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Rev. Run’s Daughters Owe Nearly Half a Million in Taxes

Rev. Run  of Run-DMC, Twitter/Rev. Run Wisdom and celebrity wedding officiant fame, might need to throw up a prayer for his two daughters,  Vanessa Simmons  and  Angela Simmons  — because when Uncle Sam is after you, a divine intervention might just be in order. The IRS and state of California claim that the Hollywood socialites owe more than  $450,000  in total. For more details, head over to BLACKLIKEMOI Read More »

Where is the Black Middle Class?

By  Kris Marsh , Special to CNN While sharing coffee one day with a colleague and friend,  William “Sandy” Darity Jr. , we coined a new, emerging group of single and living-alone (SALA) households in the black middle class: the “Love Jones Cohort.”   Personal experiences as a member of the Love Jones Cohort helps shape, inform and drive my research on this emerging group within the black middle class. Historically, the quintessential black middle class consisted of a married couple with 2.5 children, a dog, and “ Black Picket Fences ” – in reference to the book written on the black middle class by Mary Pattillo-McCoy. Where is the black middle class now, you ask? We are right here, but look demographically different than we did years ago. My research clearly shows a compositional shift in the black middle class, away from married couples to single and living-alone households. Dovetailing with my research, we need to shift the way we talk and think about single, black professionals – both men and women, although women dominate the category. Click to read Read More »

Black Farmers Protest 1.2 Billion Dollar Settlement

Some black farmers are protesting the approved 1.2 billion dollar discrimination settlement from the Department of Agriculture.  At issue is a clause in the agreement which requires those who receive the settlement to waive their right to appeal. In Memphis, Tennessee an estimated 300 people protested the requirement at the Temple Church of Christ in God on Monday. Black farmers who intend to take part in the lawsuit have until May 11 to add themselves to the claim. Read More »

Man Body Slams Woman on Plane For Coughing And Spreading Germs!!!

    Patrick White had a serious problem with the woman coughing on his American Airlines flight to Jacksonville International Airport in Florida. The 31-year-old Georgia man spend the plane ride harassing the sick 19-year-old, according to police. Unsatisfied that he had made his point, as passengers were getting off the plane last week, he began calling her obscene names and telling her that she had ‘infected everyone’ on the flight. He then charged her and body slammed her with his shoulder, knocking her against the wall, flight said. He was arrested on charges of misdemeanor battery. According to a police report, he ‘continually harassed and chastised (the woman) for coughing and ‘spreading disease”‘ while they were on the plane last week. However, White might have had a point, of sorts. A new study suggests air travelers have a 20 percent chance of catching a cold or other bug. The Centers for Disease Control says travelers are most at risk from catching a virus from fellow passengers within a two seat radius. Source. Read More »

Police Shoot and Kill Eighth Grader

Police officers in Texas shot and killed an 8th grader armed with a pellet gun in the hallway of his middle school. Officers responded to a call from the school reporting that someone at the school had a gun. When police located the student in the hallway with the gun, they shot and killed him. According to Interim Police Chief Orlando Rodriguez, the student ”had plenty of opportunities to lower the gun and listen to the officers’ orders, and he didn’t want to.”  According to observers, the student, identified as 15 year old Jaime Gonzalez, did not threaten students or teachers with the gun. Some witnesses have even speculated that the young man was brandishing the gun as a way of acting out. The responding officers “took the necessary action to protect themselves and the other kids,” Rodriguez said. There weren’t many others in the hall at the time, but “they had every right to take the action that they took.” No one else was injured.   Read More »

Atlanta Woman Still Missing – Stacey Nicole English – Have You Seen Her?

The world is looking for Stacey Nicole English.  If you know anything about her whereabouts, please alert the authorities.  Black women who go missing don’t get the same attention that they would if they were white, so we at Your Black World are committed to doing our part to help with this issue. The specifics on Stacey’s information can be found at BlackLikeMoi.com     Read More »

Men Who Murdered Black Teen Get Off Easy

In London, two white men who were convicted of murdering a black teen were  sentenced to at least 14 years in prison. Gary Dobson received a 15 year and 2 month sentence while Norris received a sentence of 14 years and 3 months. It took 19 years for the men to finally be brought to justice, but some are still claiming that it is too little, too late because the sentences handed down by the judge was shorter than most observers expected. The judge who handed down the sentences maintained that the sentences were shorter than expected because the two convicted men were teenagers when the murder occurred. The stabbing of 18 year old Stephen Lawrence was a flashpoint in London because it drew attention to racial bigotry.  It is widely believed that there are three other men who were involved in the murder who are still at large. Read More »

Missing Black Teen Was Mistakenly Deported

According to the grandmother of a teen missing since 2010, the girl was mistakenly deported to Colombia. The girl was 14 when she ran away after experiencing a great deal of stress over the divorce of her parents and the death of her grandfather. The girl’s grandmother, Lorene Turner, said she had been searching for her granddaughter on Facebook since her disappearance. “Once I get home I am up until 3 or 4 in the morning searching and looking,” Turner said.”It’s all I can think about. Finding my baby,” she told WFAA-TV in Dallas. With the help of the Dallas police, Turner found her granddaughter Jakadrien – in Colombia. Apparently U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) had deported Jakadrien in April of 2011. “They didn’t do their work,” said Turner. “How do you deport a teenager and send her to Colombia without a passport, without anything?” It seems that after running away from home, Jakadrien made her way to Houston, where she was arrested for theft and then gave the police a fake name. When police ran the name, they discovered that it belonged to a 22 year old illegal immigrant from Colombia who had several warrants. Although ICE took the teen’s fingerprints, they didn’t do the due diligence required to confirm her identify and deported her. The Colombian government released her after giving her a work card. “She talked about how they had her working in this big house cleaning all day, and how tired she was,” said her grandmother. After turner tracked down her granddaughter using Facebook, U.S. Embassy officials helped track her down. But the teen is still locked away in a detention center in Colombia and there is no date set for when – or if – she will be released. ICE says it is investigating the matter.                                      Read More »

Michele Bachmann Quits Presidential Race

A few days ago, Michele Bachmann said, “I think Tuesday night people are going to see a miracle.” Well, it may’ve been a miracle for America that Bachmann didn’t get more votes, but it certainly wasn’t the miracle Bachmann was counting on. Bachman’s dismal showing in Iowa left her with little choice but to end her Presidential bid, which she did today. In her farewell speech, Bachmann played to the fringe, vowing to continue fighting “socialist” Democrats on health care and Dodd Frank, among other issues. We should all wish Bachmann a fond farewell. But her particular brand of crazy won’t be missed. Read More »

Is French Film ‘Intouchables’ Racist?

Although the movie “Intouchables” is a mega hit in France, it has raised the ire of some American critics who feel the movie portrays the main black characters as baffoonish and uncultured. Critics have charged that the main character, Driss, is a goofy but fun loving hero who fits the easy stereotype of France’s poor black population. Driss is portrayed as a boogying dancer who just loves to perform for his white benefactors. In one scene where Driss wears a suit, a white character tells him that he looks like President Obama. The fact that much of the criticism about the movie has come from American critics begs the question of whether the French are too accepting of racist images or whether America’s racist history has made us far too sensitive where issues of race are concerned. Read More »

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