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He Was A Professional Boxer & Born In Germany? 8 Interesting Facts about Martin Lawrence


Martin Fitzgerald Lawrence is one of the world’s most influential comedians. Starting his career as a standup comedian, he went on to influence comics around the world. He went from the stage to television and eventually earned twenty million dollars per film. Here are 8 facts about Martin Lawrence. 1.) Was born in Frankfurt-am-Main, Germany. Though he grew up in the ... Read More »

So, here’s what happened when Bill Cosby Tried to buy NBC


The media speaks about the past of Bill Cosby as if he spent most of his younger years sleeping with young women.  But this wasn’t all that he did.  In fact, he did a great deal more, making the kinds of major moves rarely seen among any person of color at the time. One of the things that Cosby attempted ... Read More »

“Why Not Taze Him?” Asks Father of Boy Gunned Down By Cops


When providing a rationale for fatally shooting black men, police routinely ‘mistake’ wallets and other non-metal items for guns. Now police are also mistaking toy guns for real guns and young boys for men. Twelve year old Tamir Rice was gunned down on Saturday afternoon by police while carrying a toy BB gun in his waistband. The boy’s father cannot ... Read More »

TMZ under fire for calling Marion Barry “The Crack Mayor”


Reported by Kacie Whaley The celebrity gossip reporters over at TMZ are known for tasteless, inconsiderate, and downright offensive remarks, and the staff followed its usual routine today when covering the death of former Washington D.C. mayor Marion Barry.  But this time, thousands of TMZ critics are fed-up and created a petition demanding the website to change the disrespectful article ... Read More »

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