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Why Kerry Washington’s “Scandal” Got Full-season Order from ABC

By Nomalanga Mhlauli-Moses Kerry Washington’s “Scandal” has been given a full-season order from ABC. That means that the original agreement for 13 episodes has been extended to a total of 22. When “Scandal” first hit the small screen, it immediately created a buzz. First of all, the main character, Olivia Pope, is based off of an actual real life person. Pope, played by Kerry Washington, is based on former George Bush administration press aide Judy Smith, who is also the show’s co-executive producer. The show, as you might have imagined from the title, is scandalous. Speaking as a Black woman, I imagine that the show’s popularity among Black women has a lot to do with the main character. She’s gorgeous, she’s ambitious, driven and she’s in charge. The importance of her role is multifaceted. On one hand she is a highly sought after consultant who get’s the job done, no matter what, and then on the other hand she is a woman who is hopelessly in love with a man she knows will never truly be committed to her. To add another layer of spice, the man she is in love with is white and he is married and he is the president! My personal preference would have been that the man she tumbled in the sheets with not be another woman’s husband, but I understand that the show was not created for my preferences; it was created to be scandalous and it delivers what it was created to be. I was a late comer to Scandal, only starting to watch it this fall as the second season unfolds and I can honestly say that I understand why it has caught on. I fondly refer to it as my guilty pleasure but there is actually a reason why I and other women of color would be hooked on the show. Like I said, it’s great to see a woman of color in a leading role. And for those who, like me, who wish we could see a women of color in a leading role without her rolling in the hay with “the boss”, I have a bit of good news. She has ended the relationship with the commander in chief. As the rest of the season unravels, it will be interesting to see where producer, Shonda Rhimes, steers the show. Rhimes, who is also the producer of the successful  ABC show, “Grey’s Anatomy” seems to have the secret for creating shows that draw us in and then get us hooked. If you have any doubts about how successful Scandal is, consider this:  “The political drama has pulled in over six million viewers for each of its four episodes during the fall.” I may have my reservations about “Ms. Pope”, but I will be watching. Nomalanga helps Black Women thrive in their lives and careers. She is a Social Commentator, an Editor at Your Black World , Assistant Professor of Professional Studies and the reigning Mrs Botswana. Visit Nomalanga’s blog at successfulblackwoman.com Read More »

Stacey Dash Still Supports Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan Despite Criticism

. After being  attacked by the black community  for publicly endorsing GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney, Stacey Dash is relentless in her efforts to show unwavering support for Romney and his running mate, Paul Ryan. The actress recently took to her Twitter page to tweet a picture of she and vice presidential candidate Ryan with the words “ Fighting the good fight. Godspeed. ” Knowing that criticism would shortly follow her picture and caption, she wrote a longer tweet further defending her support of the Romney-Ryan ticket:   I believe that Governor Mitt Romney believes in the American people. That we can be self evident, that we are capable of achieving the American dream. That there is enough for everyone. I believe that because he has proven his ability to lead,and his ability to be excellent as a CEO and as the Governor of Massachusetts. Governor Romney is the best choice to be our next President. He has achieved the American dream, he knows how to lead us the American people to realize our potential. By creating 12 million jobs, giving equal work for equal pay,by giving incentives and cutting loopholes, by keeping us safe and strong as a country of Super Power. When critics slammed Stacey for supporting Romney-Ryan, reputable scholar and entrepreneur Dr. Watkins defended her decision and said he was ‘disappointed’ in people’s inability to have political free choice without being heavily criticized. In an article titled “ Stacey Dash Learns: If You’re Black and Don’t Support Obama, You’re Going to be Tortured ” Dr. Watkins wrote: I was shocked and disappointed by the fact that the woman couldn’t get a sentence out without being booed down by people who felt that she was some kind of sellout for not supporting President Obama.  They didn’t want to hear her arguments, because some of us fear even considering a point of view that might cause us to change our minds.  When I saw how the crowd reacted to this woman for simply stating her opinion, that’s when I knew we were headed into very dangerous territory. Read More »

