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Dr. Sinclair Grey III: 5 Ways the Black Church Can Stop Being Pimped by Politicians


by Dr. Sinclair Grey III Have you ever noticed during election time (whether it’s Midterm or Presidential) you’ll find candidates flocking to African-American churches? Okay, let me be more specific – Democratic candidates seeking support from African-American clergy and parishioners. Here’s my question, why do they make themselves known during election time, but fail to be seen and engaged in ... Read More »

Active Listening Techniques For Effective Communication | Barry Grimes


By Barry Grimes Listening is a way to enrich your life with knowledge, value and relationships. But, unfortunately it’s often underutilized, and we miss out some great opportunities. There have been times when I failed to listen to a person talking to me, because I was already thinking of a reply, even though the person had not yet finished their ... Read More »

Author Says Being Poor Brings You Closer to God


Reported by Nigel Boys Although most Christians believe that wealth and prosperity are signs that God is blessing you, they could be further from the truth than they realize, according to Caryn Rivadeneira. The author of “Broke: What Financial Desperation Revealed about God’s Abundance,” writes that she always believed God was multiplying her financial situation in reward for being a ... Read More »

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