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Michael Jordan Calls President Obama a Sh*tty Golfer


Once you reach billionaire status, it’s probably safe to say that you don’t really care what other people think about what you have to say. To the contrary, when you’re not worried about your next meal, or yacht, you can say exactly what you think. Maybe that’s what former NBA star Michael Jordan was thinking when he called out Obama ... Read More »

Biographer Says Aretha Franklin Was Off the Chain


When we think of artists today like Miley Cyrus and her wild young-adult years she displays for the world to see, we certainly don’t stop and think, “Wow, she’s really the Aretha Franklin of her time.” While I’m not comparing Miley’s vocal skills to the Queen of Soul’s (because you can’t even begin to do that, Aretha wins by a ... Read More »

TMZ says Latifah cancelled Cosby’s appearance over allegations


Bill Cosby has been put into the spotlight this week for some very uncomfortable reasons.  Once one of the most respected and cherished entertainers in the world, Cosby’s name has now been tarnished by numerous allegations of inappropriate and harmful conduct toward women.   Several reports have claimed that as many as 13 women have come forward to say that Cosby ... Read More »

Will Smith Is Turning One of His Hit Films Into a TV Show


Were you a fan of the charming 2005 romantic comedy Hitch?  Fox is now working with Will Smith to bring fans a small screen version of the film every week. Fox is developing a television show based on the box office hit movie that starred Will Smith as smooth-talking match maker Alex ‘Hitch’ Hitchens who was hired to help clumsy Albert Brennaman (played ... Read More »

CNN Anchor Disses USA’s Coverage of Ebola Virus


Reported by Dr. Sinclair Grey III Without a doubt, the media coverage of Ebola is quite exhaustive. The impact that this disease is having on the mental and emotional state of Americans is quite serious. Just about every news network has something to say about Ebola. Whether it’s talking about how it’s contracted to the screening of passengers coming from ... Read More »

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