D.L. Hughley On Black Women: “I’ve Never Met An Angrier Group of People”

. In a recent interview with Michelle Martin of  NPR , comedian D.L. Hughley made some shocking and controversial revelations regarding his dislike of women — especially black women. Although the comedian has been married to his African American wife for 26 years and has two daughters and one son, he revealed that he does not enjoy the company of women and still has not figured them out. Excerpts from the interview are below.   On his dislike of women: MARTIN:  You don’t like women? HUGHLEY:  I don’t like the way they process – no, I don’t. I enjoy their company. I do not like the way that they reason. You can’t understand them. MARTIN:  Well, for a man who has been married for 26 years and has two daughters – you have three children overall, two daughters and a son – you don’t think you’ve figured it out? HUGHLEY:  Do you think any man has figured it out? Anyone? Anyone? Name me a man who says I’ve figured women out, I got it. My daughters, who I love immensely, are so certain, like if a man can have a face only a mother can love, then women can have personalities only fathers can love.     On black women: MARTIN : …black women is – the only black woman you could be married to is your wife. HUGHLEY: Yes. MARTIN: Because… HUGHLEY: Because… MARTIN: …black women are so messed up? I mean what – or because she’s so great? I mean I’m sure she’s great but…   HUGHLEY: Well, in her ability to kind of tolerate my – it’s her ability to tolerate me, A) and B) I’ve never met an angrier group of people. Like black women are angry just in general. Angry all the time. My assessment, out of, just in my judgment, you either are in charge or they’re in charge, so there’s no kind of day that you get to rest(ph). MARTIN: I have to ask whether is it because black women are an easy target?   HUGHLEY: No. MARTIN: And so you can say these things because nobody is going to… HUGHLEY: Do you think black women are an easy target? MARTIN: Well, I mean I’m thinking you or – one of the ways you came to public attention is your defense of Don Imus for calling the Rutgers women’s basketball team nappy headed ho’s… HUGHLEY: Right. MARTIN: …and I understand that your defense was free speech, which I think many people understand. But if you think he’d said that about another group of women, that that would’ve been considered funny?   HUGHLEY: I can’t, really, that’s like, I can’t disprove or prove a negative, but I can say this: that I have defended any number, I have defended Michael Richards for the N-word. I’ve defended Tracy Morgan for his comments. I defended Rush Limbaugh. You know, to me, you know, what people are talking about has never really kind of worked its way into my mindset. It is the idea that they have the right to say it. So I think that’s really kind of an unfair – optically, that looks different than the way I see things. But…   MARTIN: OK. HUGHLEY: …I don’t think black women are easy targets at all. I respect them great – a great deal. I think that to pretend like I don’t see things the way that I do is to do a disservice to them.     Read More »

As Storm Hits the Country, Romney/Ryan Downplay Their Plan to Cut Disaster Relief

As the East Coast braces for a massive storm, Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan are trying to cover up the fact that if elected they intend to cut funding for both FEMA and disaster relief. Here is something to think about while we watch Hurricane Sandy morph into a perfect storm, what if there was no federal disaster relief? What if states were left to fend for themselves? These questions may sound absurd right now, but they won’t be if Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan are elected next Tuesday. In June 2011, Romney went on the record as opposing federal disaster relief , “Every time you have an occasion to take something from the federal government and send it back to the states, that’s the right direction. And if you can go even further and send it back to the private sector, that’s even better. We cannot — we cannot afford to do those things without jeopardizing the future for our kids. It is simply immoral, in my view, for us to continue to rack up larger and larger debts and pass them on to our kids, knowing full well that we’ll all be dead and gone before it’s paid off. It makes no sense at all.” Romney also wants to  privatize the Federal Emergency Management Agency . READ MORE Read More »

