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Comedian to Bill Cosby: “You rape women”


People came out to see comedian Hannibal Buress and expected a night of laughs and fun.  Instead, they received the kind of shock they probably won’t forget anytime soon.   During the skit, the comedian went off into a tangent, talking about other things that were not on the script for that night.  Then, suddenly, he lashed out at Bill ... Read More »

Here are 5 child support settlements you WILL NOT believe


Halle Berry is NOT pleased with her ex-boyfriend Gabriel Aubrey. This isn’t the first time the two have been at each others throats in legal battles, but the latest news is that Halle wants her monthy child-support payments to be reduced because she believes Aubrey is using the money for himself rather than their daughter, Nahla. Berry reportedly wants the ... Read More »

Terrence Howard’s ex accuses him of hiding his money


Some people just don’t need to be together at all, let alone the idea of marriage.  Take it from Terrence Howard and his ex-wife, Michelle Ghent. They are the epitome of the Hunger Games, and from the looks of it, the odds are far from Howard’s favor. Things have not been looking good for a while between Howard and  Ghent. ... Read More »

Here’s another way hip-hop affects the brain

masculine hand with microphone held in it

by Ashley Naples Remember the days when people used to say that hip-hop was just music, and that it wouldn’t affect the way that people think?  You may also remember the days when hip-hop was just a New York thing, and how it caught on like wildfire as a voice of the people.  Those days are gone, but as the ... Read More »

At the age of 64, Stevie Wonder is having triplets


Stevie Wonder, even at the age of 64, appears to be quite fertile and ready to bring new lives into the world.  The singing legend recently announced that he and his fiancee are expecting triplets.   Wonder announced that Robyn Bracy is going to bring more than one child into the world for him, right after the two had a ... Read More »

Why is Erykah Badu Singing On The Streets For Spare Change?


Times are really hard; so much that celebrities are on street corners singing songs for a little change. As shocking as it would be to know that big time celebrities are out on the street trying to make ends meet, that was not the case for Ms. Erykah Badu. She was doing an experiment. Erykah Badu was walking in Manhattan, ... Read More »

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