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Restaurant In Detroit Sells Vegan Soul Food

Kirsten Ussery and her partner Erika Boyd are planning to open a business called Detroit Vegan Soul with a mission to help people live healthier lives by providing great-tasting, high-quality, nutritious vegan food that appeals to everyone, while at the same time supporting a sustainable earth. At Detroit Vegan Soul, soul food is served with fresh, organic, and completely plant-based ingredients. The menu ... Read More »

Study Shows Organic Foods Are Not Much Healthier

People who often cite their loyalty to organic products -- which are significantly priced higher than other foods -- as being a healthier option are wrong. Stanford University doctors dug through reams of research to find out — and concluded there's little evidence that going organic is much healthier, citing only a few differences involving pesticides and antibiotics. The study was conducted after numerous patients asked them if eating organic products was the healthier food option. " I was absolutely surprised ," said Dr. Dena Bravata, a senior research affiliate at Stanford and long-time internist who began the analysis because so many of her patients asked if they should switch. Dr. Bravata stressed that there are many reasons why someone might choose organic foods over conventional foods, but when it comes to individual health, there isn't much difference between the two. Eating organic fruits and vegetables can lower exposure to pesticides by 30%, including for children — but the amount measured from conventionally grown produce was within safety limits, the researchers reported Monday. The organic food failed to  prove more nutritious. The one notable difference that Dr. Bravata's team discovered is organic foods proved to be more resistant to antibiotic-resistant germs than conventional products; however, the bacterial contamination of food are the same whether or not the product is organic. During their testing, the researchers found that bacteria in non-organic chicken or pork had a 33% higher risk of being resistant to multiple antibiotics. The report was released on Monday in the journal of Annals of Internal Medicine. Organic foods account for 4.2% of retail food sales, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture. It certifies products as organic if they meet certain requirements including being produced without synthetic pesticides or fertilizers, or routine use of antibiotics or growth hormones. Consumers can pay a lot more for some organic products but demand is rising: Organic foods accounted for $31.4 billion sales last year, according to a recent Obama administration report. That's up from $3.6 billion in 1997. That finding comes amid debate over feeding animals antibiotics, not because they're sick but to fatten them up. Farmers say it's necessary to meet demand for cheap meat. Public health advocates say it's one contributor to the nation's growing problem with increasingly hard-to-treat germs. Caroline Smith DeWaal, food safety director at the Center for Science in the Public Interest, counted 24 outbreaks linked to multidrug-resistant germs in food between 2000 and 2010.   The post Study Shows Organic Foods Are Not Much Healthier appeared first on Black Like Moi . Read More »

Can Too Much Happiness Be Bad for Your Health?

Who says you can never be too happy? Sure happy people are approachable and friendly and positive emotions are good for you, but for some being “too happy” is a reality. Those who suffer from bipolar disorder have periods of time where they experience too much bliss. These highs can be as negative as their lows. Mania is characterized as a a period of time in which someone experiences an extremely positive mood. While manic, people feel more confident, get little sleep and have increased energy levels. As cool as that sounds, people who suffer from bipolar disorder become dangerously impulsive, and struggle with their relationships.  June Gruber, a psychologist at Yale University, says, “the fact that positive emotion has gone awry is something unique about bipolar disorder, as almost all other emotional disorders are characterized by difficulties in negative emotions.” People who suffer from bipolar disorder struggle with positive emotions when they aren’t manic as well. One of the issues that they face is feeling positive emotions at inappropriate times. Gruber went on to say, “in our work, those with bipolar disorder continue to report greater positive emotions whether it’s a positive film, very sad film clip of a child crying over his father’s death, and even disgusting films involving someone digging through feces.” With medication and treatment it is possible to put bipolar disorder in remission, but it takes work. Too much happiness? Doesn’t sound like it. People who suffer from bipolar disorder have a hard time balancing their positive emotions, making too much of a good thing a potentially dangerous one. Read More »

Research Shows Lying Triggers High Blood Pressure And Other Critical Medical Problems

