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Minister of Witchcraft Allowed to Attend Alabama Council Meetings


Reported by Nigel Boys Due to the continuous complaints that certain religions were being favored over others at the Huntsville, Alabama council meetings, thereby violating the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution, Blake Kirk, a Wiccan priest was allowed to open a meeting. Kirk began his invocation to a “goddess and loving god” by thanking them for their blessings of ... Read More »

Ben Stein Blames “Pathetic, Self Defeating” Black Underclass for Lack of Progress


by Yvette Carnell On Monday’s episode of Newsmax TV’s “The Steve Malzberg Show,” former speechwriter and financial analyst Ben Stein, who predicted that the economic meltdown which led to the recession wasn’t going to happen, is doubling down on his race baiting. Stein, who recently accused Obama of being a racist for passing the Affordable Care Act, blasted the “very, ... Read More »

White Frat Boys Aren’t Punished for Mocking “Fat, Black B*tch” Sorority


Members of an African-American sorority at the University of Connecticut say they are floored that members of a mostly white fraternity were allowed to verbally assaυlt them without consequence. Members of Alpha Kappa Alpha say the verbal attαck from Pi Kappa Alpha took place during a town hall. “Greek students belonging to the fraternity Pi Kappa Alpha verbally accosted members ... Read More »

Pastor criticized for claiming that men can let go of gay lifestyle


by Ashley Naples Things that happen in the church are often questioned as either being untrue or politically incorrect.  The latest incident that’s leaving people confused, concerned and conversational occurred when the Church of God in Christ held its Holy Convocation in St. Louis.  A total of roughly 28,000 people gathered to speak on the Lord, but everyone is speaking ... Read More »

Ferguson Mayor Tells Reporters: “Prepare for the Worst”


Local and national media outlets began leaking information weeks ago indicating that Officer Darren Wilson would not face indictment for gunning down unarmed teen Michael Brown. Groups in St. Louis representing protesters have already asked for 48 hours advance notice before the grand jury decision is made public. According to CNN, members of the Don’t Shoot Coalition have also issued ... Read More »

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