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George Jefferson was young enough to be Weezy’s son: 10 crazy facts about “The Jeffersons”


by Marie Seva “The Jeffersons” was a 70’s sitcom with its cast primarily composed of African Americans.  Here are more interesting facts about one of the longest running American television series in history: 1.) “The Jeffersons” aired from January 18th, 1975 until July 2nd,1985, running for a total of 11 seasons.   It was among the first shows to put the ... Read More »

Financial Juneteenth | Rapper David Banner Offers Surprisingly Good Financial Advice


Reported by Dr. Sinclair Grey III Let’s face it: Many people within the African-American community have a problem acquiring wealth and sustaining it. Those who are financially illiterate will quickly find themselves struggling not only with what they earn, but what to do with it once they receive it. Even with all of the disparities between whites and blacks with ... Read More »

Motown Legend Jimmy Ruffin Has Died At 78


The Associate Press is reporting that Motown legend Jimmy Ruffin has died at the age of 78 at a Las Vegas hospital. Details regarding his cause of death have not been released yet.  Ruffin’s children released a statement saying, “Jimmy Ruffin was a rare type of man who left his mark on the music industry.  My family in its entirety ... Read More »

Don Lemon asks Cosby accuser how she used her mouth


Don Lemon, being a conservative, might be considered a fan of Bill Cosby.  He has been one of the other black public figures who has embraced respectability politics into the conversation on race.  Observers wondered what sort of questions Lemon might ask Cosby accuser Joan Tarshis about what happened on the night that she says that Cosby drugged and assaulted her. ... Read More »

BOSS Sports | NFL Athlete Attempts to Purchase Groceries With Bubble Gum, Spends a Night In Jail


Reported by Dr. Sinclair Grey III The NFL has been under the radar this year with reports of domestic violence and alleged child abuse. Notwithstanding the attention from the media, corporate sponsors are voicing their displeasure of certain actions by withdrawing endorsements. All in all, the NFL and its players are definitely under a microscope. It doesn’t matter who the ... Read More »

Financial Juneteenth | Meet the Man Behind Black America’s Favorite TV Shows And Film


Reported by Kacie Whaley Rob Edwards is the brain behind some of the most memorable moments in black television history. The Detroit-bred writer went from delivering sodas for top players in showbiz to hustling his way into writing for timeless television shows such as A Different World, In Living Color, and The Fresh Prince of Bel Air. From collaborating with ... Read More »

School Administrator’s Tweet About the “Nightmare” of White Girls Dating Black Boys Sparks Protests


A school administrator’s retweet of a racially inflammatory picture spurred protests in Norfolk, Va. Booker T. Washington high school students are protesting a retweet sent by Assistant Principal Amy Strickland.  The picture shows seven white girls with seven black boys, appearing to be on their way to a prom. The picture is captioned with the words, “every white girl’s father’s ... Read More »

What Are Morgan Freeman’s Top 10 Performances?


Morgan Freeman is an actor, director and narrator who was born in Memphis, Tennessee in 1937.  He was the youngest of five children and grew up in Chicago and Greenwood, Mississippi.  He grew up looking up to such actors as Gary Cooper, Spencer Tracy and Sidney Poitier. Freeman’s interest in acting was the result of being forced to participate in ... Read More »

Financial Juneteenth | Army Vet Uses Life Savings to Open a Store In Poverty-Plagued New Orleans Community


Reported by Kacie Whaley An Army veteran has opened a market in the Lower 9th Ward in New Orleans in an attempt to jump-start repairing the community that was destroyed during Hurricane Katrina. Burnell Cotlon said he has spent his life savings trying to recover a building that had been damaged since the devastating hurricane hit in 2005.  He renovated ... Read More »

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