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Financial Juneteenth | This might be a first: A rapper makes a song called “I hate money”


by Dr Boyce Watkins Rapper Dee-1 appears to be the future of hip-hop.  As Americans grow tired of music that glorifies self-destructive behavior and excessive materialism, Dee-1 stands outside the crowd.  As a self-described “One Man Army,” this artist is determined to shift the power of hip-hop in a way that keeps black people from turning the gun onto ourselves. ... Read More »

How To Tell If You’re Dating Your Son | Devin Robinson


By Devin Robinson The sad truth is there are more single women raising sons alone that should be. Each woman has her own story; a bad relationship, death, imprisonment, divorce, promiscuity, transactional sex, and so much more. Some reasons are justified and others leave you scratching your head. But no matter what the reason may be, the fact remains that ... Read More »