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Rapper weighs in on Cornel West – Dyson beef: They act like arrogant rappers beefing


Podcast: Play in new window | Download In this commentary, rapper/activist Vigalantee discusses the recent divide between Michael Eric Dyson and Cornel West. He says that the same way that rappers beef with one another in public, there are scholars who do the same thing. He also asks whether these beefs are the result of ego or something more meaningful. ...

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Jaden Smith Spotted Wearing Headband And Dress: Is He Gay?

Jaden Smith wears Flower Headband at Coachella

By Joshua D. Copeland First it was a dress…now the son of the legendary Fresh Prince was seen rocking a flower headband?  What is Jaden up to? Turns out, he was turning up at the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival.  The rose headband was to set off his outfit composed of a floral minidress and trainer shorts, and high ...

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Rapper David Banner:”To Stop Brutality We Have To Respect Ourselves First”


by Kristina Byas Since the 2012 tragic shooting of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin that sparked the national concern that white law enforcement have been murdering numbers of black men, tensions have been high in America. It is now three years later, news of the slayings of unarmed black men have continued to grace the headlines and the number of deaths at ...

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Should Erica Mena Stay? Pros and Cons of Marrying Bow Wow


by Raveen Johnson You would think that a couple engaged to be married would start taking the necessary steps to move out of their parents’ house and into their own home, right? Well, Shad Moss aka Bow Wow and his fiancee’ Erica Mena are pretty comfortable in the basement of Bow’s mom’s home, and he has a perfectly reasonable explanation ...

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Charlamagne “Tha God” Finally Getting To Flex His Muscle On TV


by Raveen Johnson Who else is wondering why Charlamagne “Tha God” does not have his own show? Aside from his unique and hilarious personality on the radio show The Breakfast Club, his comedic antics can also be found on MTV2’s Guy Code and on Catfish: The TV Show. It is great to get a refreshing laugh on these shows, but it is ...

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Ben Affleck’s ancestors owned slaves, and he tried to cover it up


What do you do when you find out that your ancestors participated in one of the most horrible institutions in American and world history?  Do you face up to your family’s past or do you try to bury it under the rug? Ben Affleck, who is set to play Batman in the near future, is being hit with a great ...

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John Legend’s prison project is coming along swimmingly: Here’s what he just did

John-Legend (2)

By Joshua D. Copeland Many people don’t realize how serious the issue of mass incarceration is, and how it’s affecting this country.  But singer John Legend is very aware, and he’s determined to end it once and for all. The award-winning artist visited the Travis County Correctional Complex in Austin Texas to promote his new campaign for criminal justice reform, ...

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IRS Files $70k Tax Lien Against MSNBC Host Melissa Harris-Perry


According to the Winston Salem Journal, the IRS recently took out a $70,000 lien on the couple at Forsyth County Hall of Justice. Harris-Perry, who is a professor at Wake Forrest as well as a television host, released a statement confirming that she was aware of the tax debt, but not the lien. She said she and her husband paid ...

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