A Notre Dame psychology professor spent 10 weeks tracking 110 adults asking half of them to report the number of lies they told each week and the other half  to stop lying completely or not to make false statements; however, they could still omit the truth, avoid answering the question, and keep secrets. Anita Kelly had all of the participants take a weekly lie detector test and complete questionnaires about their health and the quality of their relationships. In addition to revealing that both groups lied less, the group that was instructed not to lie experienced health benefits as a result of telling three fewer lies each week. Three fewer lies each week resulted in four fewer mental health complaints and three fewer physical health complaints. Those who made an effort to stop lying also reported improved relationships, confirming long-standing research indicating that people with good relationships are in better health. Lying is believed to trigger the release of stress hormones, increasing heart rate and blood pressure and reducing your white blood cells, which leads to tension headaches, lower back pain, and a rapid heartbeat.  Author of Trust Rules: How to Tell the Good Guys From the Bad Guys , Linda Stroh, provided a thorough description of the process that comes with lying: " It takes a lot of negative physical and mental energy to maintain a lie. We have to think before we answer and we have to plan what we say and do, rather than saying and doing what comes more naturally, " she said. " We waste a lot of precious time covering our tracks rather than spending that time in positive ways, doing good things ."     The post Research Shows Lying Triggers High Blood Pressure And Other Critical Medical Problems appeared first on Black Like Moi . Read More »

Check Out Ernestine Shepherd: The 75-year-old bodybuilding grandma

If you think you’re too old to get back into shape, think again.  Ernestine Shepherd started working out in her fifties, and then decided to pick it up in her 70s. She is the oldest competitive female body-builder in the world, clocking in at the age of 75. She wakes up every morning at 3 am and works out for the entire day.  She is a certified personal trainer as well.  She is a die-hard “Rocky” fan and wants to one day meet first lady Michelle Obama to help her with her fight against obesity. Ernestine and her sister Velvet began competitive body-building together in the late 1980s.  But her sister died in 1992 from a brain aneurysm.  Ernestine works out every day to keep her sister’s memory alive.  Since the age of 56, she has won two body-building titles and run nine marathons.  She consumes 1,700 calories per day, including boiled egg whites, chicken, and vegetables and runs 80 miles per week. She is currently being trained by former Mr. Universe Yohannie Shambourger. Now that you’ve seen what’s possible, when are you going to take charge of your own life?   The post Check Out Ernestine Shepherd: The 75-year-old bodybuilding grandma appeared first on Black Like Moi . Read More »

Woman Loses her Job, Her Hair and Her Breasts, but Then She Found Herself

49-year old Rene Syler, believe it or not, was the 39-year old who once seemed to have it all.  She was one of the anchors on “The Early Show” on CBS and had just built her dream home with her husband.  She commuted back and forth between New York and Texas to pursue her dream, not knowing about the struggles that were ahead. First, she lost her job.  Then, two weeks after losing her job, she had a mastectomy I had to have a mammogram every year because I was at the age, but also because of my family history. Every year I would have a biopsy after the mammogram because there was always something that needed a closer look. It got to the point where it just wasn’t really how I had envisioned my life. And that’s when I made the decision [to have a preventive mastectomy]. Rene says that going through her trials made her a tougher woman and helped her to gain a stronger sense of clarity about her life.  She went on tour with her book, “Good Enough Mother: The Perfectly Imperfect Book Of Parenting” to keep things going.  Then, things kept getting worse. Somewhere on a plane I got asthmatic bronchitis. I was in the hospital for three days pumped full of all this medication. When I got out, I had a meeting at CNN and I went right to the hairdresser and got my hair relaxed. A week later it fell out. It was really this journey of self-exploration and acceptance — that’s when I let my hair grow in natural. She says that although she thought about going back on TV, she was a “woman of a certain age,” meaning that some opportunities would simply not be given to her.   She then pursued her online career, with her blog and writing opportunities, along with speaking.  Although her career hasn’t been what she thought it would be, she is finding that the situation suits her better than she would have expected. I never ever thought I would be in this place. I never saw myself doing anything else but anchoring the news, and I certainly didn’t see myself working as hard as I am, or struggling the way that I am. I wish I had a dollar for every time I pulled into my driveway and broke into tears because I was like, “Is this going to work?” When you work for people your entire life, the idea of being able to do whatever you want, to be your own boss is a really cool and wonderfully freeing thing. Sometimes all of that freedom is scary, but that’s what I would say is the most gratifying. Rene goes on to explain that even though she was put through a series of trials that put her to the test, she was able to keep moving forward with that which was in front of her and find her true calling.  She lost her job, her hair and her breasts, but she can now proudly say that she is glad to have found herself.  To read more about Rene’s journey, click here.  Read More »

