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Fired UPS Worker Accused of Trading $160k Diamond for $20 Bag of Weed | Black Like MoiBlack Like Moi

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A fired UPS worker apparently didn’t see the value in the $160,000 diamond he stole since investigators in Arizona say he sold it for a $20 bag of weed. Twenty year old Walter Earl Morrison is accused of smuggling the jewel out of Sky Harbor Airport in Phoenix, where Morrison was working for UPS, abc15 reports. Investigators believe Morrison thought ... Read More »

BOSS Sports | Former USC Football Player Files Lawsuit For Forcing Him To Play When Ill


BY:  John “Hennry” Harris In football, pain is a familiar companion in the game just like the referee or even one’s uniform.  I remember being told as a collegiate football player, “You have to know the difference between, being hurt or being injured.”  A USC player knew the difference and told his coaches, but they did not listen. Former University of ... Read More »

Oklahoma Man Decαpitated Worker After Dispute


An Oklahoma man beheαded a co-worker after a dispute, CNN reports. Worker Alton Nolen, 30, allegedly decαpitated one worker and stαbbed another after a workplace dispute at a Vaughan Foods processing plant not far from Oklahoma City. Nolen, a recent convert to Islam, had reportedly been fired from the facility. “Yes, she was beheαded,” Police Sergeant Jeremy Lewis told The ... Read More »

BOSS Sports | Actor Terry Crews On Anger And The NFL: “I could have easily been a Ray Rice”


BY:  John “Hennry” Harris Actor/Host Terry Crews gained fame through his hilarious characters in movies and sitcoms, but he also is a retired player from the NFL. Crews, during an interview with HuffPost Live, offered an honest perspective of why it seems so easy for professional athletes to turn violent in their personal lives. Crews opened up and revealed that ... Read More »

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