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Oops: Suspected Jewel Thief Accidentally Shoοts and Kιlls Himself


For years, the Darwin Awards have recognized individuals who have self-selected themselvesout of the gene pool by their own foolish actions, thereby contributing to human evolution. It’s a cold-hearted notion that certainly lacks empathy, but it is meant to highlight people who end their own lives by being slow-witted or downright moronic. That being the standard, now is as good ... Read More »

CDC Claims Black And Latino Youth Suffer From Hood Disease


A local CBS-affiliated network in San Francisco reported that a study conducted by Harvard doctors and the Center for Disease Control and Prevention finds that nearly 30 percent of youth in inner-cities are affected by “hood disease.”  The term is used to describe a complex form of post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) that affects young people who live in socioeconomically ... Read More »

This 11-year old college freshman is studying Quantum Physics


In this day and age, 11-year olds don’t usually go to college.  But it’s those who break the rules that get the most recognition. Carson Huey-You is amazing and brilliant.  The young prodigy was accepted to Texas Christian University at the age of 10, where he chose to study the difficult field of Quantum Physics.  In case you’ve never heard ... Read More »

91-Year-Old Grandma Kidnapped by Fake Valet Attendant


Reported by Kacie Whaley A Richmond Heights, Missouri woman is under police custody after she pretended to be a valet attendant and stole a car with a 91-year-old grandmother inside. In September, the elderly woman, Essie Sims, was in the car with her granddaughter and the two stopped at a medical center.  A woman approached the vehicle and told the ... Read More »

22-Year-Old Daycare Employee Kicks Baby, Twice


Reported by Kacie Whaley A childcare worker in Riverdale, Georgia was arrested last Friday for kicking a 20-month old student.  The footage of the incident was released Monday via WSB-TV. The daycare co-owner of Kids R Kids, Bob Phelps, released the surveillance tape with the intention of allowing the public to judge the incident for themselves.  In the footage that takes ... Read More »

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