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Man Befriends Teen Who Robbed Him at Gun Point, Mentors Him

Brady Middleton (right) with Marcellous Bennett (left)

By Staff Blogger Do you think you could form a friendship with someone who assaulted you? Brady Middleton didn’t, but today he calls his former robber a friend and his mentee. In 2009, 19-year-old Brady Middleton was a pizza delivery man who was called to deliver an order to a Michigan apartment. The apartment belonged to three brothers, two of ... Read More »

Ferguson Market Never Called 911 on Michael Brown, a customer did


It was previously reported that Michael Brown, the unarmed teen gunned down by Officer Darren Wilson, had stolen cigars from the Ferguson Market store prior to being fatally shot. The market’s attorney, however, is now reporting that a customer called 911, not the store. According to local affiliate Fox2Now, the store’s owners say they never called 911 on Michael Brown: ... Read More »

CNN Anchor Wonders Why Water Cannons Aren’t Being Deployed in Ferguson

ferguson water cannons

Two reporters, one from the Huffington Post and one from the Washington Post, made national news after they were the first reporters to be arrested in Ferguson. Reporters, however, don’t usually become the news unless they do something out of the ordinary, which is exactly what one CNN anchor did during a segment regarding the ongoing unrest in Ferguson. In ... Read More »