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Tiger Woods Seeks to Remarry Ex-Wife, Considers $350M Anti-Cheating Clause

. When Tiger Woods’ ex-wife Elin Nordegren found out about her Tiger’s excessive cheating in 2009, she ditched him and walked away with a $1110 million divorce settlement. According to the U.K. publication  The Sun , Tiger is seeking to remarry the Swedish blonde and offered a $200 million prenup to entice her. Reports claim Elin is considering the proposal, but only if her cheating ex-husband agrees to sign a $350 million anti-cheating clause. If Tiger agrees to the anti-cheating clause, it will be worth more than half of his $600 million fortune. Reports claim she believes the anti-cheating clause will keep Tiger from cheating on her again. One source reported that Tiger is willing to sign the papers that will include his ex-wife’s anti-cheating clause. “ Tiger didn’t even balk at the demand. Even though his accountants think he’s crazy, he’s ready to sign the pre-nup and set a wedding date. The guy has never recovered from being dumped by Elin. He’s dated a lot of models and bimbos but none of them were more than a one-night stand, ” the source said. Elin has reportedly dated several men following she and Tiger’s divorce. She is currently rebuilding a $12million estate in North Palm Beach in Florida to create her dream home. Reports claim Tiger proposed to Elin on Christmas and presented her with a ring. A source claims the couple is intimate again: “ Tiger stopped by Elin’s rental house one afternoon when their kids were out with a nanny and they had s*x for the first time since the split. It took them both by surprise but they’ve continued to find alone time when they’re both at their homes in Florida .” Elin, 33, is the mother of Tiger’s two children: Samantha, 5, and Charlie, 3.   Do you believe Tiger should agree to the $350 million anti-cheating clause?       Read More »

U.S Trade Rep. Ron Kirk Jumps Obama Administration Ship

U.S Trade Representative, Ron Kirk, is leaving the Obama administration in late February. Kirk worked for a successful trade agreement with Panama, Colombia and Korea. The former mayor of Dallas announced his plan, on Tuesday, in a brief statement. Kirk served as the administration’s top negotiator for trade during President Obama’s first term. Kirk’s reasons for leaving the Obama administration are still undisclosed, but his plan to leave was communicated through an email statement. The 58-year-old rep. said that trade is a major part of the administrative efforts to support American jobs at home. He also added that the administration made great strides to negotiate with trading countries based on the fair trade agreements. Kirk also led the administration’s efforts to bring cases like China’s unfair trade practices before WTO. China was accused of imposing heavy tariffs and import duties on U.S auto parts, automobiles and other steel products. The U.S Trade office, under Ron Kirk’s leadership, joined the European Union and Japan in accusing Chinese trade policies of using its earth minerals to manufacture flat-screen televisions, hybrid car batteries and many other hi-tech products. The White House praised Kirk’s efforts in advancing free trade agreements and revealing unfair trade practices. Although the White House has not yet announced his successor, Fred Hochberg may be good choice. Fred Hochberg is the president of the U.S Export-Import bank also worked for U.S trade policies during President Obama’s first term. Chief of Environmental Protection Agency, Lisa Jackson, a black woman, has also announced her departure and Obama will be left with only Susan Rice and Eric Holder as the remaining black aids in his office. Read More »

Al Green Turned Down Invitation To Sing For The Obamas

Al Green did not exactly say no to singing his timeless song “Let’s Stay Together” .  Scheduling conflicts were the cause. Green’s representatives told Associated  Press that Green had been asked to do it but due to scheduling conflicts, the crooner could not make Monday’s event. Jennifer Hudson accepted the invitation   and sang   “ Let’s Stay Together” , as The President and First Lady danced in the center of the floor.  Obama belted out “Let’s Stay Together” at an event last year that Al Green attended. Al Green made the song famous back in 1972.   Back then,  Rolling Stone noted  Green’s voice as “something to marvel at. He can croon, shout, scat, rise to the smoothest falsetto, and throw in the funkiest growls…Let’s Stay Together is, like its predecessor, an indispensable treat.”   Asa Lovechild is an accomplished actress and singer out of New York City. Follow @asalovechild           www.facebook.com/asaentertainmentgroup www.asalovechildworld.com         Read More »

Aretha Franklin Laughed Out Loud When She Heard About the Beyoncé Lip Synch Controversy

Aretha Franklin’s rendition of “My Country ‘Tis of Thee” at President Obama’s first inauguration is still one of the most talked about inaugural performances in modern American history. (And that hat, yes ma’am, we all still remember that hat.) Fast forward four years later, and it was Beyoné who was getting rave reviews for her rendition of  “The Star Spangled Banner” ... Read More »

