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Nomalanga: Why he doesn’t respect you

A lot of times when we hear people describing the differences between men and women, we hear “men need to be respected” and “women need security”. While I can’t argue with the descriptions, I think what tends to happen is that we talk about men needing to be respected so much that we forget that women need t be respected as well and they also need to respect themselves. In the area of respect, women fall into three basic categories: 1. She is respected and commands respect A woman who is respected is a woman who has a healthy level of confidence and self respect. This woman earns respect and therefore commands it. She is a woman of substance and she demonstrates this through her words and deeds. 2. She is not respected but demands respect This is a woman who secretly loathes herself and does not respect herself. This woman hopes that no one will figure out her dirty little secret and she usually complains about not being respected and constantly has to demand respect. Read the rest at www.successfulblackwoman.com Read More »

“Think Like a Man” Was Actually Never Banned from France, but It Might as Well Have Been

by Dr. Boyce Watkins Newsone.com is reporting that the popular Steve Harvey film, “Think Like a Man,” was never banned in France.  The banning had been originally reported by numerous websites, including BET, The Root, TheYBF, GlobalGrind,TheGrio, HelloBeautiful and Your Black World.  This shows what can happen when one website after another picks up on faulty information.   Read More »

The (Ree)lationship Guide: Is Trash the New Class?

by Ree, “The (Ree)lationship Guide” I was a bit baffled by Vibe Magazine’s choice in placing reality “stars” on the front of its June/July cover and referring to them as “role models”. There is a trend in hip-hop in which women who were once looked upon as a disgrace to society are now exulted and Read More »

“Think Like A Man” Banned In France For Lack of Diversity

Steve Harvey’s hit movie Think Like A Man has allegedly been banned in France because officials say the film is not diverse enough aka it’s too black. WTH! According to blogger Fabienne Flessel at the blog Global Voices: “Surprising as it may be, the answer lies in the fact that the film has an all-black Read More »

“Think Like a Man” Gets Banned from French Theaters

by Dr. Boyce Watkins, Your Black World The hit movie, “Think Like a Man,” based on the book written by Steve Harvey, has been banned in the country of France.   The all-black cast of the show has been cited as the reason for the film being banned, which has caused a stir among fans worldwide. GlobalVoicesOnline.org discusses the matter, and ... Read More »

The (Ree)lationship Guide: 4 Ways to Identify a Man with ‘Potential’

by Ree, “The (Ree)lationship Guide”   I recently had a conversation with a group of single ladies about whether or not they’d consider dating a man who is unemployed and/or working an entry-level job.  Majority of the ladies said no- stating the man’s ability to financially support the relationship (e.g. dinner and a movie) and Read More »

Do Breastfeeding Moms Deserve a Space Other than the Bathroom to Feed Their Kids?

