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Black Women

Rihanna tweets “F*ck you” to the NFL – she then gets fired


BY:  John “Hennry” Harris Rihanna has been known to get pretty live on Twitter, often putting up NSFW pics, arguing with her followers are participating in song kind of Tweef (= Twitter beef) but her latest outburst has cost her a pretty cool job. Rihanna’s song, “Run This Town” featuring Jay Z was tabbed to be the new theme song ... Read More »

This is How the Cop Who Allegedly Sεxually Assαulted Black Women Got Caught


The case of an Oklahoma police officer who allegedly rαped black women has made national headlines, but up until now, no one really knew how he was caught. According to BuzzFeed, Daniel Holtzclaw was apprehended after he targeted the wrong woman. To put it succinctly, prosecutors say Holtzclaw “messed up” when he assaυlted a woman who wouldn’t hesitate calling police. ... Read More »

Usher’s ex-wife, garnished bank accounts, and divorce

usher-tameka (1)

Tameka Raymond, the ex-wife of the singer Usher, has had a hard time since the two were divorced. According to TheJasmineBrand.com, Raymond recently had her bank account garnished in order to pay off a $200,000 lawsuit. In 2010, Tameka was sued by Antelope Valley Plaza. She had signed a lease with the company for three spaces for her business, which ... Read More »

Unemployment Rate Decreasing for Everyone Except Black Women


“This is America. Why is this happening?” Karen McLeod told NBC News. McLeod has been out of work since 2013 and calls her struggle “the most humiliating thing.” In order to stay afloat, McLeod, who worked at a non-profit prior to being laid off, has pawned her jewelry to pay for gas and sold her television to buy food. And ... Read More »

BOSS Sports | Could Condoleezza Rice Be The Next NFL Commissioner?


BY:  John “Hennry” Harris As scandal after scandal continues to rock the NFL, people are calling for a new leader to change the culture of the league.  From Hollywood actor Rob Lowe to Arizona Sen. John McCain,former secretary of state Condoleezza Rice is being named as that person to save the crumbling reputation of the league. Condoleezza Rice was a ... Read More »

There Is Power In Being Consistent! | John C. Turner


By John C. Turner (Professor JT) We all know those people, or have been those people ourselves, where we start something and just never keep it going or finish it. We get so excited about our next moves, plan for them, budget time and money for them, and get them rolling! Unfortunately, we’ll get into working on that thing and ... Read More »

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