Study: Spending Too Much Time on Facebook Can Leave You Depressed

According to two new studies, for some there is very little to “like” about Facebook. German researchers from Humboldt University in Berlin and Technical University in Darmstadt have found that one in three Facebook users become ‘generally dissatisfied’ with their lives after visiting the social networking site.  Most notable were feelings of jealousy brought on by happy images of friends or gleeful relationship statuses. Depression is a real possibility if too much time is spent on such sites. Because Facebook is so oriented towards providing a constantly updating stream of content, the fact that a friend’s posting has more “likes” than another’s can trigger strong feelings of envy. This is not to mention the frequent appearances in one’s news feed of exciting updates, such as the birth of a child or a new puppy. “Envy can proliferate in social networks and be intensified through passive tracking,” according to the researchers. Out of the test group of 600 individuals, those who reported having the most depression after browsing the site tended to not participate in it as much, for example just reading posts but not clicking on them or interacting in any way. People tend to report their happiness more often, and Facebook is no exception. Therefore readers of these posts are only seeing the happy exciting news, making them feel as if their lives pale in comparison. This gap is often false, but the feelings still very real. Other studies have cited that Facebook users can also feel better connected to others. What isn’t clear is what exactly determines the type of experience an individual will have from browsing the site. Are social networks only for happy people to share their happiness? Or an inclusive way of staying connected? That question remains, but for some Facebook continues to be a miserable experience.   Read More »

Teen Killed Entire Family, Planned Shooting at Local Walmart

Nehemiah Griego As previously reported , on Saturday night, 15-year-old Nehemiah opened fire on his entire family, including his 51-year-old father Greg Griego, who was also a pastor at Calvary Church; his 40-year-old mother Sara Griego; and his three younger siblings, ages 2, 5, and 9. Griego told police he hoped to shoot up a Walmart after the family rampage and cause “ mass destruction .” “ Nehemiah stated he wanted to shoot people at random and eventually be killed while exchanging gunfire with law enforcement ,” the police report said. In addition to killing his entire family and plotting to shoot WalMart shoppers, he also told police he’d intended to kill his 12-year-old girlfriend’s family as well. He sent the girl a picture via text message of his mother’s head after the shooting. Although his actions seem impulsive, Griego planned to carry out the murders for weeks prior to executing them early Sunday morning. Sheriff Dan Houston said the teen didn’t get to carry out his plans of mass destruction at the local WalMart because he decided to spend the entire day with his girlfriend instead. After the murders, Griego and his girlfriend drove to Calvary Church, where Griego said his family had died in a car crash. Someone on the church’s staff then called 911. “ The motive was purely that he was frustrated with his mother. He could not articulate to our investigators any farther ,” Houston said. “ In the time our investigators spent with him, it was a very casual (statement), he was just frustrated with how things were, and would not even articulate any further details of that frustration .”  Deputies said he was “unemotional” and “very stern” during the confession. He gushed to officers as he discussed playing violent video games. He told police he loved to play Modern Warfare and Grand Theft Auto. “ The suspect was involved heavily in games, violent games, it’s what he was into ,” Houston said. “ He was quite excited as he discussed this with our investigators. ” He also admitted that his father taught him how to shoot guns and that he’d had suicidal and homicidal thoughts in the time leading up to the incident. He is facing murder and child abuse charges and will be tried as an adult, according to police. Police are considering charging his 12-year-old girlfriend, whose name is unreleased. Houston said she had some knowledge about the deaths during the day on Sunday. Do you believe Griego should be tried as an adult? Read More »

Faith Evans Talks About Biggie’s Killer and Lil Kim

  It has been more than 15 years since the unsolved murder of Christopher “Notorious B.I.G.” Wallace a/k/a Biggie Smalls robbed Hip-Hop of one of its best voices and culminated in the end of the so-called East Coast vs. West Coast war, as another shining star, and friend turned rival, Tupac Shakur , was murdered six months before B.I.G.  R&B singer, former Bad Boy Records artist, and widow of “B.I.G.” was there for the entire whirlwind of events.  She recently spoke about the murder of her ex-husband as well as where her relationship stands with one-time rival Lil Kim with Wendy Williams . Evans still has faith that B.I.G.’s killer will see justice one day. While the case is inactive, Faith hasn’t given up hope that Biggie’s murder will be solved. “We haven’t laid it to rest. We still very much want to see the person responsible brought to justice. That means more to us than anything,” said Faith, who’s spent millions on lawyers throughout the years. “There’s no point in paying lawyers’ fees and the LAPD isn’t really cooperating.”  Wendy Williams also brought up the “love triangle” between her, Biggie, and Lil’ Kim, who she caught in bed with her husband. “Let’s just say I was there for the rest of the day cooking Christmas dinner, although I knew that was one of the last times I’d spend with him like that,” said Faith of that day. ( Rap-Up ) Evans holds no ill will towards Kimberly “Lil Kim” Jones but admits she doesn’t go out of her way to stay in contact either. While she hasn’t seen Kim in a while, she doesn’t hold a grudge. “I’m not trippin’. I’ve made peace, first of all with God a long time ago, especially once we lost [Big]. All of that certainly went out the window. Before he passed away, I removed myself from any ill feelings toward her for that.” When she ran into Kim at Diddy’s White Party some years back, she went to congratulate her on “Dancing With the Stars,” but Kim looked at her and responded, “Who is that?” ( Rap-Up ) Click on link to see Faith Evans interview on Wendy Williams     Read More »

