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Andre 3000 was depressed because he never wanted to be a 40-year old rapper


Hip-hop is aging and so are the original artists.  But Jazz went through the same thing.  There was a time when Jazz was something for teenagers and old people didn’t get it. Then, the Jazz artists themselves got older and so did the genre. Hip-hop is likely going to make an inevitably similar transformation. Andre 3000 is seeing this up ...

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Why some men are afraid to fall in love | Leroy Scott


By Leroy Scott One of the best things for a man to experience is being in love.  I know that men have gotten a bad wrap for not wanting to be in committed relationships and also for being unfaithful in most of their relationships, but when a man finds love, he is never the same. Love has the ability to ...

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“I’ll Put a Round in Your @ss So Quick,” Says Cop to Car Full of People

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U.S. courts have traditionally upheld the right of citizens to record police, but that hasn’t stoppedpolice from abυsing and harassing people who record police interactions with the public. A Florida officer who threαtened to shoοt a car full of people after someone began recording the incident is being defended by his police chief. In a YouTube video recorded in 2013, ...

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Will Young Jeezy Spend Life In Jail For “No Snitch G-Code?”


It’s been a rough month for the rapper Young Jeezy.  Less than three weeks ago, he turned himself into the police for allegedly beating up and threatening to kill his teenaged son.  Now, he’s been arrested for cursing at police officers and refusing to tell them his name.  First he’s owning up to his actions, but now he’s abiding by ...

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Preachers of LA Talk Mike Brown, & Why Jesus Wants Them To Be Rich


Two of the preachers from Oxygen’s latest reality television show Preachers of LA sat down for an interview with MadameNoire to talk about their accomplishments, Mike Brown, and details from the second season of their show. The interview was quite interesting—in a good and bad way. Bishop Ron Gibson and Pastor Wayne Chaney handled the topics in very different ways, ...

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Rev. Jesse Jackson: There’s a Ferguson near you


BY JESSE JACKSON August 18, 2014 There is a Ferguson near you. Many pundits are saying that the shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Mo., has revealed troubling racial tensions in America. But the real scandal in Michael Brown’s shooting is that it reveals what we’ve already known. As conservative Republican Senator Rand Paul wrote about Ferguson: “Anyone who thinks ...

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Attorney General Eric Holder issues statement about Ferguson


WASHINGTON—Attorney General Eric Holder released the following statement Monday following his briefing of President Obama on the latest developments in the federal civil rights investigation in Ferguson, Missouri: “As I informed the President this afternoon, the full resources of the Department of Justice are being committed to our federal civil rights investigation into the death of Michael Brown. “During the day today, more than 40 ...

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