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Black Men

Boy kills himself inside school bathroom after being bullied


This very sad story by Dr Sinclair Grey is about a child who felt that he had no one to help him.  There are millions of young black children across the country who feel that they’ve got no support.  One of the things that we advocate for is to remember that we’re all in the same village, and if you ... Read More »

BOSS Sports | Team USA Wins Gold In FIBA World Cup, Wins Every Game By At Least 22 Points


BY:  John “Hennry” Harris While Ray Rice and domestic violence has dominated the headlines, Team USA has quietly taken the gold medal at the FIBA World Cup after defeating Serbia 129-92. Paul George’s horrific leg injury and lack of participation of the NBA’s brightest stars cast a shadow over the start of the tournament, and after Kevin Durant left the ... Read More »

Dr Boyce Watkins: Let’s stop pretending black parents are inferior


by Dr Boyce Watkins The recent revelation that Minnesota Vikings star Adrian Peterson spanked his son has set off yet another conversation about black cultural inferiority. Peterson’s treatment of his child, which appears to have gone overboard, has led some to believe that black parents are inferior to white ones, mainly because many African Americans still spank their kids. We ... Read More »

Kanye West accused of humiliating a fan in a wheelchair


People have called Kanye West arrogant in the past, and this might take the cake.  When Ye demanded that everyone in the crowd stand up to hear one of his songs, he publicly humiliated two of his concert goers by literally stopping the music until they stood up. The concert was in Australia, and was also one of the strangest ... Read More »

Guard Tasers Inmate to Deαth to keep him from killing himself


An Alabama inmate died after being Tasered by officers who were trying to prevent a suicide attempt. According to the Sheriff’s Officer in Jefferson County, the inmate was Tasered after he become combative with guards. Ricky Deangelo Hinkle, 47, was Tasered and then taken to the hospital after he became unresponsive. He was pronounced deαd after paramedics were unable to ... Read More »

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