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Black Politics

NYT Writer Calls Fox News Host Bill O’Reilly a Race Hustler


Bill O’Reilly often accuses people like Rev. Al Sharpton of being race hustlers, but the Fox News host engages in a bit of race hustling of his own, and New York Times columnist Charles Blow wasn’t afraid to admit as much. First Blow noted how O’Reilly contradicts himself when discussing the issue of white privilege. To that point, he quoted ... Read More »

Rev. Al Sharpton Says It’s Time for Blacks to Stop Having “Ghetto Pity Parties”


by Yvette Carnell Everything I know about history teaches me that blacks broke their backs working for free in this country as slaves, then fought for decades to become first class citizens. Rev. Al Sharpton, however, recently demeaned that legacy by saying it’s time for us to stop having “ghetto pity parties.” In Sharpton’s eulogy for Michael Brown on Monday, ... Read More »

The Iranian government accuses the US of human rights violations against blacks


Reported by Liku Zelleke Iran’s national TV station, PressTV, has reported that the country’s Foreign Ministry condemned the United States for the “targeted discrimination” against African Americans. The station added that the protests that followed the shooting of Michael Brown, 18, in Ferguson, Missouri, by a police officer were met with a heavy crackdown. A spokeswoman for the Foreign Ministry, ... Read More »

NAACP wants Ferguson prosecutor gone; he says “no way”


by Afiya J. Watkins The shooting of Michael Brown has sparked anger all across the country with individual citizens and organized groups calling for justice. According to The Washington Post, The NAACP is the latest to join the chorus of voices demanding that a special prosecutor, rather than St. Louis County Prosecutor, Robert McCulloch, investigate the case. Cornell William Brooks, the ... Read More »

Writer Says Eric Holder Should Tell Ferguson Protesters to “Pull Up Their Pants”


As Attorney General Eric Holder heads to Missouri on Wednesday to deal with the unrest inFerguson, one Wall Street Journal editorial board member says Holder should be more concerned with the attire of protesters than the deαth of Michael Brown. The Wall Street Journal’s Jason Riley said Eric Holder’s arrival in the city was just part of Obama’s attempt to ... Read More »

Will Events In Ferguson Spark A New Civil Rights Movement?


There is so much controversy behind the tragic death of 18-year-old Michael Brown. The riots in Ferguson are still happening with no sign of them ceasing anytime soon, and people all over the world are starting petitions and taking stands for the justice that they so rightly deserve. Questions have arisen in regards to the happenings in Ferguson and if ... Read More »