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Brian Skyz: 5 Things That Christians Say to Hide Their Fear of a Committed Relationship


Reported by Nigel Boys According to Debra K. Fileta, a licensed professional counselor who specializes in relationships between couples, there are certain phrases that Christians use to give reasons for doing or not doing things, that we should really stop saying. The author of “True Love Dates,” goes on to say that Christians use these phrases all too often to ... Read More »

Dr Boyce Watkins: The 10 commandments of Black Economic Empowerment


by Dr Boyce Watkins I’ve taught Finance at the college level for over 20 years.  I also learned more about Finance by the age of 25 than most experts learn in a lifetime.  But one of the funny things about stuffing all of this knowledge into my brain is that I found that being forced to align a series of ... Read More »

Yvette Carnell: Charles Barkley Isn’t Revealing the Black Community’s Problem. He IS the Problem


by Yvette Carnell “The oppressed will always believe the worst about themselves,” said acclaimed writer and thinker Frantz Fanon. If you require a modern example of that truth, look no further than Charles Barkley. During a discussion on whether Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson is “black enough”, Charles Barkley ranted on what he views as a “dirty secret” within the black ... Read More »

How To Use Meditation To Tap Into Your Spirituality | Barry Grimes


By Barry Grimes Today I’ll share some great info on meditation. Meditation is a great way to connect with your inner self and tap into your spirituality. It’s easy to get started and anyone can do it! #1 Find A Quiet Place A relaxing environment will make your mediation experience more meaningful. This can be in the woods, by the lake, ... Read More »

Is Your Pastor Teaching You the Word of God Or Hypnotizing You?


Reported by Nigel Boys Although many churches are filled with thousands of members who hang on every word their pastor says, a lot of them are not saved because they have been manipulated by their supposed spiritual leader, according to John MacArthur. The pastor of Grace Community Church in Los Angeles, California goes on to say that many pastors today ... Read More »

The Urban Intellect – Successful Black Women: Men Don’t Stick Around When They’re Treated As ‘Options’


by Urban Intellect ‘Tis the season to get cozy… As the fall winds blow, the thought of getting “booed up” with a lovely someone, or as it’s passionately called in this day and age, “cuffing season,” is high on the priority list for most. Although there is nothing wrong with wanting a sweetheart to cuddle up with, to share your ... Read More »

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