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Yolanda Spivey: Stacey Dash is entirely “Clueless” on American politics


By Yolanda Spivey Stacey Dash is definitely living up to her “Clueless” character with the recent comments she’s made about Black people. The beautiful actress, who is also cousin to business mogul Damon Dash, stirred up more controversy by stating that Blacks were “uneducated” and “worthless” under President Barack Obama’s policies. On Tuesday, Dash appeared on Sean Hannity’s show Hannity ... Read More »

Ferguson Police Use Sneaky Tactic to Silence Journalists


As protests in Ferguson continue, it is believed that the police department is creating tactics in an effort to hinder journalists from reporting the seemingly hostile environment. Public scholar and social commentator Dr. Cornel West found himself handcuffed and charged with “assaulting officers” although many witnesses do not recall seeing Dr. West touch any of the officers when he traveled ... Read More »

Witness to Grand Jury: Michael Brown Never Raised His Hands High

Michael-Brown2 (1)

As onlookers wait for a grand jury decision on whether Officer Darren Wilson will be charged in the fatal shooting of unarmed teen Michael Brown, new information is beginning to emerge. According to the St. Louis Dispatch, one witness testified that Michael Brown never raised his hands high, which may not be good news for those seeking justice for Brown. ... Read More »

Are U.S. and British Leaders Supporting the “Most Important War Criminal In Office Today”?

Chelsea Clinton, Bill Clinton and Paul Kagame

Former President Bill Clinton described Paul Kagame, president of Rwanda, as  “one of the greatest leaders of our time.” According to those interviewed for a BBC documentary, however, Kagame didn’t save Tutsis from genocide, as he claims, but committed atrocities against Hutus while serving as a military leader. Currently in Rwanda, there is no freedom of speech. Anyone who questions ... Read More »

Cornel West released from jail, charged with assaulting a police officer


April V. Taylor It has been confirmed that Dr. Cornel West has been released from jail after being charged with 3rd degree assault of a police officer during a nonviolent civil disobedience that he participated in with clergy members and protesters at the Ferguson Police Department as part of #FergusonOctober and #MoralMonday. The action was done to draw attention to ... Read More »

The Reel Reason We Must Support Independent Films Like ‘Dear White People’


After what feels like years of anticipation, ‘Dear White People’ is finally hitting theaters. The hilariously witty, informative piece is centered around 4 Black students who attend an Ivy League University. They are constantly having deal with the cultural differences between black and white people. But things don’t go haywire until a group of  white students throw a traditional African ... Read More »

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