Nambian Women with HIV Were Coerced Into Being Sterilized

Namibian Judge Elton Hoff ruled Monday that the nation’s government sterilized three HIV-infected women without proper consent, coercing them to sign forms they didn’t fully understand while they were in labor.  This is a major decision in a nation that is grappling with how to deal with fertility and child-rearing in a nation with a heavy HIV infection rate. While the ruling rejected claims that the women were singled out for the procedure strictly because they had the disease, activist are still celebrating the decision. They worry more women in Namibia are being forced into sterilization by doctors and have introduced several cases on the matter into local courts. The women, with ages ranging from 20s to 40s, all sought government care and signed release forms that allowed doctors to sterilize them, allegedly without knowing what they signed, according to HIV project lawyer Nyasha Chingore with the Southern Africa Litigation Centre. “The consent forms were all signed when they were in labor,” she attested. The government has 14 days to appeal the ruling, Corinna van Wyk, the women’s attorney, told the Associated Press. If it stands, all three will be entitled to monetary damages—but that process will be delayed while other similar cases remain open in the courts. Still, the primary argument of the case was that women have the right to be properly informed about the sterilization process and given the ability to decide on the procedure free of coercion. That right, Van Wyk feels, has been upheld by the court. “Right now, all we wanted was a standard and we got that,” she said. The post Nambian Women with HIV Were Coerced Into Being Sterilized appeared first on Black Like Moi . Read More »

Study: Working the Night Shift Will Probably End Your Life Early

The way you work could be impacting your health. According to a recent study, people who work night shifts, rotating shifts and other irregular shifts have an increased risk for heart attack and stroke.  The finding matters a great deal to those who think that we can miss sleep each night and still be OK.  Not getting regular rest not only increases the chances that you might suffer from depression, it also changes your bodily functions, increases your heart rate and stresses you out in ways that you might never imagine. The report showed that shift workers had about a 25 percent increased risk of having a cardiovascular problem, a 23 percent increased risk of a heart attack and a 5 percent increased risk of a stroke when compared to non-shift workers.  So, the question becomes, “Is the higher paycheck worth it?” “Given the commonness of shift work in modern industrialized nations, and industrializing nations, many heart attacks and strokes are likely directly attributable to the effects of shift work,” Dr. Daniel Hackam, a clinical pharmacologist at the Stroke Prevention and Atherosclerosis Research Centre said. The international organization is based in London and Ontario. The study involved more than 2 million people. Of them, more than 17,000 suffered from some kind of cardiovascular problem. More than 6,500 had heart attacks and almost 1,900 had strokes.  The work style in the US is very different from other parts of the world.  In Europe, for example, workers are given annual vacations for as long as 6 – 8 weeks, compared to just two weeks for many companies here in the United States.  Other countries also advocate taking a nap during lunch if you work during the day. Hackman recommends that these workers, their employers and the doctors who see them become more aware and seek ways to reduce their risks.  Exercise and eating right can go a long way to reducing the risks.  Also, getting plenty of sleep when you’re not working can make a difference as well. “Shift workers should receive cardiovascular risk factor screening and prevention, and this should be ongoing and regular,” Hackam added. He suggests paying particular attention to blood pressure, cholesterol and diabetes concerns. Read More »

A Woman’s Chances of Becoming Pregnant Increase After Having Appendix Removed

The Fertility and Sterility Journal has disproven the myth that appendicectomies can lower a woman’s chance of getting pregnant. In fact, researchers at Dundee University discovered that women who have had the procedure have been more likely to become pregnant than those who have not. Research done out of more than 76,000 patients shows that The post Women Have a Greater Chance of Becoming Pregnant After having Appendix Removed appeared first on Black Like Moi . Read More »

Obamacare Won’t Help Women With Aids

Obamacare doesn’t seem to be providing everyone with their medical necessities. Poor, undocumented women are struggling to receive the care that they need, especially those with HIV. The Affordable Care Act set in place by President Obama does not provide those who are currently uninsured with Medicare fast enough to stop the development of AIDS. The post Obamacare Does Not Help Women With AIDS appeared first on Black Like Moi . Read More »

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