Black Male Imprisonment Exaggerates Black Progression

. According to a recent article published on NYTimes.com , the  disproportionate amount of black men in prison has ironically made the black community appear to be more successful than it really is. Sociologist Dr. Beck Pettit, of the University of Washington, has published recent research titled “Invisible Men: Mass Incarceration and the Myth of Black Progress” to balance the perception of black progression. A few years ago, Dr. Pettit and another sociologist, Dr. Bryan Sykes tried to quantify the growing proportion of black men imprisoned by age 20. They focused on men born between 1975 and 1979 who later dropped out of high school.  They noticed an inconsistency. Their initial findings implied that more young, black, low-skill men had been in prison than were alive. Dr. Pettit discovered the source of the inconsistency: Corrections officials count actual prisoners, a captive audience; sociologists and census-takers typically undercount prisoners and former inmates living on the edge of society. Dr. Pettit believes that this inconsistent means of capturing data causes an issue in which imprisoned black men aren’t figured into statistics about the standing of African-Americans. The consequence, she says, is an overstatement of black progress in education, employment, wages and voting participation. In her recent research, Dr. Pettit concludes: Among male high school dropouts born between 1975 and 1979, 68 percent of blacks (compared with 28 percent of whites) had been imprisoned at some point by 2009, and 37 percent of blacks (compared with 12 percent of whites) were incarcerated that year. By the time they turn 18, one in four black children will have experienced the imprisonment of a parent. More young black dropouts are in prison or jail than have paying jobs. Black men are more likely to go to prison than to graduate with a four-year college degree or complete military service. Black dropouts are more likely to spend at least a year in prison than to get married. “ Among low-skill black men, spending time in prison has become a normative life event, furthering their segregation from mainstream society ,” Dr. Pettit writes. She estimates that if inmates were counted, the black high school dropout rate would soar to 19% and the share of dropouts who are employed would plunge to 26% — far more dire than the statistics usually cited. The celebrated voter turnout among young blacks in the 2008 election would drop to roughly 20%. Blacks account for nearly half of the more than 2.3 million Americans in prison or jail. Failure to include them in measures of black progress, she argues, is akin to leaving states out of national counts. Former inmates are typically poor and therefore tend to be undercounted. “ We collect data to evaluate public policy and allocate resources ,” Dr. Pettit says. “ One could argue that we already provide social service to inmates, but leaving them out of the data distorts measures of progress .”  Harvard sociologist Dr. Orlando Patterson said Dr. Pettit “ deserves credit for specifying in sharp demographic detail the extent of the problem of incarceration, which is an American national scandal, and some of its consequences .” While “ black progress is not a myth ,” Dr. Patterson said, “t he simple, tragic truth is that a large number of young black men do engage in violent acts and other forms of criminal behavior .” He continued: “ Over 80% of black children have been abandoned emotionally and, usually, economically by their fathers. It is not the case that black children are deprived of paternal emotional and economic support because their fathers are in prison; rather, their fathers are in prison in good part because their own fathers had abandoned them emotionally and economically .” Dr. Pettit stands by her premise: “ Decades of penal expansion coupled with the concentration of incarceration among men, blacks and those with low levels of education have generated a statistical portrait that overstates the educational and economic progress and political engagement of African-Americans .” Read More »

Romney Caught on Tape with His Wife Being Nasty Toward President Obama

Ever since I revealed Mitt Romney’s  47 percent rant , tips and tapes have come through the transom—including  this  and  this . And another source who asked not to be identified just sent me an audio recording of a private Mitt Romney fundraiser from earlier this year. At this event, Romney didn’t decry half of the nation, but he and Ann Romney each expressed disdain for President Barack Obama, with the Republican presidential candidate asserting that Obama considers businesspeople “a necessary evil” and his wife suggesting that the president was not a “grown-up.” On March 27, as Romney was still fighting for the Republican presidential nomination, he and Ann  attended  a fundraiser in Irvine, California, at the home of  Michelle and David Horowitz , a former cement business owner who runs a private equity fund. The $1,000-per-plate outdoors luncheon (or $2,500 for those wanting to participate in a photo reception with Romney) drew much of Orange County’s Republican elite. Romney mainly delivered his standard stump speech to the 100-person-plus crowd, and he took only three questions. During the more intimate $50,000-per-plate  47 percent fundraiser  in May, Romney didn’t give much of a speech, and he spent most of his time with these superdonors responding to their queries. (The bigger contribution apparently earns donors more quality time with the candidate.) But at the Horowitzes’ home in the exclusive Shady Canyon neighborhood, Romney did make several revealing comments. READ MORE Read More »

