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FAMU Band Member’s Death Ruled to be a Homicide

The death of FAMU band member Robert Champion is getting more interesting.  Now that the case has been ruled a homicide, someone could be going to prison.   Maybe one day, we will get the message that hazing is unhealthy and counter productive.   Students should go to college to learn. Click to read more on BlackLikeMoi.com           Read More »

Woman Donates Kidney to a Perfect Stranger on Craig’s List

Your Black News reports: Miami resident,  Selina Hodge , 28, was in desperate need of a kidney donor, so she turned to, where else? Craigslist. “I turned to Craigslist, because I didn’t know where else to turn to,” Hodge, told   Florida’s WPTV. Though her illness has not been disclosed, she received over 800 responses from around the globe — only to find help only a stone’s throw away in Palm Beach.   Click to read More on YourBlackNews.com         Read More »

Tragic Story of NFL Star Who Was Hit in the Head Too Often

For years ex-Bear  Dave Duerson had a hand in turning down scores of disability claims of retired players — though he likely suffered from brain injuries himself. This February he shot himself in the heart. Was it because he couldn’t bear to admit his betrayal? Read more via  The Ferocious Life and Tragic Death of a Super Bowl Star | Men’s Journal         Read More »

Mother Charged with Indecency for Breastfeeding Her Baby in Public

A woman in DC was accused of indecent exposure after she was “caught” breastfeeding her baby in public.    Simone dos Santos was feeding her baby in a government building when an officer asked her to stop, claiming that what she was doing with her baby was “indecent.” Click to read more on BlackLikeMoi.com           Read More »

What to Make of HBCU Hazing? A Black Scholar Speaks Out

Professor James Peterson is the Director of Africana Studies and an Associate Professor of English at Lehigh University .  He has a great deal to say about the recent hazing incidents at Florida A&M University .  In recent weeks, a student by the name of Robert Champion , died during a hazing ritual for the FAMU Marching 100 band.  Since that time, the band director has been fired , the band’s activities have been suspended and Florida authorities are now claiming that other acts of fraud have been committed on the FAMU campus. The incident leads many black scholars and members of the community to wonder if the culture of hazing has gone too far.  Additionally, we are left wondering if there are other ways to regulate the process to keep it from remaining underground. The video is below.  If you can’t see it, please click here.     Read More »

Charles Barkley Becomes Newest Weight Watchers Spokesperson

Your Black World reports: NBA legend and TNT sports commentator, Charles Barkley , has a new gig that ensures we’ll be seeing a lot less of him. Barkley has signed on to be the newest spokesperson for Weight Watchers , and commercials tracking his weight loss will begin airing Christmas Day. The hilarious “Round Mound of Rebound” reveals that he gained 100 lbs. after retiring from the NBA, weighing in at an unhealthy 350 lbs. “The doctor said, ‘Hey, dude, if you don’t lost some weight, you’re either going to get diabetes, have a stroke or drop dead. It’s either A, B, or C,” Barkley told USA Today. Barkley will be the face of Weight Watchers newest campaign entitled “Lose Like a Man.” According to People magazine, their goal is to get men more engaged in their health. “I felt bloated and big,” says Barkley, who has lost a total of 41 pounds through a new diet and exercise program — 27 lbs. due to Weight Watchers. With all the positive changes in his life, Barkley claims that he has “more energy” and is looking forward to better, healthier days to come through Weight Watchers: “Diet is not a man’s world because we don’t like to diet—we like to eat,” Barkley said in a press release. “Like a lot of athletes, I’ve gained weight since I’ve retired. But, I don’t want to be a fat old man taking lots of pills. Weight Watchers is helping me change my lifestyle and learn how to make smarter eating choices anywhere I am.” Read More »

Wife of ‘House of Horrors’ Abortion Doc Arrested For Performing Illegal Late-Term Abortion

Your Black World reports: Pearl Gosnell , wife of disgraced abortion doctor, Kermit Gosnell , 70, admitted Tuesday to performing a late-term illegal abortion at her husband’s clinic, reports the Associated Press. The now closed Women’s Medical Society, described by authorities as a filthy “house of horrors,” was not only the scene of the murder of seven babies, but also a woman who overdosed from a powerful painkiller she was administered while awaiting an abortion. After incomplete late-term abortions were performed at the disgusting clinic, scissors were used to sever the spinal cords of babies who were unfortunately born alive, murdering them in cold blood. The fifty-year old woman pleaded guilty to performing an illegal abortion after 24 weeks gestation, “”two counts of conspiracy and participating in a corrupt organization, according to court documents. Court documents from her husband’s explosive trial list Pearl as a cosmetologist who assisted her husband with “extremely late-term” abortions on days that the clinic was closed — including Sundays. Neither were qualified to perform abortions, according to authorities. Pearl Gosnell’s sentencing is scheduled for Feb. 15. She faces up to 54 years in prison.       Read More »

Shani K. Collins: Let’s End Health Disparities Here and Around the World

by  Shani K. Collins ,  Your Black World   Opportunities to help others are all around us, we only need to open our eyes to see them. In 2008, I was a second-semester social work doctoral student at the University of Alabama. Under the tutelage of Dr. Karen Starks, I studied Advanced Social Work Policy and learned of Malaria No More. Malaria No More is a national organization committed to eradicating malaria across the continent of Africa, and in other countries throughout the world. Click to read more on Black Women Today           Read More »

Dr. Boyce and Yvette Carnell: Does Hollywood Drive Black Men Insane?

You saw the recent blow-ups by comedian Katt Williams, whose been arrested more times than we can count.  There were also infamous incidents involving both Dave Chappelle and comedian Martin Lawrence, where both of them seemed to lose their minds in public.  Chappelle walked away from a $50 million contract, literally disappearing for no good reason.  Lawrence was seen standing in the middle of the street, waving a gun at random strangers passing by. This leads us to the question:  Is there something about Hollywood that drives black men insane?  In this video, Dr. Boyce Watkins and Yvette Carnell try to work through some of this, with the conversation focusing on the racism in Hollywood and lack of empowerment that many black men may feel when they think that their dreams have come true.  It may be the case that the dream is actually a nightmare, which could be the cause of this odd behavior. The video is below.   If you can’t see it, you can view it by clicking here. Read More »

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