By: Sojourner Marable Grimmett, Fox 5 Atlanta, MyAtlantaMoms.com One of the greatest struggles for breastfeeding mothers is to have our voices heard and accommodations met in order to express milk and feed our children in public places. Women have lobbied and fought for years to establish lactation rooms in their places of  employment  and public facilities. Only recently have states begun to pass laws that help ensure that mothers have a private place to nurse their children. On March 30, 2010,  President  Barack Obama  signed into law the  Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.  This legislation mandates that an employer with more than 50 workers provides a private room—not a restroom—in which their female employees and customers can express breast milk for their children as needed. Today there are more than 83 million mothers in the United States –  roughly 61% of them work . As the socio-economic structure continues to change, more women are returning to work immediately after maternity leave. While some women are able to transition smoothly back into the workplace, others need assistance with juggling work and newly-minted motherhood. The transition back to work is sometimes difficult and can be a bit challenging for  nursing  mothers who would like to continue to breastfeed. The lack of private spaces to pump at work makes this transition even more daunting; some mothers decide to stop breastfeeding their children all together. I was one of those mothers. With our first son, my only option at work was to pump in the public restroom. I slowly weaned him then eventually stopped breastfeeding due to the inconvenience and lack of privacy. The painful reality of allowing breast milk to “dry up” when women are not ready to stop nursing can cause tremendous grief, depression, and disappointment for mothers anxious to provide the most important nutrients to their newborn. Also, breastfeeding during the first 12 months of an infant’s life can provide tremendous  health benefits  for the child, even long-term.   A recent  report  from the CDC shared that breastfeeding helps to prevent childhood obesity. After giving birth to our second son, a former colleague and I spoke up and assisted our employer in establishing a permanent lactation room on site. We provided a safe and designated place for mothers to pump and feed their children. This allowed a smoother transition for working mothers, and enabled them to continue to provide milk for their children after returning to work. I was pleased to have the ability to  nurse  our second son for nearly 15 months. Employers come up with many excuses about why they do not have private rooms designated for nursing mothers. These range from costs to space availability. In addition to offering support to breastfeeding mothers transitioning back to work, companies have the potential to reap great benefits from establishing lactation rooms on site — including, but not limited to, implementing a powerful recruitment tool for qualified employees and demonstrating an empathetic, dedicated approach to customer comfort. Unfortunately, these challenges are widespread. Living in Atlanta, I was shocked to find out that the world’s busiest airport,  Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport  (HJAIA), does not have designated lactation rooms for employees or customers. They ask mothers to feed their children in the restroom or to call in advance to arrange a private room to pump or breastfeed. There is no information or timeline posted on their website when or if lactation rooms will be established. Breastfeeding in the bathroom is synonymous to having your child literally “eat” in the restroom. Let’s face it — eating in the bathroom is gross! You wouldn’t eat in the bathroom, so why would you expect your baby to eat there?  Holding a child up or squatting on a public toilet to nurse surrounded by unpleasant smells is inhumane. Oftentimes, in order for ones milk “to let down” mothers need a pleasant, clean, and sanitary environment to express milk. Breastfeeding mothers deserve safe, secure, and comfortable places to pump and nurse their children. To address these issues and to provide a resource for those who would like to establish lactation rooms at the public places they frequent most, I have launched a Lactation Room support campaign,  Table For Two. The campaign’s first initiative is to bring lactation rooms to HJAIA. It’s time to establish designated and convenient lactation rooms at Atlanta’s airport, as well as companies, and organizations across the country. Latch on  to this movement by asking officials at the world’s busiest airport to support their employees and customers. To support this cause and for more information, please visit  www.supporttablefortwo.org . You may also join the campaign on  Twitter  and  Facebook .   Sojourner Marable Grimmett  is an Atlanta-based author who is recognized for writing about the joys and challenges of being a “stay-at-work” mom and connects with moms, both new and experienced, who have the responsibility of raising a family and maintaining a full-time job. Sojourner has been featured in FitPregnancy, iVillage, Southwest Parenting Magazine, BlackCelebKids.com, MyAtlantaMoms.com, WhatToExpect.com, Fox News, and CNN. She is married to her college sweetheart, Roland and they have two young sons, Roland Jay and Joshua. Visit her blog  sojournermarablegrimmett.blogspot.com  follow her on  twitter  and like her on  Facebook. Read More »

Madam Prezident: Homosexuals – Heaven Ain’t for You

  Heaven may be for you Bigots/ Murderers/thieves Heaven maybe be for you Liars/pedophiles/hypocrites Heaven May be for you Dead beat dads/who left innocent daughters behind Preachers who condemn sin in the pulpit/ and make love to it/ when no one is around Heaven may be for you Slave owners/ who caged Negros/ Shipped them/ whipped them/ killed them/ Prohibited them from ever being A human being/ just to be your Nigger Heaven may be for you But, you Gays and Lesbians and Transsexuals Who forget to repent for being/ who you believe you are/ You abnormal people/ sick people/ despicable people/ Who may have good souls/ kind hearts/ love thy neighbor/ Love God/ Pray daily/ and the only wrong you are guilty of is being born/ With your abominable self/ So try being some other gruesome thing/ That’s in the bible Like a murderer/liar/or thief/ Cuz Heaven Ain’t For You Homosexuals By: Madam Prezident www.MadamPrezident.com Read More »

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