Russell Simmons and Rev. Run React to Accusations of Stealing Millions

by: John “Hennry” Harris Def Jam co-founder and hip-hop mogul Russell Simmons and Rev. Run have been accused by former business partner, Rasheed Young , who worked as President of Run Athletics , of funneling millions of dollars in profit away from Run Athletics into a business he is not a part of, cheating Young out of earned monies.  The Pastry line is a subsidiary of Run Athletics and is “run” by and designed by Rev. Run’s daughters, Angela and Vanessa Simmons .  According to Rasheed Young, Pastry has raked in tens of millions of dollars in profits and he has not seen a penny of it and has hired lawyers to handle his gripe with the legendary brothers. Russell Simmons has stepped forward and denied the allegations and says he has nothing to hide and has done no one dirty. Russell Simmons is firing back at his ex-business partner’s legal threats … telling TMZ he did NOT siphon off millions of dollars from his sneaker company — and any accusations otherwise are the workings of a “disgruntled” employee.  Russell was out in L.A. Monday and tells TMZ … any accusations of hiding profits are 100% “not true”. He continues, “[ Rasheed ] worked for me … I fought to keep his job … and I’m sorry he’s disgruntled, but that’s what happens. Anyone can say anything if a celebrity’s name’s attached to it … there’s nothing I can do about it … it’s false.” Russell adds, “We never stole any money from anybody.” ( TMZ ) What’s interesting is the forming of Pastry was played out on the reality TV series “Run’s House”, where Run Athletics and Pastry were prominatley promoted, along with Rasheed Young’s obvious contributions to the companies.  Did they pay him ??  One thing for sure, those lawyers will sniff that money out. Read More »

US High School Graduation Rate Now Highest Since 1976

Faced with an increasingly competitive job market, high school students in the U.S. are graduating at the highest rate since 1976.  Data for the 2009-10 academic year shows a 78 percent graduation rate according to a study from the Department of Education.   A full 3.1 million students graduated in the spring of 2010, with 514,000 dropping out. Reasons cited for the increase in the graduation rate included the lack of jobs available for adults without a high school education. “If you drop out of high school, how many good jobs are there out there for you? None. That wasn’t true 10 or 15 years ago,” said Education Secretary Arne Duncan. Unemployment rates in the U.S. were at a near peak during the 2009-10 academic year, ranging between 9.4 and 10 percent.  A high school diploma is important now more than ever. The national dropout rate was three percent, down from the four percent it had been for the previous seven years.  Arizona led the nation in dropouts with eight percent, with Mississippi next at seven.  Illinois noted the largest decrease, from twelve to three percent of students dropping out. Students are more likely to drop out in their senior year, and males are more likely to do so overall.  Demographically, the highest dropout rate was for Native Americans and Alaskans at seven percent.  White and Asian/Pacific islander students had the lowest rate at two percent. “The trends are hopeful but our high school dropout rate is still unsustainably high and it’s untenable in many of our African-American and Latino communities. We have a long way to go here,” Duncan said. Most states increased their graduation rate by at least one percent.  Only the District of Columbia reported a decline.  The numbers show that students are taking note of their future job market and responding.   Read More »

How To Spot Depression Before It Swallows You Up

Everyone can feel down in the dumps from time to time, but perhaps the lulls that you’re experiencing are pointing out a greater truth. If you’re feeling down for days then you could legitimately be experiencing depression. Not feeling anything or feeling sad and exhausted for a prolonged period of time is a sign that your mood swings are something greater. Feeling that way for two weeks or more and struggling to keep up with your day-to-day suggests that you should seek treatment. Depression is curable. What you are and are not feeling becomes important when pinpointing depression. If things that you used to love and enjoy become unappealing to you, or if life itself becomes unappealing to you, then you need to acknowledge those red flags. Perhaps on top of those feelings you are also being haunted by guilt, or not believing in your own self worth. Feeling hopeless and suicidal are other red flags. Depression is not only psychological. When infomercials tell you that it hurts everywhere they truly mean it. People who suffer from depression lack energy and suffer from fatigue. They also tend to struggle with sleeping or suffer from insomnia. Those that do not suffer from insomnia start to need excessive amounts of sleep. When you are struggling with depression you can become physically achy. Depression can cause digestion issues and headaches. If you are already suffering from other ailments, your depression can magnify that pain. People who are suffering from depression also struggle with their appetite. Whether they lose it or gain more of it, depression affects you right down to your gut, literally. Read More »

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