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Black Men

Preachers of LA Talk Mike Brown, & Why Jesus Wants Them To Be Rich


Two of the preachers from Oxygen’s latest reality television show Preachers of LA sat down for an interview with MadameNoire to talk about their accomplishments, Mike Brown, and details from the second season of their show. The interview was quite interesting—in a good and bad way. Bishop Ron Gibson and Pastor Wayne Chaney handled the topics in very different ways, ... Read More »

Rev. Jesse Jackson: There’s a Ferguson near you


BY JESSE JACKSON August 18, 2014 There is a Ferguson near you. Many pundits are saying that the shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Mo., has revealed troubling racial tensions in America. But the real scandal in Michael Brown’s shooting is that it reveals what we’ve already known. As conservative Republican Senator Rand Paul wrote about Ferguson: “Anyone who thinks ... Read More »

Attorney General Eric Holder issues statement about Ferguson


WASHINGTON—Attorney General Eric Holder released the following statement Monday following his briefing of President Obama on the latest developments in the federal civil rights investigation in Ferguson, Missouri: “As I informed the President this afternoon, the full resources of the Department of Justice are being committed to our federal civil rights investigation into the death of Michael Brown. “During the day today, more than 40 ... Read More »

Dr. Umar Johnson explains how hip-hop is killing black men


Some people don’t like Dr. Umar Johnson, but it might be because his version of the truth is different from the mainstream.  But he’s not stupid, and he has quite a few theories that might help explain why black people are always found at the bottom of the barrel, even when Democrats and other so-called friendly organizations are lining up ... Read More »

Dr Boyce Watkins: Here’s where ESPN screwed up with Stephen A. Smith


by Dr. Boyce Watkins ESPN, the “World-wide leader in Sports,” often prides itself on having tough conversations that often go outside the lines of standard sports commentary. But their commitment to generating intriguing conversations may have come back to bite them recently when Stephen A. Smith spoke about domestic violence on the air. Smith’s comments, which used the word “provoke,” ... Read More »

Yvette Carnell: How Negroes With Guns Saved the Civil Rights Movement


If you read American history books, you’re led to believe that the Civil Rights movement was won by long suffering Christian blacks who turned the other cheek. But as writer Thaddeus Russell notes, the history of Jim Crow and the Civil Rights movement is actually a lot  more complicated than that. Russell hopes that in the future, schoolchildren will learn ... Read More »

Former Officer says NYPD was completely negligent when man lost his life


The recent and unfortunate incident between the NYPD and Eric Garner has led to national outrage.  Garner lost his life when NYPD officers stopped him for allegedly selling illegal cigarettes.  This led to Garner being taken down in a chokehold and held until he stopped breathing earlier this week. The incident was captured on video and has led to accusations of ... Read More »