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Serena Williams Hails as the Queen of Tennis In Third WTA Win


staff Reported by Nigel Boys Although she’s now 33-years-old, which is considered by some to be advanced in her game, Serena Williams is again the No.1 ranked player of the Women’s Tennis Association (WTA). Some believed that Williams was finally starting to fade, especially since she didn’t have a good start against Simona Halep last Wednesday, but she came back ... Read More »

Don Lemon Thinks Charles Barkley May Have a Point About “Brainwashed” Blacks

Don Lemon shocked

Charles Barkley has been widely criticized for asserting that unintelligent black people hold other blacks back. In a commentary, CNN’s Don Lemon said that Barkley is being criticized for saying in public what other blacks say only in private. “One of the reasons we’re never going to be successful as a whole,” Barkley observed, “because of other black people. And ... Read More »

CNN Says Ferguson Police Chief To Resign, He Says Not True


CNN published a report stating that Ferguson Police Chief Thomas Jackson is set to resign in the future as part of the city’s effort to reform the police department.  CNN says the information came from government officials who are, “familiar with the ongoing discussions between local, state and federal officials.”  It is also being reported that the announcement of Jackson’s ... Read More »

Truck Driver Cries Over 44,000 Pounds of Stolen Miller High Life


A Florida truck driver began to cry while explaining to a reporter how his truck load of MillerHigh Life was stolen. Thieves stole his half full truckload of beer on last Monday at an Orange County truck stop. Van Thomas says he’s worked extraordinarily hard to build a successful life as a truck driver. He bought a semi-truck a few ... Read More »

Inhumane: Jailed inmates die of constipation, gangrene


April V. Taylor Family members of three inmates at the Madison County jail in Alabama have filed a lawsuit against the county and Advanced Correctional Healthcare (ACH), the private company contracted to provide medical care to inmates.  The lawsuit alleges that the inmates suffered brutal mistreatment as staff denied them of necessary medical care for treatable, non-fatal conditions in order ... Read More »

Watch Philly Cop Follow Teens So He Can Threαten and Yell at Them


After Michael Brown was gunned down in Ferguson by Officer Darren Wilson, many observers pointed out that the police force was majority white, implying that hiring more black officers might result in a force less hostile to the black community. An incident in Philadelphia, where a black cop follows teens then hurls expletives at them, calls into question that theory. ... Read More »

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