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New Study May Make Steve Harvey’s Wife Uncomfortable


Reported by Ree, “The (Ree)lationship Guide” Two years ago, comedian Steve Harvey purchased his wife Marjorie a 25-carat canary yellow diamond ring. The gigantic rock sits atop her ring finger like a hot air balloon mounted on top of a basket. While all seems to be well with the Harvey’s right now, a new study paints a dismal future for ... Read More »

Pastor tells his church he has AIDS and he’s slept with members


A pastor has exposed his community to an unthinkable kind of horror, and people don’t know what it means for their congregation.  Juan Demetrius-McFarland, a former pastor out of Montgomery, Alabama, has confessed to his church members that he has full-blown AIDS.  The pastor also says that he has slept with a few members of the church who were unaware ... Read More »

This woman thinks Beyonce is a Feminist fraud


When I think of Beyoncé, feminist is not one of the first attributes. But during the 2014 MTV Video Awards Beyonce made it clear that she is all about the ladies. I’m talking about equality. While performing her hit song ‘Flawless,’ she featured an excerpt from a speech given by activist, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie. Much of the speech is about women changing ... Read More »

This man and his wife built a multi-million dollar black love empire

Screen Shot 2014-10-09 at 1.36.11 AM

by Dr Boyce Watkins If I’m not mistaken, I’ve known Lamar and Ronnie Tyler for a couple of years.  I have a great deal of respect for this couple for their business knowledge, team work and decision to elevate their community through a common mission. They are the founders of the very popular website, BlackandMarriedwithKids.com, which is the premier online ... Read More »

Tiara K. Wiliams: Is Alcoholism To Blame For Mariah Carey’s Declining Vocal Ability?


Mariah Carey didn’t exactly have the greatest performance on “The Elusive Chanteuse Show.”  In fact, her voice was barely recognizable.  We’re talking about the same 8-octave songstress diva that will never cease to bring the house down.  Yeah, she actually has bad performances every now and then, though it seems rare.  Or could it be another reason for her recent ... Read More »

Detroit Woman Shοt in the Head by Man She Rejected


blogger A 27 year old Detroit woman was fαtally shοt by a man she rejected while at a social club on Saturday. Police say Spears, along with five other people, were discovered inside the hall early Sunday. Investigators say a 38 year old man approached Spears and tried to talk to her, but she rejected his advances. “He said, ‘Can ... Read More »

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