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GOP flyer promoting KKK shows a “Mexican Bean” wearing a sombrero


By Nigel Boys According to reports, Mary Fallin, the Republican Governor of Oklahoma, was due to be guest speaker at a local GOP fundraiser in Garvin County, South Central, Oklahoma, but since a flyer for the event seems to reveal a racist agenda, she has denied ever accepting the offer. The GOP “Been Feed” fundraising flyer in question advertised that ... Read More »

Open Letter to Lee Fang and Yvette Carnell | Politic365


Recently, Yvette Carnell wrote an article about Kristal High, the editor and co-founder of Politics365.   In the article, Carnell cited a news report from Vice explaining that High once admitted to taking money from a DC lobbying firm, DCI. Carnell then linked the “consulting arrangement” with DCI to High’s defense of ending Net Neutrality, which many argue will benefit ... Read More »

Mayor De Blasio “Pιssed” at Al Sharpton for Embarrassing Him


New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio is reportedly fuming after having been shamed by Rev. Al Sharpton during a news conference on police brutality. De Blasio reportedly feels betrayed by Sharpton, who criticized de Blasio while seated next to him at the event. De Blasio brought Sharpton into the fold of his inner circle only to be shamed by ... Read More »

Founder of Politic365 was getting paid by a lobbying firm


  The moral of this story is “don’t believe everything you read on the Internet.” There are a lot of people who make a lot of money manipulating African American opinion.  Also, black influencers come cheap, since many of them don’t have much integrity, and they are also hard up for money.  Armstrong Williams, a black conservative, was once caught ... Read More »

Report: Racism in Israel Out of Control, Liberals Planning to Flee


A report by Vice indicates that racism within Israel has reached astronomical proportions and that Israelis who aren’t in favor of living in a nation plagued by racism are planning to leave. Israel’s offensive in Gaza has taken so many civilian lives, almost 2,000 at last count, that even President Obama’s most trusted White House adviser called Israel’s actions indefensible. ... Read More »

Dr Wilmer Leon: Reparations is the 800 pound ball of cotton in the room


By Dr. Wilmer J. Leon, III When one gains any level of understanding of American history and the role that Africans in America and later African Americans played in the economic development of this country, it is easy to understand why so many African Americans feel that they are due reparations.  The facts are irrefutable.  As Ta-Nehisi Coates clearly lays ... Read More »

Maxine Waters Pushes for Diversity in Media Ownership


It’s starting to make sense why certain stereotypical images and characters regarding minorities are looking the same in media.  This also explains why shows like The Cosby Show or Fresh Prince of Bel Air and other shows portraying blacks in a positive light have been taken off the air and replaced with shows that portray negativity.  There has been a ... Read More »