Sounds Fishy: Requests for Security Backup During Benghazi Attacks Were Ignored

The Obama Administration being  asked some tough questions after the US Ambassador to Libya was killed during a recent attack.  Sources are now saying that during the attack, there were repeated calls for additional security, but those calls were ignored.  It’s difficult for anyone on the outside looking in to understand why the CIA would not back up an embassy that was under attack, so you can expect some Congressional hearings over this one.  Fox News has learned from sources who were on the ground in Benghazi that an urgent request from the CIA annex for military back-up during the attack on the U.S. consulate and subsequent attack several hours later on the annex itself was denied by the CIA chain of command — who also told the CIA operators twice to “stand down” rather than help the ambassador’s team when shots were heard at approximately 9:40 p.m. in Benghazi on Sept. 11. Former Navy SEAL Tyrone Woods was part of a small team who was at the CIA annex about a mile from the U.S. consulate where Ambassador Chris Stevens and his team came under attack. When he and others heard the shots fired, they informed their higher-ups at the annex to tell them what they were hearing and requested permission to go to the consulate and help out. They were told to “stand down,” according to sources familiar with the exchange. Soon after, they were again told to “stand down.” Read more:  http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2012/10/26/cia-operators-were-denied-request-for-help-during-benghazi-attack-sources-say/#ixzz2ASogLDSn Read More »

BET’s Black Girls Rock: Empowering or Hypocritical?

Last year, after Black Girls Rock, there was a negative backlash. Some people complained about women wearing weaves and fake nails during the premier. There seemed to be a contradiction with Black Girls Rock. On one hand, it was supposed to encourage the arts for young women of color and encourage dialogue  about how women of color are portrayed in the media and then on the other hand the hosts, Tracee Ellis Ross and Regina King, seemed to contradict the theme with their fake hair, nails and eyelashes and so on. This year, BET’s “Black Girls Rock”  will premier on television on November 4th so we asked our readers, on our Facebook Page , the following question: “If hosts, Tracee Ellis Ross and Regina King aren’t “au naturale”, will that contradict the organization’s purpose?” The answers are below: (Please feel free to also add your thoughts and views.) “Umm no, we are not our hair. A Black woman is beautiful and strong because she owns who she is and remembers her roots.”   “When are we moving from this area subject and do something! If you do not like it then produce the positive!”   :Natural doesn’t just mean chemical free ..it also means no lipstick, eyelashes,blush, nail polish.etc..if you wasn’t born with rosy cheeks and long lashes its not natural either…worrying about how a black woman looks is the least of a woman’s problems .”   What are gonna do? Have someone checking for Roots? I think if we focus on content the rest will follow. Read More »

Arrest Warrant Issued for Tyra Bank’s Next Top Model Co-Judge Rob Evans

There is a warrant out for the arrest of America’s Next Top Model judge, Rob Evans. According to the Beverly Hills Police Department, the British male model is reported to have assaulted someone badly enough to send them to the hospital. The former model has also been rumored to be romantically linked to the show’s host and co-judge, Tyra Banks. Banks has dismissed the rumors, saying that she is not a “cougar”. Evans, who joined the panel of judges on the reality show this year, is being asked to answer to charges of battery with serious injury and assault with force likely to produce great bodily injury. ABC News reported that the warrant for Evan was issued after he was involved in an altercation that happened at Next Modeling agency offices in Beverly Hills. The incident is reported to have happened on March 14. The reality star is reported to have been cooperative in the police case resulting from the altercation but he has since disappeared. Because the the Beverly Hills Police Department of California have not been able to reach him, they have issued a warrant for his arrest. The warrant’s bail has been set at $150,000 and New York authorities have been notified of the arrest warrant because he is believed to be in New York city, specifically Manhattan . Read More »

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