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BOSS Sports | 3 Things That Would Happen If ‘Black’ Peyton Manning Were Talking About Weed


By Askia, After becoming a Denver Bronco, veteran QB Peyton Manning bought 21 Papa John’s pizza franchises in the area. Manning slyly expressed his appreciation for marijuana during an interview segment: “I’ve gotten to know some of the folks here in Colorado. There’s some different laws out here in Colorado. Pizza business is pretty good out here, believe it or ... Read More »

Financial Juneteenth | Tech Expert Stephanie Humphrey asks: Do you want to invest in the new iPhone?


The iPhone 6 is one of the biggest product launches in the country.  Apple has a history and habit of releasing some of the hottest gadgets around, and have maintained their strong market position even after the death of their great visionary, Steve Jobs. Stephanie Humphrey is a tech expert who often speaks about the latest advances in technology and ... Read More »

There Is Power In Being Consistent! | John C. Turner


By John C. Turner (Professor JT) We all know those people, or have been those people ourselves, where we start something and just never keep it going or finish it. We get so excited about our next moves, plan for them, budget time and money for them, and get them rolling! Unfortunately, we’ll get into working on that thing and ... Read More »

Dr Sinclair Grey: Are we took lenient on domestic violence cases?


By Dr. Sinclair Grey III Domestic violence is without a doubt toxic in any relationship to put it mildly. Every few months, we hear stories of athletes and entertainers acting up and acting out by displaying violence against their partner. The story that’s being talked about throughout the country regarding the abuse and video of Ray Rice towards his then-fiance ... Read More »

Simple Ways That You Can Help Your Child Learn


By: Krystle Crossman Pretesting is something that is done in schools to help kids focus on what they need to learn through the year. They are given a test that has information on it that will be on their finals for the year. It is not an exact replica of the finals, but is enough so that when they fail ... Read More »

3 Signs That Your Relationship Is Holding You Back In Life


Reported by Ree, “The (Ree)lationship Guide” I recently had a conversation with a colleague who’d grown frustrated with his wife because she refused to relocate with him for a job promotion. It was a heartbreaking thing to listen to and observe, as my colleague, who’d invested more than 20 years of his life in advancing his career, decided to cut ties with his ... Read More »

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