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Cornel West released from jail, charged with assaulting a police officer


April V. Taylor It has been confirmed that Dr. Cornel West has been released from jail after being charged with 3rd degree assault of a police officer during a nonviolent civil disobedience that he participated in with clergy members and protesters at the Ferguson Police Department as part of #FergusonOctober and #MoralMonday. The action was done to draw attention to ... Read More »

T-Pain Admits Struggles With Depression, Alcoholism & Crying Spells


This week Vibe Magazine released an article about the high’s and low’s T-Pain has faced in his career. It seems that although T-Pain went through some very difficult times, he’s been able to turn his life around for the better in recent years. The 29-year old musician reports that he struggled with depression, anger, and alcoholism when he was receiving ... Read More »

BOSS Sports | Bone Crusher Says Today’s Rap Is Creating “A Race of Retardation”


BY:  John “Hennry” Harris Today’s rap or Hip-Hop has been coming under heavy scrutiny and veteran Atlanta rapper Bone Crusher sat down with VladTV to speak on the current state of Hip-Hop. Bone Crusher, whose biggest hit song was “Never Scared” says that rappers are “scared” to do whats right by the people.  Bone Crusher also feels like the music ... Read More »

Cornel West is arrested in Ferguson

Screen Shot 2014-10-13 at 2.10.06 PM

by Ashley Naples Dr Cornel West is not like most black scholars, who write books and give speeches.  He is also an activist and willing to go to jail or even die for black people if necessary.  Dr West was recently arrested in Ferguson, Missouri as part of the month of resistance against police terror and mass incarceration.  The activist ... Read More »

AIDS-infected, stealing pastor is refusing to step down from the church


A pastor in Alabama shocked his congregation and put the community in fear with a recent announcement.  Juan Demetrius McFarland gave a confession to his congregation in recent weeks.  During the confessional, the self-professed man of God told his church members that he had AIDS.  That’s forgivable, since a lot of people have the disease and it’s not always due ... Read More »

Disturbed Teen Jokes About Losing Virginity to Mother’s Corpse


staff Reported by Nigel Boys Not only does Kevin Davis (pictured) have no remorse for killing his mother before rαping her, he apparently thinks it amusing that he carried out with this dastardly act because he joked about what he had done to detectives when they interviewed him. According to a videotape, recorded by detectives during a confession, Davis said that he ... Read More »

Georgia Cop Placed on Leave After Taking Hostages at Gunpoint


When Brunswick Georgia Mayor Cornell Harvey was asked about a hostage incident involving one of his officers, all he could say was “Something just went wrong. Good people do bad things.” Part of the city of Brunswick was locked down when Officer Darry Williams, 43, allegedly threαtened people at Brunswick City Hall and took three hostages in an apartment complex ... Read More »

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