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MO Governor Declares State Of Emergency, Activates Guard in Ferguson


Despite the fact that there has not been any violence, Missouri governor Jay Nixon issued an executive order declaring a State of Emergency and activating the Missouri National Guard.  The order also places the St. Louis County Police Department in control of a unified command that includes the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department and the Missouri State Highway Patrol.  The ... Read More »

Anonymous Responds To KKK Taunts By Hijacking Their Account


April V.  Taylor The KKK recently wrote an open letter to Ferguson residents who plan to demonstrate if a grand jury does not indict Officer Darren Wilson for killing unarmed teenager Michael Brown.  The KKK refers to the peaceful protesters as terrorists and promises to use lethal force against them in the letter.  The hacker group Anonymous decided to respond ... Read More »

CDC Claims Black And Latino Youth Suffer From Hood Disease


A local CBS-affiliated network in San Francisco reported that a study conducted by Harvard doctors and the Center for Disease Control and Prevention finds that nearly 30 percent of youth in inner-cities are affected by “hood disease.”  The term is used to describe a complex form of post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) that affects young people who live in socioeconomically ... Read More »

Black Washington Post writer wants to get rid of Kwanzaa


by Yvette Carnell I don’t celebrate Kwanzaa. Never have. My issues with the holiday’s founder preclude me from wholly embracing the spirit of the celebration. Still, the principles promoted by the Kwanzaa, especially those of unity, resonate with African-Americans, as well they should considering that black unity is an entrenched aspect of the African-American tradition. Washington Post columnist Jonathan Capehart, ... Read More »

Black Ohio Democrat Calls Out “Plantation Style” Politics Within the Party | breakingbrown.com


Ohio Democratic Rep. John Barnes, who is black, has filed a defamation lawsuit, accusing the state party chairman, Chris Redfern, of making false statements against him during the primary. Rep. Barnes of Cleveland alleges that Redfern knew that statements made about him in a mailing supporting his primary challenger were untrue, reports the News Leader. John Barnes Barnes also claims ... Read More »

Former Mississippi Gov. Apologizes After Calling Obama’s Policies “Tar Babies”

Haley Barbour

Former Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour has apologized for using a racially inflammatory term to refer to President Obama’s policies. Barbour, a politician turned lobbyist, made the comment while speaking to clients of his BGR group on Thursday. He was remarking on how unlikely it is that the U.S. will elect a Democratic president after two terms of Obama. “And then ... Read More »

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