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New Black Owned Beverly Hills Jazz Club Is a Hot Spot

Los Angeles is known for many things; not just for the glitz and glamour of Hollywood, but its music scene.  Dennis Robertson’s dream was to work his way up through the ranks of the music scene as an aspiring young drummer to become the eventual owner of a club himself. Robertson’s brainchild would evolve into one of LA’s premier jazz ... Read More »

Study Shows Gay Black Men Suffer Compound Oppression

Although society is slowly becoming more receptive to the LGBT community, it is still quite challenging for gay black men. Why? Because they face compounded oppression: racism, homophobia, and sexism, according to Michael LaSala, associate professor at Rutgers University School of Social Work. LaSala recently completed an exploratory study of African-American gay youth and their families from urban neighborhoods in ... Read More »

You Won’t Believe What Serena Williams’ Ankle Looked Like After Her Loss to Sloane Stephens

Serena Williams was upset  by Sloane Stephens at the Australian Open two days ago. While discussing her loss with reporters, Williams said both her back and ankle were causing her pain during the match. “I think the ankle started everything up the chain because I’m compensating and maybe it made my back hurt,” Williams said on Wednesday. Everyone knew that ... Read More »

Fight Breaks Out at East St. Louis Food Stamp Office

The accusation that someone cut in line at an East St. Louis food stamp office led to an all out brawl.  The fight, which was quickly posted on YouTube, shows at least four women punching and wrestling one another. CBS Chicago reports: At one point, the video shows two women grabbing each other while a third punches one of them ... Read More »

Cops Say He Did It: Meet the 15-Year Old Bank Robber

The name Tahiem could just as easily be the rich and prophetic name of a straight A student or chess champion from a strong afrocentric family.  But this is not the case in New York, since the name Tahiem Hart belongs to a 15-year old bank robber.   The little man with a baby face was busted in the Bronx ... Read More »

Dr. Boyce: It’s Time to Confront Mass Incarceration

by Dr. Boyce Watkins The United States has the highest prison population in the world.  A disproportionate number of prison inmates are African American, turning our children into a commodity being fed into a capitalist machine that is wired to destroy our community.  Black males are six times more likely to be incarcerated than white males, leading to a life ... Read More »

Top 10 Songs Dedicated to President Obama

President Barack Obama is definitely a president that has transcended cultural and racial barriers, since his election in 2008. He’s spread into various forms of pop culture and has flourished in the media’s spotlight. He has been a major and enduring impact on the hip-hop community. He has been mentioned in countless verses by many major artists in hip-hop and ... Read More »

Gun Rights Advocates Attempt to Rally Black Support by Asking ‘What Would Django Do?’

After the success of the movie Django Unchained, the gun rights advocates behind Gun Appreciation Day decided to shift their approach to winning over the black community.  The pro-gun group decided that the best way to win blacks over is to invoke Django. The group’s next campaign is called “What Would Django Do?”, even though Larry Ward, the man behind the effort, admits ... Read More »

Cissy Houston Openly Discusses Whitney’s Addiction, Bobby Brown, and More in New Memoir

Cissy Houston has written a new memoir, Remembering Whitney, in which she honestly discusses her daughter’s struggles with drugs, as well as her own regrets about what more she could have done as a mother. In the book Cissy Houston admits that she often asks herself: “Could I have saved her somehow?” Whitney Houston was found dead in a hotel room and it was ... Read More »

Limbaugh: ‘We’re in the Midst of Designed Class and Race Wars’

  After Mitt Romney’s dismal loss on election night, some observers predicted  that right wing pundits, who had largely banked on their ability to move conservative voters to the polls through fear mongering, would finally straighten up and fly right. The fear mongering didn’t work, so why keep it going? Because that’s how you make millions in talk radio, and ... Read More »

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