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Pastor Bans Fried Chicken From Church Gatherings

A Mississippi pastor is doing his part to end the obesity epidemic by banning fried chicken from church events. pastor_minor

In addition to fried chicken, Oak Hill Missionary Baptist Church pastor Michael Minor has banned sugary drinks from church gatherings as well, according to WMC-TV.

“Fried chicken has mysterious powers,”said Minor, who says people seem unable to eat just one piece.

“People are healthier, more energy. Their weight is down and once you get the weight down, you want to keep it down,” said Minor.

Pastor Minor has visited the White House in association with Michelle Obama’s anti-obesity campaign and is also helping parishioners learn about the Affordable Care Act.

“I think it looks like the site has had some problems, and it’s been a struggle to get consistent service,” said Minor.

In his weekly radio address, President Obama said the health care website is not working “the way it’s supposed to.”

“That’s frustrating for all of us who have worked so hard to make sure everyone who needs it gets health care. And it’s especially frustrating for the Americans who’ve been trying to get covered,” added Obama.

President Obama also encouraged people to “call 1-800-318-2596 or visit LocalHelp.HealthCare.gov” and said health care plans will not “sell out.”


Minor’s church is one of many that has received a federal grant to help people sign up for Obamacare.



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  6. I’m impressed, I must say. Seldom do I come across a blog that’s equally educative and amusing, and let me tell you,
    you have hit the nail on the head. The problem is
    something which not enough folks are speaking intelligently about.
    I’m very happy that I stumbled across this during my search for something relating to this.

  7. Fried chicken will not send you to hell! But if you’re not eating God’s WORD then that’s a horse of a different color. Chucken may be banned from Church but people will still buy it fried, bake, broiled or smother it in the home! We have more important things to worry about than fried chicken!

  8. Just idiotic. Chicken is healthier than pork. Am bringing fried pork chops instead. And a diet cola. The epidemic is that many of our foods on the shelves have either sodium, sugar or . Let’s look at the real truth or even have stuff in it that we don’t know about or ingredients we can’t pronounce…just look at a box of anything and you protest that. Luckily i don’t belong to that church, would have a piece of fried chicken in the parking lot and put the carton on the church stairs, giving him a real sermon on Sunday morning.

  9. I think the article should had been titled “Pastor is trying to convince his followers to eat healthier”. IMHO the title was VERY misleading, the Pastor is doing a good thing!

  10. High blood pressure was spelled out when I wrote the comment. I can not tell you why. But I made that statement about something else and now I see that it is showing up in my comments. If we write a comment on this blog it should be posted as we have written or do not post at all.

  11. what we consume in the physical has nothing to do with the dead spirit made alive when one acknowledges the belief in Jesus redemptive power within the believer ..the real us….. the dietary laws in the Bible dictate the ideology of Jewish leadership in their day…..God clearly said that everything made was good….and yet we try and judge others
    if there were no other avenues to cook a dead chicken except frying would the declarer of the original statement eat raw chicken and risk further health issues the Word of God clearly says “it’s not what goes into us that defiles us.”..lack of exercise, amount of servings and consumption should also be factored into the equation…enjoy

  12. Previous to becoming a vegan, I was vegetarian. All in effort to think, feel, taste, look and be better as a person, and to know who I am. In my lifestyle change, I have had to be consumed with reading food labels, to make certain no dairy, meat, poultry, fish products were included in the products I sought to purchase. It amazes me, that so many products contain chicken! I have come to recognize, that he who controls the pallate controls the person. Nutrition is everything, for the human being, because the Food Barons control what you eat. Llaila Afrika’a NUTRICIDE extrapolates it very clearly to those, who want to know the truth. Foods are chemicals, and they influence every aspect of the body’s functions; including, the brain. Remember, when the beef barons sued Ophra, for lamenting she would quit eating meat(beef) and will ask her followers to do so too. She got sued big time. Think about it. Why?!

  13. I am very happy to see that somebody, especially a pastor, is concerned about the health of his congregants rather than how much money they put in the offering plate. Considering the fact that over 90 percent of the Sisters who attend church are overweight or outright obese that is a very courageous move on his part. I don’t understand how fat Christians can call themselves true believers and not take care of their bodies. Black fat Christians your body is your holy temple, not some building. Do you really believe in God when you don’t love yourself enough to take proper care of your body? How can you call yourself a true believer when you don’t try to improve yourself spiritually and physically. There are thousands of articles out there based on thorough research indicating how bad fried food is for your health. Why is it then when you learn better you don’t do better? You fat Christians think God wants you to eat all that greasy and sugary food? You think God wants you to die prematurly from all the diseases that are caused by obesity? I see fat Christians all over the place. In church, they are “leaders” and my God, what kind of example are they? I thought gluttony was a sin. And if you say something to them about being fat they are ready to go to war, yet they refuse to fight their prodigious appetites. My God, is being fat the **********al fad? Do you fat people ever look in the mirror? How can you do it without convulsing and throwing up? Do you really believe that all of that blubber you are carrying somehow makes you a better looking person? It doesn’t! It makes you look like somebody who cannot control his/herself, and who doesn’t care how she or he looks. It is a manifestation of self-hate, and it ultimately means that you have a death wish. Reverend, please keep up the good work. Maybe many more ministers will be inspired by what you are doing and start similiar programs in their churches. When a minister looks at his flock and sees that over 90 percent them are fat and he says nothing he doesn’t care about them at all. They all could weigh 500 pounds apiece, but as long as they tithe it doesn’t matter to him how fat and obese they are. In fact, many of the ministers themselves have the same problem.

