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Don Lemon asks Cosby accuser how she used her mouth


Don Lemon, being a conservative, might be considered a fan of Bill Cosby.  He has been one of the other black public figures who has embraced respectability politics into the conversation on race.  Observers wondered what sort of questions Lemon might ask Cosby accuser Joan Tarshis about what happened on the night that she says that Cosby drugged and assaulted her. ... Read More »

What US Schools Are Not Doing To Prevent School Shootings?


By Colonel Byron A. Freeman, USA, Retired Hopefully you are one of the millions of Americans who are tired of hearing about school shootings.  We can all see that the current approach to dealing with this epidemic is not working and it is not going to get any better if we continue with the “business as usual” mentality when we ... Read More »

Disrupting the School to Prison Pipeline | Dr. Artika Tyner


By Dr. Artika Tyner For far too many students of color, entering the gateway to incarceration begins with a referral from the classroom to the courtroom. This phenomenon is referred to as the school-to-prison pipeline. The NAACP Legal Defense Fund described this pipeline as “funneling of students out of school and into the streets and the juvenile correction system perpetuates a ... Read More »

School Administrator’s Tweet About the “Nightmare” of White Girls Dating Black Boys Sparks Protests


A school administrator’s retweet of a racially inflammatory picture spurred protests in Norfolk, Va. Booker T. Washington high school students are protesting a retweet sent by Assistant Principal Amy Strickland.  The picture shows seven white girls with seven black boys, appearing to be on their way to a prom. The picture is captioned with the words, “every white girl’s father’s ... Read More »

Financial Juneteenth | Army Vet Uses Life Savings to Open a Store In Poverty-Plagued New Orleans Community


Reported by Kacie Whaley An Army veteran has opened a market in the Lower 9th Ward in New Orleans in an attempt to jump-start repairing the community that was destroyed during Hurricane Katrina. Burnell Cotlon said he has spent his life savings trying to recover a building that had been damaged since the devastating hurricane hit in 2005.  He renovated ... Read More »

Mentally Ill Woman Dies After Being Slammed to the Ground by Police


A 37 year old African-American woman recently died after being slammed to the ground by Cleveland police. Tanesha Anderson, who suffered from bipolar disorder and schizophrenia, passed away at the Cleveland Clinic after being physically assaulted by Ohio cops. Anderson died approximately two hours after police used a “takedown” move on her during a confrontation. “They killed my sister,” her ... Read More »

MO Governor Declares State Of Emergency, Activates Guard in Ferguson


Despite the fact that there has not been any violence, Missouri governor Jay Nixon issued an executive order declaring a State of Emergency and activating the Missouri National Guard.  The order also places the St. Louis County Police Department in control of a unified command that includes the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department and the Missouri State Highway Patrol.  The ... Read More »

Anonymous Responds To KKK Taunts By Hijacking Their Account


April V.  Taylor The KKK recently wrote an open letter to Ferguson residents who plan to demonstrate if a grand jury does not indict Officer Darren Wilson for killing unarmed teenager Michael Brown.  The KKK refers to the peaceful protesters as terrorists and promises to use lethal force against them in the letter.  The hacker group Anonymous decided to respond ... Read More »

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