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Amnesty International Declares Michael Brown’s Death A Human Rights Abuse

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April V. Taylor For the first time in the history of the United States, Amnesty International has documented human rights abuses on American soil.  The report entitled, “On The Streets of America: Human Rights Abuses In Ferguson,” declares Michael Brown’s death a human rights abuse and also highlights abuses that include police reactions to protesters and racist policing tactics across ... Read More »

Man accused of unspeakable acts with a 23-month old baby


A man with a criminal past involving sεxual assαult is now accused of an unspeakable crime against a child. David Richard Wilson, 33, is already a sεx offender but now he’s charged with two counts of  sεxual assαult of a child. Wilson is accused of sεxually abυsing his 23 month old niece last November. The child’s parents sent the child ... Read More »

Rinkins Report: IRAs Help Keep Poverty Away


This week marks the  eighth annual National Save for Retirement Week (NS4RW), (October 19th – 25th). The week provides a great opportunity to reflect on your personal retirement goals and determine whether you’re on target to reach them. According to an Ariel Investments retirement study, African-Americans are less likely to take advantage of employment-based retirement options and more likely to retire in poverty. Another ... Read More »

Sister and Brother Gunned Down Within 2 Hours of Each Other


A St. Louis family is grieving after two relatives were gunned down on Saturday night. According to local affiliate KTVI, Margaree Dixson, 35 and her brother Jermaine Jones, 29, were both mυrdered within blocks of one another. Dixson, whose body was found near an intersection, died within hours of Jones. Both were shοt to deαth. Police confirmed that Dixson was ... Read More »

Michael Brown autopsy results give bad news for protesters


by Ashley Naples The Michael Brown situation is getting more and more complicated with each passing day.   The official autospy of the shooting has been released, and it doesn’t look good for the protestors. Of course, that won’t matter to those who don’t trust the system, and it may be system mistrust that is at the heart of the ... Read More »

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