HOODWINKED: Everything you know about Black Men is WRONG

“Hoodwinked” is a film that should be a must-see for every person of color in America.  The film asks questions about long-held beliefs about black male graduation and incarceration rates and shows you why everything you’ve been led to believe is wrong.  Filmmaker Janks Morton brings together the top black male scholars in the country to discuss the plight of black boys and men, thus elevating the conversation about how we can move our communities forward.   The film features the following top black male scholars:  Dr. Boyce Watkins, Marc Lamont Hill, Steve Perry, Jawanza Kunjufu, and Ivory Toldson.  Each scholar brings his unique intellectual gifts to help viewers gain a deeper understanding of a very complex situation.




Question:  Can you name one positive, wealth-building stereotype of black people?  You probably can’t.  We are known for being able to jump, run and entertain, but not known for our intellectual gifts.   Part of this self-perception is not just driven by those who oppress us, it is also driven by BLACK PEOPLE.  We sometimes choose to believe the very worst about ourselves, and this causes us to perpetuate stereotypes that are harmful to the psyches of our children.



Hoodwinked is being featured Nation-Wide

Dr. Boyce Watkins is taking the film around the country as part of his Building Outstanding Men and Boys Family Empowerment Tour.   The film is being used as an opportunity to engage in critical dialogue about the state of black males, and what we can do to elevate black male outcomes in America.  What is definitely true is that all concerned black people must be part of this charge and use all of our gifts to rebuild our community.


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