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Black Women

3 Reasons Why Casual Sëx Just Doesn’t Work For Women


Reported by Ree, “The (Ree)lationship Guide” Women are feeling more empowered than ever in this day and age. Many of us have easy access to birth control and many other resources that can protect us from being connected to a man for the rest of our lives through a child. This empowerment has brought forth an appetite for sëxual exploration ... Read More »

“Today” Show Anchor Accuses Tamron Hall of Stealing Her Job, Say Insiders


Natalie Morales, cohost for the “Today” show, is reportedly considering leaving the show and blaming co-host Tamron Hall for her departure. Page Six reports that Morales believes that the atmosphere at the show is unbearable because NBC ‘s top brass favors Tamron Hall. Morales has been looking to move up, but NBC President Deborah Turness is reportedly more focused on ... Read More »

White Frat Boys Aren’t Punished for Mocking “Fat, Black B*tch” Sorority


Members of an African-American sorority at the University of Connecticut say they are floored that members of a mostly white fraternity were allowed to verbally assaυlt them without consequence. Members of Alpha Kappa Alpha say the verbal attαck from Pi Kappa Alpha took place during a town hall. “Greek students belonging to the fraternity Pi Kappa Alpha verbally accosted members ... Read More »

Gabrielle Union is Standing up Against Photo Leak Scandal with Heartfelt Letter


Actress Gabrielle Union is still fighting against the scum that managed to plaster intimate photos of herself all over the internet, known as the celebrity iCloud hacking scandal that took place earlier this year.  Her latest response is a published and lengthy essay where she talks about fighting back against these hackers.  In her essay, she writes about her first ... Read More »

Tweet About “Dumb Crackers” Lands Teacher in Hot Water


A Texas teacher is in hot water after having made a racially inflammatory statement on social media. A tweet sent out on Friday night by Duncanville ISD teacher Vinita Hegwood now has school officials promising to take “swift action.” “Who the [expletive] made you dumb duck αss crackers think I give a squat [expletive] about your opinions about my opinions ... Read More »

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