story line. This is evident from searching IMDB because there is very little information about the series, except for a list of writers and producers, but not any additional actors or characters that will feature in the show. They have already begun production and it will be forthcoming this year. McGruder, known for his biting social commentary has broached the subject in the past about a black Jesus in The Boondock’s series. The new series will be executive produced by McGruder through his production company 5 Mutts. The creator of the Trailer Park Boys , Mike Clattenburg will contribute as a writer and producer. The Boondocks came out with a bang and instantly obtained cult status as we followed the exploits of Huey, Riley, Granddad and Uncle Ruckus. No aspect of black culture and politics was safe from the satirical animated show. The show ran up until 2010 and Boondocks’ fans have been waiting since then for another season. The Boondocks will return in April for a fourth season. Gerald Johnson is comedian, writer and musician who has provided voices for Grand Theft Auto V, Super Rumble Mixshow and once was on The Boondocks as “Lando.” Read More »

‘The New Black Girl On SNL’ Takes The Spotlight

By Andrew Scot Bolsinger After joining the legendary comedy show Saturday Night Live in January, Sasheer Zamata has been patiently waiting for her chance to shine. Wait no more. This weekend, Zamata played Olivia Pope, the feature character in the television drama “Scandal,” played by actor Kerry Washington. Zamata was the first black actor to join the cast in several years, according to a story in  The Root. The skit called for Zamata to assign work to the newest team member played by guest host Lena Dunham, star of her own comedy series, “Girls.” Zamata’s character tells Dunham to attend a ball and place a bug on the wife of a Mexican ambassador. In the trademark, fast-paced dialogue known to Scandal viewers, Zamata’s Pope hurries through the assignment. Dunham can’t keep up and keeps asking follow-up questions. “Then, following a hilarious romantic encounter between Pope and President Fitz (Taram Killam) that involved lots of exaggerated facial expressions, Dunham stammers, and  asks, ‘Ok, that was the president of the United States how are you not texting 1,000 people right now?’ “’He’s a problem,’ Zamata explained.  ‘I don’t need problems. I fix problems.’” Zamata replied in true Olivia Pope fashion, the Root reported. Zamata, 27, was discovered in a nationwide talent search by NBC to find an African-American comedian to join the cast. Zamata was at the recent South By Southwest conference in Austin when she proudly announced at a local comedy club, “I’m the new black girl on SNL!” Prior to landing the SNL gig, Zamata worked on MTV and in an ABC News hidden camera series called “Primetime: Would you fall for that.” Andrew Scot Bolsinger won more than two dozen press awards during his journalism career. He is a freelance writer, author and operates  www.criminalu.co , which is focused on prison reform. He can reached at  Andrew.Bolsinger@gmail.com Source: The Root Read More »

Pres. Obama Misspells “Respect” and the Internet goes insane

Aretha Franklin says she forgives President Barack Obama for misspelling her famous song, “Respect.”  But the media hasn’t been so forgiving.  The twitterverse and the rest of the world noted the president’s mistake, when he accidentally spelled the song, “R-S-P-E-C-T” during an appearance by Franklin.  The event was a “Women of Soul” gathering hosted by First Lady Michelle Obama. The gathering by Mrs. Obama included not only Aretha Franklin, but also Patti LaBelle and Jill Scott.    Franklin forgave the president for his mistake and took it all in stride. “I’m sure the President had much on his agenda and was just a little tired,” the 71-year-old singer said in a statement.    Melissa Etheridge, Janelle Monae and Ariana Grande were also invited to be part of the event.  But the headliners were clearly Franklin and LaBelle.  They also created buzz when some speculated that Aretha refused to acknowledge Patti at the event.  But that’s all just speculation.  We’re sure she “RSPECTS” Patti more than that.   “The President and I are mutual when it comes to R-E-S-P-E-C-T,” she said. Read More »

