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Cornel West is arrested in Ferguson

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by Ashley Naples Dr Cornel West is not like most black scholars, who write books and give speeches.  He is also an activist and willing to go to jail or even die for black people if necessary.  Dr West was recently arrested in Ferguson, Missouri as part of the month of resistance against police terror and mass incarceration.  The activist ... Read More »

Former CNN employee says he was fired and replaced by a white guy


CNN is gaining a reputation for racial discrimination after a $5 million dollar lawsuit was filed against the network by a former employee.  According to the suit, a field producer by the name of Stanley Wilson was mistreated by his supervisor, who wanted him out of the network.  The National Association of Black Journalists has long been concerned with the ... Read More »

Watch: Israelis Chant “N*ggers Go Home” and “Go Back to Africa” at Anti-Migrant Rally

Israel-protests (1)

According to a recent report, Israelis took to the streets to protest a High Court ruling to close the country’s Holot detention center. African immigrants were rounded up and taken to the desert cage as part of the move to purge the country of African immigrants, described as “cancer” on Israeli society by Likud MK Miri Regev. As BreakingBrown reported, ... Read More »

Cornel West blasts MSNBC’s black journalists for shoddy work

2011 Poverty Tour - Day 1

One of the most powerful voices in America today is Dr Cornel West.  West was ridiculed six years ago for being one of the few voices to publicly challenge the Obama Administration.  But now, he is being redeemed with economic indicators that show that blacks have struggled under the first black president worse than they did under Bush or Clinton. ... Read More »

Writer provides evidence that Obama Admin may be dismantling HBCUs


President Obama has taken criticism from the black community for his indifference toward HBCUs, but now that indifference has turned to hostility, claims JL Carter Sr. in HBCU Digest. As Carter notes, when the Obama administration handed out grants geared toward minority students, the lion’s share of those dollars were given to predominately white institutions: The Department of Education last ... Read More »

This woman thinks Beyonce is a Feminist fraud


When I think of Beyoncé, feminist is not one of the first attributes. But during the 2014 MTV Video Awards Beyonce made it clear that she is all about the ladies. I’m talking about equality. While performing her hit song ‘Flawless,’ she featured an excerpt from a speech given by activist, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie. Much of the speech is about women changing ... Read More »

North Carolina Republican Got Welfare While Making Six Figures


The fact that Republicans are largely responsible for perpetuating the stereotype of the welfare queen who lives it up while receiving government benefits makes the case of North Carolina Republican Senator Wesley Meredith an interesting one.  According to ABC11, Meredith’s challenger for the 19th District Senate seat revealed that Meredith’s family received Medicaid benefits during the late-1990s when Meredith’s annual ... Read More »

95% Of Convictions Are Actually Plea Bargains


April V. Taylor Many people assume that if a person is convicted of a crime, then they are guilty, but a recent article by The Economist reveals just how often a person is convicted of a crime without there ever haing a trial.  A shocking 95 percent of convictions in the United States are actually the result of plea bargains. ... Read More »

Bigoted Hispanics Will Still Vote for Black Candidates, Say Researchers


When people discuss the browning of America, we know this phenomenon is partly a consequence of the ballooning number of Hispanics in this country. Texas, a conservative state by any measure, will be majority Hispanic by 2020. The question for many in politics, however, is what does this mean for the Democratic Party. National Journal sought to dispel some popular ... Read More »

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