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Stanford professor explains EXACTLY why people get depressed


Professor Robert Sopolsky at Stanford University is a respected biologist and psychologist.  He gives lectures for free on the Internet, and his classes have been viewed by millions of people.  The knowledge that Dr. Sopolsky shares is valuable and highly relevant to the African American community, even though he is applying it to anyone willing to listen. In the lecture ... Read More »

Ebola Is Patented by the CDC, Here’s Why | Techyville


Conspiracy theorists have had a field day coming up with elaborate explanations to discredit the deadly Ebola virus that has plagued some West African nations and infected two nurses in the US who cared for a man who contracted the virus while being in close contact to another person in Liberia who suffered from the disease. Some theorists believe that ... Read More »

White People Riot Over Pumpkins, Illustrate White Privilege And Media Bias


For anyone truly paying attention, it is no secret how white supremacy and privilege structures how mainstream media reports and frames events in the United States.  The weekend yielded a perfect and unsettling example of just how pervasive this bias and privilege is when white college students from Keene State College rioted and destroyed property during the school’s annual Pumpkinfest.  ... Read More »

“K¡ll the N*ggers” and “K¡ll the Mexicans” Written on University’s Dorm Doors


Black students at the University of Massachusetts Amherst say they are “disgusted and appalled” at racist vandalism. Messages found in the university’s dorm that advocate killing blacks and Mexicans have school officials scrambling to determine who left the vile messages. “Such expressions of hate and intolerance have no place on our campus,” Chancellor Kumble Subbaswamy wrote in an email to ... Read More »

Man Beαts 3 Year Old Stepdaughter to Deαth Over Soiled Pants


A New York man is under arrest after allegedly kιlling his wife’s daughter over soiled pants. The girl’s 5 year old brother was also victimized in the attαck, but survived. According to the Associated Press, Kelsey Smith, 20, was babysitting while the children’s mother, Kimberly Torres, was at work over the weekend. Police were called to the scene after neighbors ... Read More »

Are Schools Reacting Well to Ebola?


By: Krystle Crossman With the news that the nurse who contracted Ebola in the US had been on a domestic flight, schools are taking action to try and limit or prevent an outbreak among students. After the news of the airline flight two schools shut down. Other schools began doing health screenings on the students. In Fairfax County Schools in ... Read More »

How Social Media Leads To Infidelity | Renair Amin


By Renair Amin Recently, I have felt compelled to slowly begin a break-up process. Not saying that I will totally give up contact but honestly, I am spending too much time focused somewhere else.  I am completely distracted throughout my day as I feel that if I do not continuously check in then I will miss something. Everyone that is connected to ... Read More »

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