Halle Berry Has Launched A New TV Production Company

By Dr. Sinclair Grey III Beautiful, talented, and sexy – these are a few words that describe Halle Berry. Besides being one of the most beautiful women in the world, Berry is a great actress winning several awards for roles she’s played over the years. Now Berry’s talents have her embarking on a new venture. On March 2, while attending the Fame and Philanthropy Post-Oscar Party at The Vineyard on March in Beverly Hills, California, Berry and her producing partner Elaine Goldsmith-Thomas announced the launching of a new company – 606 Films . This launch is part of a deal Berry has in starring in the CBS series – Extant. “The duo has launched 606 Films , a shingle that will be housed at CBS Television Studios and is named for the anti-paparazzi bill that Berry championed to keep over-aggressive photographers from swarming the children of celebrities. California Gov. Jerry Brown signed it into law last fall after testimony by Berry, Jennifer Garner and others.” The senior vice president of 606 films will be Kathryn Tyus-Adair. Tyus-Adair brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to this new company. She previously worked with Don Cheadle’s Crescendo Productions. There she spent five years working on film and television projects which include the upcoming St. Vincent.  In addition to this, she has worked with other talents which helped to bring about projects such as Barbershop , The Horse Whisperer , A Civil Action , and the Showtime series, Soul Food . “Berry called Tyus-Adair a smart, proactive and creative partner who brings with her not only strong ideas but excellent relationships. We’re excited to develop and create material alongside her.” Here’s some information you need to know. The name 606 Films is named after Senate Bill 606, a bill that Berry won with little confidence from people on the outside. This is a testimony that dreams can come true. Source: Eurweb Dr. Sinclair Grey III is a speaker, activist, published author of (5) books, life coach, and liberator of persons from all intellectual, social and cultural walks of life. He is a committed advocate for change. Email: drgrey@sinclairgrey.org . Follow on Twitter @drsinclairgrey. Visit his website: www.sinclairgrey.org Read More »

Woman’s Auto Payments Kept Her Deαth Secret For Six Years

By Andrew Scot Bolsinger A worker sent to repair the roof on a foreclosed house discovered the owner’s body mummified in her car on Thursday. The Michigan resident had apparently died in her car, keys still in the ignition six years earlier, according to police estimation of the scene, CNN reported. Nobody had noticed her absence. For several years the bills were paid on automatic deposits from her account. When the money ran dry, creditors took action, including foreclosing on the home. But none bothered to check the residence itself. “Still, nobody noticed what had happened inside the house. Nobody wondered out loud what had become of the owner,” CNN’s report states. After the worker discovered the corpse and police were called, the long-ignored home became a hotbed of activity. “I’ve been doing this 37 years. Never seen anything like this before,” said Undersheriff Mike McCabe of Oakland County, just outside Detroit. Police identified the woman, who would be 49 years old if alive today, as Pia Farrenkopf. McCabe said neighbors told police the woman was known to be gone a lot. Most chalked up her absence as returning to Germany, where they assumed she was from. The house had never been broken into and a neighbor had even cut the grass all this time, reports stated. Police reports said that officers had visited the house once in 2007 when neighbors wondered if she was OK. Finding nothing, they left. Authorities are awaiting a toxicology report, which will take four to six weeks, before determining the cause of death. The medical examiner found no signs of trauma to the body, McCabe told CNN. The enclosure of the car served to protect the body from decompensating, though the internal organs had decomposed according to the coroner. source:   cnn Andrew Scot Bolsinger won more than two dozen press awards during his journalism career. He is a freelance writer, author and operates www.criminalu.co , which is focused on prison reform. He can reached at Andrew.Bolsinger@gmail.com   Read More »

Watch Beyonce break down after hearing Blue Ivy call her name in rehearsal

Most people have seen images and limited video of Beyonce’s daughter Blue Ivy.  But the consensus is that she is adorable.  This rarely seen grammy rehearsal footage shows just how smart and talented the little girl is, just like her mother.  During the video, Beyonce is rehearsing for the Grammys and the baby starts to sing the song “Surfboard.” This makes her mother break down, as it might do for the rest of us. You can barely hear her toward the end, but if you’re into Blue Ivy like that, you will probably enjoy it.  Also, there is a stand-in for Jay-Z who is a scary version of the original. Take a look: Read More »