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Black Men

Dr Boyce Watkins: Are men threatened by a strong black woman?

by Dr Boyce Watkins Personally, I’ve always had a problem with those who say that their relationships continuously fall apart because men are threatened by a “strong black woman.”  The problem with such a remark is not that it can’t be true, but rather, that it can sometimes be a mask for unaddressed dysfunctionality in the person making the comment. ... Read More »

April Taylor: Has wealth made Morgan Freeman out of touch with racial inequality?

by April Taylor Morgan Freeman’s comments on income inequality and race indicate that his personal success has made him highly disillusioned with the economic reality faced by many minorities in America. During a recent interview,  CNN host Don Lemon asked Freeman if he felt that “race plays a part in wealth distribution,” Freeman responded: “No. No, I don’t. You and ... Read More »

50 Cent says his son’s mother taught her son to hate him

Rapper 50 Cent burst onto the scene with hot songs like “Wanksta”, which featured his then 6 year old son Marquise. Now, however, the rapper turned businessman, whose real name is Curtis Jackson, admits that he no longer has a relationship with his son. It was widely publicized that 50 Cent wasn’t at his son’s graduation, something the rapper blames ... Read More »

50 Cent Gets Laughed Off Mets Pitcher’s Mound After Weak Throw

Rapper 50 Cent spends much of his time online mocking everyone from Floyd Mayeather to Jay-Z, but it looks like some folks who have been the bυtt of Fiddy’s jokes are about to get some payback. The rapper threw what has been called the worst pitch ever on Tuesday night prior to a Mets game. It wasn’t just a weak ... Read More »