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Go From The Worst At Budgeting To The Best In 6 Proven Steps


By Dominique’ N. Reese Budgeting is a topic that has been talked about over and over again, by experts and laymen alike. It’s one that many abhor, while others welcome it. Some say they can’t do it, others don’t try and then there are a small few who are really good at it. However, after years of working with clients, creating ... Read More »

Dr. Umar Johnson explains how hip-hop is killing black men


Some people don’t like Dr. Umar Johnson, but it might be because his version of the truth is different from the mainstream.  But he’s not stupid, and he has quite a few theories that might help explain why black people are always found at the bottom of the barrel, even when Democrats and other so-called friendly organizations are lining up ... Read More »

Dr Chenelle Jones: Let’s please stop shooting black men


admin by Dr. Chenelle Jones, Ohio Dominican University There are good officers out there! I know because I’ve worked with them. The problem however, is that the actions of a few bad officers will always outweigh the actions of the good ones. Yes, there are police serving as mentors to youth in communities across the country, but there are also ... Read More »