  14. Good of you Reverend if you can get the congregation to stop eating fried chicken skin and dipped fried batter or cornmeal batter. This is the true culprit in most greasy fried foods. The second thing is people are eating too much of it. Share with them that Fried Chicken doesn’t have to be served every Sunday Dinner. Meat doesn’t have to be on every plate or sandwich that you eat. Exchange the meat for fruits along side the vegetables.~~foots~~

  15. Someone should explain to that chick about the difference between BAND and BAN.


  16. What a wonderful idea!! More families as well as churches should follow his lead. How about the pastor who banned weaves from his church?? I think they may be on to something. There won’t be any fat weave wearing “saints” shouting in the churches with hypertension and diabetes much longer.

    How about a nice salad, water w/a slice of lemon & a cup of peaches…


  17. And the Black Congregation should ban tithes and offerings going to white banks ; instead of investing in ablack bank.

  18. My word why do people jump all over everything. No one said chicken was a sin. It is ashame how people get jumped all over regardless to what stand they take for theirselves and what they have authority over. The word is so fulfilling itself. Men have become lovers of self and can not stand sound doctrine. It just let me know I need to keep watch on my life and get prepared for where we are headed spiritually in this world.

  19. Nice going pastor. I get so sick and tired of all of those unhealthy dinners with salt in everything. Eat at home or learn how to cook for the people who are in the church who have high blood pressure, diabetes, cholestrol, not exercising and getting sicker and sicker. Young people are now diagnosed with old folks diseases as teenages. Now if he would start an exercise and running or walking program.

    People are living longer and we do not want to be sick for 20 years before we die.

  20. Why are words like blood not spelled out? Id BW from school of unity beliefs?

  21. He is right! I have often said that the Church has become a place to eat yourself to death! There is always a dinner, breakfast or something to do with eating going on and everything there is fattening! And while he is at it, how about cutting the service down to an hour instead of three hours, doing times of slavery Sundays was a day to get your religion on as well as socialize because we did not get to see each other during the week, therefore Church became an all day, dress up, socialize with each other day. We don’t need that anymore since we get to see each other thru the week, prayer services on Wednesday, etc.

    • Ann, it takes OUR time to Worship God! We spend more time with the TV, THE COMPUTER, THE mall, sports, not to mention work and vacation. Our bodies may be fat from eating, but our spirits are lean from not partaking the word of God. What in the world is a gay christian but a Hippocratic sinner on their way to Hell. And many other things that has crept into the Church and God’s people no longer rely on the power of God. Saints CONCEAL AND CARRY! And brag about it.

  22. It’s about time, now work on removing the doughnuts and cakes. It’s killing folks. High blood pressure, diabetes, and the lack of exercise. Why not replace the fried chicken dinners etc., with healthy snacks, and bake goods. Finally, someone gets it.
    My point of view.

  23. Is he crazy?

    • How does him wanting our people to eat healthier make him crazy, just lock him up for wanting our people to excersise or drink water

  24. I mostly agree with “Jack”; free will and will power.

  25. Whatever. It’s hard to tell whether this is about the fried yard bird banning preacher or ACA, POTUS and the grant the false prophet allegedly gets to promote ACA. Oh yeah, he was at the White House for FLOTUS’ health initiative. IOW, False prophet got his hustle going.

  26. It seem the good pastor is more concerned about fried chicken than he is about the lost souls in his church that will be fried in hell if the die lost, most preachers want steak they are to proud to eat chicken only the flock that some has fleese that is all they can afford.

  27. He should follow the word and ban the HOG from the church. That’s the biggest contributer to all the ills we face as a people.

  28. Part of the gospel is to have self control and discipline. Overeating and lack of self discipline is a sin. If we do not care about our health, why should anyone else. Fact is obesity runs rampant in the Black community with black women leading the pack. Hypertension and cardiovascular are the number one killers. If we do not use our institutions to educate us and help save our body forgot about the “souls”. The church is only practicing what it preaches, prevention in going to hell; the hell you will have on earth if you suffer from the affects of illness. Believe me, it is no fun having limitations because of heart diseases, renal disease leading to dialysis, blindness or heaven forbid a stroke. All the insurance in the world will not save you unless you are willing to help save yourselves.

  29. Isnt that sweet he is playing papa to them since their too weak and dumb to run their own lives.

    • The Republican Congress is playing papa to all those Racist Voting *******s.
      since their too weak and dumb to run their own lives.

  30. I thought church taught free will and will power.

  31. A good move!

  32. No more churches chicken dang it!