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New Orleans Police Locate Parent of Child Abandoned in Stroller


The New Orleans Police Department has found the parent of a child left alone in a stroller on Martin Luther King Blvd. on Saturday, Nola.com reports. Police arrived at the scene at around 5pm and were told by witnesses that the child had been left alone since around 4pm. Although officers searched the area, they were unable to locate the ... Read More »

Did Reagan, Bush, and Obama Turn America Into A Militarized Police State?


April V. Taylor The militarized response of police to protesters in Ferguson, Missouri following the shooting death of unarmed teenager Michael Brown at the hands of a police officer was the first time some Americans became aware of just how militarized local police departments have become.  While Americans have long been aware of how police terrorize Black neighborhoods, a lot ... Read More »

Yvette Carnell: Charles Barkley Isn’t Revealing the Black Community’s Problem. He IS the Problem


by Yvette Carnell “The oppressed will always believe the worst about themselves,” said acclaimed writer and thinker Frantz Fanon. If you require a modern example of that truth, look no further than Charles Barkley. During a discussion on whether Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson is “black enough”, Charles Barkley ranted on what he views as a “dirty secret” within the black ... Read More »

Bill Maher says that Michael Brown was “acting like a thug”

Real Time With Bill Maher

by Ashley Naples Bill Maher is known for being a respected liberal comedian. Typically, he sides with the African American community on a variety of social justice issues.  But there are a few times when he strikes out on his own, and this is when he receives the backlash. During a segment on his HBO show, “Real Time with Bill ... Read More »

Morehouse football players dissed for not supporting gay scenes in “Dear White People”


by David Miller Since President Barack Obama was elected, America has been in the midst of a battle over homosexuality.  The push to get Americans to accept gay relationships, gay marriage and gay love scenes clashes against the backdrop of traditional Christian values, and those who are not comfortable with homosexuality. Some feel that the liberal establishment has shoved gay ... Read More »

One-Year-Old Struck by Bullet In Atlanta Crossfire


Reported by Kacie Whaley A toddler has been shot during an Atlanta neighborhood crossfire Saturday night while returning home from a birthday party. Police reported that two groups of men were shooting at one another at a southeast Atlanta apartment, Forest Cove, at around 10PM, WSB News reported.  A woman walking outside with her 1-year-old grandson, Rodriguez, noticed that the boy had been ... Read More »

This man warns New Yorkers not to eat Ebola-infected feces

Screen Shot 2014-10-26 at 8.09.39 PM

Maybe some kinds of advice should fit under the “we already knew that” category.  New York journalist Errol Lewis, who apparently became a medical advisor for a day for a television network, decided to give some advice to those seeking to avoid catching Ebola.  The advice is a little strange and perhaps a bit too simplistic.  According to Lewis, anyone ... Read More »

How the UNC academic fraud harmed black athletes

Tom Ross, Carol Folt

The University of North Carolina Chapel Hill has long been considered one of the leading academic institutions in the country.  This image was permanently harmed when it was revealed that the campus and its faculty colluded to keep many of the student athletes uneducated.   Most of the students harmed were African American, since the African American studies Department was the ... Read More »

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