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Blake Griffin On Don Sterling: “The first time I ever Googled the man, the first thing that popped up was ‘racist.’


Everybody remembers the catastrophe that Donald Sterling put himself into regarding his contempt for Black people.  From the criticism of endless NBA fans and players; to losing his Clippers team; to being banned from the NBA completely – most would say he had a rough year that he brought upon himself. It was clear how the Clippers felt about Sterling’s ... Read More »

Morehouse football players dissed for not supporting gay scenes in “Dear White People”


by David Miller Since President Barack Obama was elected, America has been in the midst of a battle over homosexuality.  The push to get Americans to accept gay relationships, gay marriage and gay love scenes clashes against the backdrop of traditional Christian values, and those who are not comfortable with homosexuality. Some feel that the liberal establishment has shoved gay ... Read More »

How the UNC academic fraud harmed black athletes

Tom Ross, Carol Folt

The University of North Carolina Chapel Hill has long been considered one of the leading academic institutions in the country.  This image was permanently harmed when it was revealed that the campus and its faculty colluded to keep many of the student athletes uneducated.   Most of the students harmed were African American, since the African American studies Department was the ... Read More »

BOSS Sports | Univ of North Carolina Advisors Steered Athletes Into Bogus Classes To Boost GPA’s


BY:  John “Hennry” Harris No more speculation needed. An independent investigator has found evidence that the University of North Carolina has been steering hundreds of athletes, particularly football and men’s basketball players, into “shadow classes” to help raise their grades and remain eligible.  The “shadow classes” are fake, no-show classes and the probe has found that the academic fraud scheme ... Read More »

Some think Seahawks Quarterback isn’t Black Enough


BY:  John “Hennry” Harris Bleacher Report‘s Mike Freeman spent some time with the Seattle Seahawks football team originally following up on the Percy Harvin trade, where an anonymous player says that the reason Harvin was traded was his continued animosity toward their Super Bowl-winning quarterback Russell Wilson was dividing the locker room.  However, towards the end of rant about the ... Read More »

BOSS Sports | Michael Sam Released From Cowboys Practice Squad


BY:  John “Hennry” Harris Now that the Dallas Cowboys have new life and looking towards the postseason, it looks like they may be freeing up some space and money to bring in another contributor. The Cowboys have released Michael Sam, who is aiming to be the first openly gay player to appear in an NFL regular-season game, from their practice ... Read More »

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