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After taking his money, Bill Cosby’s alma mater says it wants nothing to do with him

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The saga for comedian Bill Cosby continues on, and seems to get more interesting with each passing day.  The University of Massachusetts Amherst is just the latest academic institution to drop Cosby from it’s sphere of vision and influence.  This decision is especially meaningful because Cosby earned his masters and doctorate in education from the institution many years ago. All ... Read More »

Former Model B. Smith Found After Missing Overnight

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Pioneering former model and famed restaurateur Barbara Smith, known to many as B. Smith, has been found after being reported missing on Long Island.  Earlier this year, Smith revealed that she was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s after suffering from symptoms of memory loss and confusion for years.  According to Fox News, she was reported missing by her husband and business partner ... Read More »

Photographer Sues Oprah & All Her Companies Over Three Images


Someone else is attempting to get a piece of Oprah Winfrey’s billion dollar pie. The legendary media mogul and TV host has been at the center of multiple lawsuits over the years. Winfrey is being accused of using unauthorized images taken by world renowned photographer Harvey Edwards. He’s angry and everybody’s going to pay for it. Oprah, Harpo Productions and OWN have ... Read More »

Financial Juneteenth | Spelman explains why it won’t cut ties with Bill Cosby


Reported by Ashley Naples While many organizations, people, and networks have denounced any dealings with TV mogul Bill Cosby, not everyone is abandoning him during what appears to be his crucifixion over allegations of drugging and rαping young women who aspired to work in the television industry decades ago. Cosby, 77, has refused to speak about the matter. Even when he was asked ... Read More »

Bill Cosby Allegedly Leaked Story About Daughter’s Drug Problems to Avoid Stripper Story

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In recent weeks allegations have re-emerged accusing beloved comedian Bill Cosby of sεxual abυse. According to Page Six, however, one of the most dastardly actions taken by Cosby didn’t involve other women, but Cosby’s own daughter. The website is reporting that Cosby once threw his own daughter under the bus in order to avoid bad press. Richard Johnson reports that ... Read More »

He Was A Professional Boxer & Born In Germany? 8 Interesting Facts about Martin Lawrence


Martin Fitzgerald Lawrence is one of the world’s most influential comedians. Starting his career as a standup comedian, he went on to influence comics around the world. He went from the stage to television and eventually earned twenty million dollars per film. Here are 8 facts about Martin Lawrence. 1.) Was born in Frankfurt-am-Main, Germany. Though he grew up in the ... Read More »

So here’s what Lisa Bonet had to say about that fake Cosby tweet

6th Annual Hamilton Behind The Camera Awards

Lisa Bonet is one of the few people who seems to have had a 20-year issue with Bill Cosby.  The actress fought back against him for years, and was eventually released from the show because she refused to live by his rules.   So, when someone set up a fake twitter account pretending to be Bonet, everyone paid attention. The ... Read More »

So, here’s what happened when Bill Cosby Tried to buy NBC


The media speaks about the past of Bill Cosby as if he spent most of his younger years sleeping with young women.  But this wasn’t all that he did.  In fact, he did a great deal more, making the kinds of major moves rarely seen among any person of color at the time. One of the things that Cosby attempted ... Read More »

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