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Black Politics

Report: Racism in Israel Out of Control, Liberals Planning to Flee


A report by Vice indicates that racism within Israel has reached astronomical proportions and that Israelis who aren’t in favor of living in a nation plagued by racism are planning to leave. Israel’s offensive in Gaza has taken so many civilian lives, almost 2,000 at last count, that even President Obama’s most trusted White House adviser called Israel’s actions indefensible. ... Read More »

Dr Wilmer Leon: Reparations is the 800 pound ball of cotton in the room


By Dr. Wilmer J. Leon, III When one gains any level of understanding of American history and the role that Africans in America and later African Americans played in the economic development of this country, it is easy to understand why so many African Americans feel that they are due reparations.  The facts are irrefutable.  As Ta-Nehisi Coates clearly lays ... Read More »

Maxine Waters Pushes for Diversity in Media Ownership


It’s starting to make sense why certain stereotypical images and characters regarding minorities are looking the same in media.  This also explains why shows like The Cosby Show or Fresh Prince of Bel Air and other shows portraying blacks in a positive light have been taken off the air and replaced with shows that portray negativity.  There has been a ... Read More »

Republican Lawmaker Wants to Join Black Caucus: “I Like Rap Music”


A New Hampshire state representative thought he’d use the black caucus to make a few racialjokes Republican Representative Kyle Tasker of New Hampshire asked if he could join the black caucus after state Rep. Jordan Utley (R) noted that the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) once hosted the National Black Caucus of State Legislators (NBCSL). “How do I join the ... Read More »

Turns out Rikers prison guards are bigger criminals than the inmates


By Nigel Boys No wonder there are so many repeat offenders when it comes to drug related crimes, because they can obtain the drugs while they’re locked up in prison, especially if they’re locked up in New York’s main jail complex, Rikers Island, according to the New York Daily News. You might be surprised to know that the ones who ... Read More »